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Eckangkar And Paul Twitcher

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Does anyone Singh from USA kniws about this guy Paul Twitcher . I read about him while perusing about Radha Swamis. He is American, establoshed a new faith & what he called the church of Eckangkar. He has been previously in touch with Scientology, Sawan Kripal mission, Yoganands divine mission, buddism & many other denominations.But no much is available on net as to how he came around Ek onkar.Any help available?

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well I'm not going to do ustat or nindya of anyone......

If someone is giving spiritual advice about God and how to meet waheguru, you can extract and take the good and useful gems that they may have to offer in their works and move on.

If something doesn't fit into your ways or you doubt that it is as per gurmat... the you can ignore that bit.

If you only want to praise and hear the original,..... then by all means go your way.

In the op,...you made an innocent request about anyone knowing something with regards to Mr Twitchell.and his eckankar .......But your previous post simply points in the direction that you have already made up your mind and judgement.

If you want to discuss your opinions or some of his literature... then please go ahead, as I have my entitled opinion and everyone else is rightly entitled to theirs

Otherwise Good luck ji

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