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How Many Indian Muslims Showed Solidarity With Sikhs For 1984 Anti-Sikh Genocide?


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It doesn't matter if Muslims showed solidarity or not. Protests against Modi were justified. It was for Sikh issues and not for solidarity with Muslims.

BJP-RSS men were involved in killing Sikhs in 1984 and BJP still shields them - https://asrandhawa.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/whether-bjp-rss-were-not-involved-in-sikh-genocide-in-1984-yes-they-were-involved-too/


Thr ones calling Sikhs stupid or low IQ here should brush up their own knowledge of facts first. Read about Advani and Vajpayee's responses to Punjab and how they hailed Indira after Operation Bluestar.

Read how RSS ideologue Nana Deshmukh wrote a whole article justifying 1984 Sikh genocide and said Sikhs deserved to be killed.

RSS used to say that any Sikh who doesn't acknowledge himself as Hindu is a traitor. They used to call Amritdhari Sikhs militants and traitors and insulted the Khalsa to no ends in their old time writings.

Even now, one can pick uo the latest Outlook issue and see that cat Pinky's confession on role of Hindu radical organisations like RSS and VHP in killings in Punjab in 1980s-90s.

Modi himself was unfair to Sikhs when he was CM of Gujarat and tried to take over land of Sikh farmers, hounded them and tried to drive them out of Gujarat. Google it if not even aware about it!

Sikhs protesting against Modi in UK and elsewhere know better than armchair commenters here. They were perfectly justified in protesting against this fascist Hindutva lunatic Narendra Modi.

Modi and his ministers keep telling other countries that Sikhs are terrorists or radicals and the TM and some others ask why people protested against him?

It is RSS that promotes Dera Sacha Sauda and got Badals to get a pardon for Gurmeet Ram Rahim from Akal Takht. And Modi is an RSS pracharik, his entire cabinet reports to RSS. The RSS lunatics are among biggest enemies of Sikhs (they had even distributed sweets and celebrated post Bluestar).

It is not only fine but necessary to protest against Modi and RSS at every point. That's for sake of Sikhs and not for sake of Muslims.

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