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How Many Indian Muslims Showed Solidarity With Sikhs For 1984 Anti-Sikh Genocide?


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Make me lol. Ill say what I want.

These muslims lover sikh should visit Porkistan & Afghanistan. 1000 Sikhs from Porkistan & afghanistan are seeking asylum in india yearly after modi govt changed the old policy.

The oppressed Sikhs & Hindus from these nations can live in India without any visa hassles.

Khangress govt only allowed muslims 10-20 million bangaldeshis to settle down for vote bank politics while Sikhs and Hindus asylum seekers were treated as outcast.

The haters would never find any fault in Pakistani who openly treat all kufr(Hindus, Sikhs) as third class citizens. They convert our women & then blame us intolerant with support of our liberal media.

Indian media, Khangressi darbaris pseudo intellectuals had been ranting about Hindu taliban for a month bcoz some 1-2 muslim were lynched by a local mob in law less state of Uttar pradesh which is ruled by muslim lover Mullayam yadav.

#ParisAttacks: Blame Bush

Yakub: riots

Islam: Blame Arabia

Dadri: Blame Hindus


Pic1:Indian SICKulars on Dadri

Pic2:Indian SICKulars on #ParrisAttacks


Lately, No sane and rational Sikh will blame modi for law & order situation in Punjab. Law and order is a state subject in India.

But what we saw in #london were 100 posters calling modi as killer of Sikhs! The agenda of these RW protesters are in sync with Pakistan and Anti national elements.

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Dude you won't get any takers here and among the majority of Sikhs for your Hindutva BS. We know who our enemies are and Modi being the PM of India has joined the list. You are right he has helped Hindu and Sikh refugees from Afghanistan settle in India but we look at the larger picture. I doubt that if there were no Hindus among the Afghan refugees and just Sikhs that he would have done this just for the Sikhs. With Sikhs who want freedom from the artificial state called India, Modi won't get any kudos because Modi is just seen as a temporary gatekeeper able to decide whether Sikh refugees can come to India, in essence we we get Khalistan then any Sikh of whatever ethnic background should be free to live as long as they want in Punjab.

For the refugees from Afghanistan, the Sikhs were allowed because they were in the same situation as the Hindus. Once he did it for the Hindus then he had to include Sikhs in there as well. He also set up a resettlement package for Hindu Pandits and recently in order to win elections in Bihar he announced a 1.25 lakh crore package to Bihar and yet what has he given to Punjab where the Punjabi farmer is reeling from the worst agarian crisis that Punjab has suffered in its history? Modi has also given a financial package to J&K but nothing for Punjab.

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sikhs group who funded desecration of Guru Granth sahib jee should be treated with iron hand.

Dont allow any these Right wing fanatics to take advantage of law & order like situation in Punjab.

I'd show an iron hand to Indian congress party (khangress party), Brahmin sena, Shiv Sena (punjab branch), anti-sikh Ravidassia extremists, Fudhu Neo-Akali Badal and his clan and moslem/christian missionary groups who want to kill or convert Sikhs to their ugly ideologies.

For some time now I've observed that the more Sikhs attempt to distance themselves from the Hindus and strengthen their endeavours against Hindutva, the more closely they begin to embrace Muslims, and the more open they are to the prospect of building alliances with them. Only a few years ago Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann was openly raising the slogan "Pakistan Zindabaad" after the country legitimized a Sikh Wedding Act ( which was in all likelihood calculated to stir up trouble in Indian Punjab rather than to advance the rights of Sikhs). The horrors that have befallen our people since 1947 seem to have blinded a lot of us to older savageries.

Placing our trust in any of the other religious communities of the subcontinent, with their loathsome track records of lies and broken promises is foolhardy. Who cares how many Muslims show solidarity with us? We should be more concerned about our Panthic solidarity, winning over our noncommittal brothers and sisters sitting on the fence, than with the troublesome business of attracting 'allies' from the outside, 'allies' who mean to use us as pawns in their own religious machinations.

Definitely we need to show solidarity and love for our Sikh brothers and sisters no matter which so called caste, jatha, sect, ethnicity, country they come from. I dont see much love to our Afghan, pakistani and kashmiri Sikh's at the moment its like the clownish samosa head sardars in our community are sucking up to non-sikh communities who don't give a about us than our own actual co-religionists.

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those who were protesting with sikhs were azad kashmiris from uk towns. I gota respect them for standing with us against modi. But at the same time these are the same ones causing problems in the UK and targeting the sikhs in bham etc. And i doubt they would protest if it was a muslim leader coming... heck they wouldnt even protest against nawaz sharif not like hes any better is he.

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