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Sonia & Rahul Gandi Caught In Massive Fraud

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    • Please read previous posts. Gatka is an exhibitionist art only. No practical application. 
    • All Sikhs should read these 9 granths 1. Chanaka Raajneeti E  wrriten 2000 years ago 2. Sarkutavali E wrriten by Pandit Hardayal Ji linked to Guru Amardas ji's lineage 3. Bhavrasamrit wrriten by Pandit Gulab Singh Ji 4. Vichar Mala E Anath Das Udasi 5. Vairag Shatak E by one of the Sidhs who Guru Nanak meet who became a Sikh 6. Parbodh Chandar Natak E only chapter 1 by Pandit Gulab Singh Ji 7. Adhiatam Parkash by Pandit Sukhdev Singh Ji 8. Birti Parbhakar by Pandit Nischal Das Ji 9. Vichar Sagar E by Pandit Nischal Das Ji They are very important and teach so much. Please read them all.  If there is a E beside them that means I found a English Translation of it and English Teeka. Thanks Giani Kamalpreet Singh Ji for the info
    • Thanks bro, I agree with the term Householder Rishi. Frankly I dont know the difference between Yogi & Rishi. Do know that Rishi is the person with long hair tied in a knot. 
    • I agree with everything you said except householder Yogis. More like householder Rishis. For Sikhs who will like to know more about Ramayan or Mahabharata read Chabious avtar. More pacificaly Ram avtar and Krishna avtar. Also Gobind Gita should be read. All Sikhs should also read and study Chanaka Raajneeti Sarkutavali Bhavrasamrit Vichar Mala Vairag Shatak Parbodh Chandar Natak Adhiatam Parkash Birti Parbhakar Vichar Sagar I have just ordered Sarkuntavali English tika translated by Giani Kamalpreet Singh Ji.  Also about to read Vairag Shatak.
    • For many years I was a gym rat, gym nerd, gym fanatic. I was bench pressing 185lbs.    I went from bench pressing 115lbs to 185lbs in 2 months. I was doing 10 sets with 3 mins break. I suggest you follow SHEIKO Program. There is an app available. Now I dont goto gym or exercise anymore. I found everything except Guru Ji is a utter waste of time.    Squats and deadlift can really ruin your health. For deadlify there is proper technique and breathing style. If you dont follow that, you will ruin your spine. I recommend gymnastic rings and calisthenics. If you do deadlift, then build up your plank hold time to atleast 3 mins. In my peak I was doing 5 mins planks. Sometimes I use to keep a 45lb plate on my back & hold a 1 min plank.    Gym promotes ego.
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