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Man Who Tried To Kill Sikh In Revenge For Lee Rigby Jailed.


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On 9/11/2015 at 6:31 PM, dallysingh101 said:

This fool tried to kill a Sikh in 'revenge' for Lee Rigby....

I just heard the brother who was attacked on the radio castigating the police and media for their hypocrisy, saying if this had been a non-white attacking a white it would have been represented as a 'terrorist attack'.


Zack Davies, who screamed ‘white power’ as he attacked Dr Sarendev Bhambra.

A loner fascinated with far-right ideologies and violent video games has been jailed for life after launching a racially motivated machete and hammer attack on a dentist of Asian origin.

Zack Davies, who screamed “white power” as he attacked Dr Sarandev Bhambra in a supermarket, was told he would serve at least 14 years behind bars before being considered for parole.


At the time of the attack, Davies claimed he was avenging the death of the soldier Lee Rigby, who was killed by Islamist extremists outside a barracks in south-east London.

He also said the British Isis terrorist nicknamed Jihadi John was an inspiration for the attack, which left 24-year-old Bhambra with severe injuries to his head, back and hand.


Davies, 26, from Mold in north Wales, was found guilty of attempting to murder Bhambra, who is still recovering from his injuries. Bhambra’s family has argued Davies had committed an act of terrorism. They said if the men’s ethnicities had been reversed the family had no doubt it would have been reported as an act of terror.


Judge Rhys Rowlands said Davies had left his home that day intending to kill. He said: “Zack Davies, you subjected Dr Bhambra to a dreadful and sustained attack. Blows were aimed at his head. You were shouting ‘white power’. He desperately tried to get away from you. There were shoppers in the store, some with children. One can only imagine the sheer terror you subjected the victim to.”


The jury at Mold crown court had heard how Davies would sit in his flat playing violent video games for six or seven hours a day. Expelled from school at 11 for bringing in a knife, Davies became a loner and admitted carrying a weapon with him every day since he was 15 because of his growing paranoia.


On 14 January he spotted Bhambra on the street in Mold at lunchtime and followed him to a Tesco supermarket, where he attacked him from behind with a claw hammer and 30cm-long machete in front of shoppers and children.


Bhambra was saved after a former soldier, Peter Fuller, stepped in to help. Davies told Fuller: “We are under attack” – but Fuller said what he was doing was madness and Bhambra had not done anything wrong.


Davies admitted saying “white power” and “I did it for Lee Rigby” during and after the attack. He told the court: “I got very fascinated by Jihadi John and was inspired by him. I even had a mask.”


He was described in court as a racist with a fascination for far-right ideologies. In interviews he told police that maybe the wrong side had won the second world war. The court heard items associated with white supremacy and Nazism were found at Davies’s home, including swastika badges and Combat 18 material.


Davies apologised in court to the family of Lee Rigby and to Bhambra.

The judge praised Fuller for his “remarkable bravery” and said he probably saved Bhambra’s life.




3rd November

Alleged co-founder of neo-Nazi group coined term ‘white jihad’, court hears

By PA Reporter

The alleged co-founder of a neo-Nazi terror group dedicated to starting a race war in Britain has been likened to the Third Reich’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, a court has heard.

Ben Raymond, 32, is accused of setting up the “unapologetically racist” National Action group to wage a “white jihad” and race war in Britain.

Bristol Crown Court heard the group was established in 2013 and was banned under terror legislation in 2016 – joining the likes of the IRA, Isis and al Qaida – becoming the first far-right group proscribed since the British Union of Fascists in 1940……

The court heard National Action was equipped with more than just “knives and attitude” and had access to rifles, a pump action shotgun, a machete, a crossbow and CS gas.

Mr Jameson told the jury Raymond was the “public face” of National Action and was careful not to stockpile weapons or carry out attacks himself….

He said National Action was against Jews, Muslims, people of colour, Asians, anyone gay, as well as liberals.

Mr Jameson said Raymond had links to other people convicted of being members of National Action, such as soldier Mikko Vehvilainen, Alice Cutter and Mark Jones.

He said he was also linked to Jack Renshaw – who plotted the murder of MP Rosie Cooper – and Zack Davies, who attacked an Asian dentist in a supermarket with a machete.

Raymond, of Beechcroft Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, is accused of seven offences – one of membership of a proscribed organisation contrary to Section 11 of the Terrorism Act and six of possessing a document or record of use to a terrorist contrary to Section 58 of the Act.

According to the charges, the material includes documents entitled “Ethnic Cleaning Operations”, “2083 – European Declaration of Independence by Andrew Berwick”, “Homemade Detonators by Ragnar Benson”, “TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook”, “Homemade Molotov Cocktail” and “Cluster Bomb”.

The trial continues.


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4 hours ago, ChardikalaUK said:

This is what happens when you are a begger kaum. 

I don't think we are that 'beggar' in general. Those 'cousins' from across the border with their social housing addiction and the way their country is constantly begging others for bail outs for their failed economy are infinitely worse.  

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1 hour ago, dallysingh101 said:

I don't think we are that 'beggar' in general. Those 'cousins' from across the border with their social housing addiction and the way their country is constantly begging others for bail outs for their failed economy are infinitely worse.  


Apne have now overtaken Albanians on illegal boats coming from France. 

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