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This was small, and the guy at the end was still being biased and said something related to that the media would just accept Jagmeet Singh without him speaking how he did.

the whole program is only 15 minutes , and usually short and to the point unlike many others.

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Sangat Ji,

Jagmeet Singh will be on BBC Radio London's Sunny and Shay show today at 6:00 pm discussing the current situation in Punjab.

Other guests include Sarbjit Singh from RajoanaTV, Jazmin Kaur from the Aazadi organisation and Mejinderpal Kaur from the United Sikh Organisation.

Please tune in and have a listen.


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* Jagmeet Singh - BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show *

* Talk on Modi's UK visit *

Sangat Ji,

Jagmeet Singh was on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show earlier today speaking about Narendra Modi's visit to the UK.

He was joined by Lord Karan Bilimoria and Poonam Taneja on the show.

If you missed the show you can catch it via this link (Jagmeet speaks 19 minutes into the recording).


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