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Beadbi – Guru Granth Sahib Ji Taken To Nightclub Bar In Malaysia


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In a shocking and shameful incident, Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji taken to do Parkash and Kirtan at a Bollywood Night Club Bar in Malaysia.

The incident took place on 5th January at Moshi Moshi Nightclub. which promises a ‘brand new clubbing’ and the ‘craziest Bollywood’ experiences.

The spark that ignited the issue was the act of bringing the SGGS into the pub premises on the pretext of holding prayers on that Sunday evening.


The night club owners had issued an apology for their actions on the same night, with a statement posted on one of the Facebook pages promoting the premises.

In a impromptu meeting that same night, Sarabjit Singh Rangila Durgwale, the kirtani involved, had also apologised for what he termed as an error of judgment on his part, according to people who were present personally.

When the word starting making its way via social media around 7pm, a group of young Sikh men had gone to the night club.

According to eye-witnesses available at the place of incident, he said that “When we reached there, the prayer programme was about to complete, We waited for the semaphti and then took Guru maharaaj [sGGS] to Titiwangsa.”

The SGGS saroop was brought to the premises from Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa, a gurdwara in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Some of the boys were quite upset, angry. We managed to calm them down. We told them to send five people to speak to Rangila,” said Baldave Singh Leo, an entrepreneur and a renown local kirtani, who happened to be at the Tatt Khalsa programme.

A meeting was held today at 2pm attended by sikh organization, namely SNSM, MGC, Niketan,SGGS Academy and committee members from titiwangsa gurd. After lengthy deliberation the meeting decided unanimously that it is best for the Panj Piaray to summon the relevant persons to appear at Gurd Sahib Titiwangsa at 8.00pm tonight(5th January 2015) to hear the case and decide accordingly.

5 Piaray representing the above organization hereby summoned the following persons to come before Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Panj Piaray

A) Sukhwinder singh Bedi (owner of the pub)

B) Sarabjit singh rangila and jatha (Kirtani jatha that performed at the pub)

C) Shamandeep singh and jatha
(Kirtani jatha that performed at the pub)

D) Shankar singh (sewadar from titiwangsa gurd that served as giani ji in the function at the pub)

Malaysia-beadbi-330x220.jpg?resize=330%2According to Sikh Channel, Panj Pyarey later made the decision in the presence of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Sadh Sangat on the 5th January 2015 at Gurdwara Sahib, Titiwangsa. The Panj Pyarey have unanimously agreed that all persons summoned are guilty of their act and are punishable. These are the thankah (punishment):

1. Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bedi
– One Akhand Paath at GS Titiwangsa
– 4 hours of total listening to Baani during the Akhand Paath.
– Mool Mantar 108 a day for 40 days.
– 7days Jorey(shoes) Di Sewa out of the 40 days
– Ardass & Degh after the 40days.

2. Bhai Sarabjit Singh Rangila & Jatha
– One Sukhmani Sahib per day each of them, for 40days.
– Jorey(shoes) Di sewa for 11days out of the 40days
– Ardass & Degh after the 40days.

3. Bhai Shamandeep Singh & Jatha
– Three Japji Sahib Paath per day, each of them, besides their Nitnem for 40 days

- Paandey(Utensils) Di sewa for 11days, out of the 40 days
– Ardass & Degh after 40 days

4. Giani Shankar Singh
– Three Japji Sahib per day for 40days, besides his Nitnem
– Charu(Sweeping) Di sewa at the Gurdwara compound for 40days
– Ardass & Degh after 40 days
5. Gurdwara Committee
– Akhand Paath to be organized by the committee members at Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa with their own maya(money) from Daswandh
– Sewa during the Akhand Paath

The Panj Pyarey has reminded that this act should not be repeated ever again. This is the decision by the Panj Pyarey. The Sangat is requested to abide by the decision.

The Panj Pyarey has requested to set up a Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Satkaar Committee to draw up guidelines & framework on Satkar of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Originally sourced from: http://singhstation.net/2015/01/ultimate-beadbi-guru-granth-sahib-ji-taken-nightclub-bar-malaysia/

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Makes me wonder if the punishments would have been stricter in Puratan times.

In puratan times they did not have nightclub bars.

Live in the present. The point to be appreciated is the swift action taken by the Punj Pyare

to the incident. How often do we see this and in most cases the culprits get away with beadbi of

Guru Granth Sahib with no repercussions whatsoever.

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In puratan times they did not have nightclub bars.

Live in the present. The point to be appreciated is the swift action taken by the Punj Pyare

to the incident. How often do we this and in most cases the culprits get away with beadbi of

Guru Granth Sahib with no repercussions whatsoever.

Not knocking the swift action taken, practically unheard of in modern times, don't necessarily believe it will act as a potent enough deterrent.

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Please provide a list of deterrents of your choice.

And try to look at the positive side of things instead of focussing of small stuff.

Monetary - not a small amount to Panthic cause, parchar

Making them walk barefoot from ne ithaasik Guru Ghar to another, distance and time taken to be dictated by the Panj Piare

Manual labour for kar seva project

From bani perspective

At least 10 Japji Sahib Paat daily - only takes 6-7 mins or 10 at most per paat

108 Mool Mantar mala x 5 (just over an hour per day)

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    • Actually, you are right about the weirdness. The darbar hall is massive, and even their spare darbar hall is quite big as well, could easily be another separate gurdwara on its own if you know what I mean?! On weekdays, I used to work near the gurdwara in Bath Road, and I visited a few times, and they were doing the Wa-eh-guru simran. Now I think about it it, this way of doing simran is really mechanical and doesn't sound like pyaar prema bhagti. Even when this type of simran is being done, I always say Waheguru in a normal way. One of their babas visited the Singh Sabha Slough gurdwara on a Sunday morning programme, to do prachar and meditation, and I think people were freaked out or something by the baba, and some were saying things about him! I was purposefully saying Waheguru normally to get out of the vibe. I will always say Waheguru like a normal sikh, and not this mental gymnastics being forced upon us by cults sects and babas, it was so weird when Dhadri started doing this type of simran!   Anyway that Guru maneyo granth PKMC gurdwara, I always get a weird vibe there, and from the sewadaars and sangat as well! Like the way some of the sewadaars talk is culty, and even if they smile. Actually some of the Singhs on Gurmat Bibek Youtube have a similar eeriness (see their channel link on the top of this forum "Sikh Videos - Intermediate", more like "Sikh Videos - culty", sorry not sorry to the admins, but that is the truth sach satt!) and the bibi on there is really high on the eeriness scale! the GMG gurdwara do some good sikhi programmes though, so that's why I used to go there before I moved out of London, but I never want go to an Ajit Singh simran programme again, I am half ok with a simran session from other sewadaars. Also, one time I went to their Sodar Rehraas paat and I was really surprised they read sampooran Rehras with full kabyo baach benti, I think it may even have been longer than taksal, like Hajoor Sahib or Budha Dal length which is really rare outside Nihang Singhs! I have been to the Singh Sabha gurdwaras in Slough and Southall last year, and even in 2022 they still did not do full kabyo baach benti, that's how poor chaupai sahib Rehras is read in those gurdwaras. Regardless, I always feel a good vibe when I go Singh Sabha Slough or Park Avenue. I do feel a weird vibe when I go Havelock/Guru Nanak Road Singh Sabha, maybe it's the big building or maybe something else? For some reason, I also feel a bit of a weird vibe from Ramgharia Gurdwara Slough, and this is a gurdwara I have been going to since I was a child, and I have also been going to Singh Sabha Slough as a child. I may have even felt a weird vibe when I went to the old Havelock Singh Sabha as a small child before it was knocked down. I dunno, maybe it's sangat at those gurdwaras as well, and as a child you can probably feel the vibes of sangat even more greatly! I studied at Guru Nanak School, and I get weird vibes there even when I go now as an adult to attend anand Karajs! I have been Nanaksar Southall probably only a couple of times in my life as an adult, and I felt positive vibes there, even though I don't think they have a langar kitchen (langar was brought from home by sangat the last time I went, I ate some South Indian dish as well)
    • I think that the couple of times I went there it was a Sunday. You are correct about the avastha! When you have listened/read Bani and done naam simran for a long time you become more highly attuned to the vibrations or the avastha of a place or even the people you are around. When you step foot inside a gurdwara you automatically feel that the environment is at a far higher level. It is quite hard to describe in words, but I typically feel more at ease but in this particular gurdwara during this programme in the darbar hall it felt uneasy. Something did not feel right.            
    • I remember those old days. I think what happened is that in the face of a tidal wave of historical accounts of things like jhatka and the use of sukha, including from internal Sikh sources, the old conservative stances simply couldn't be maintained anymore?       The emergence of khojis who would study and sometimes even translate puratan texts instead of blindly following what was told by conservative, uninformed elders actually helped make our community a bit more open minded. I think a more grown up, contextualised understanding of CP in Dasam Granth also played a part.  We could maybe see it as the slow fragmentation of hegemony of the colonial era Singh Sabha type thinking?  
    • I remember when mentioning Jhatka would get you warnings.
    • If you're unsatisfied by the marriage you probably should get divorced, nothing is worth losing your mental health over.
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