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The Akal Takht became the "head of the Sikh Panth" because of 2 things: 1. It was built as the first Takht and named Akal, (another name for Vaheguru), and Takht being throne. So on Earth it would be the throne of God. The second reason is when our Gurus were spreading the message of Naam Japo, Vand Ki Chackna, and Kirat Karni the Akal Takht, (having no Jathedar) would be involved in assisting Harimandir Sahib. NOTE: Our Lord in the 9th form was Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and ever since he was denied entry to the land of Harmandir Sahib the massand system had already been considered evil in the eyes of many Sikhs leading them to dismay all of their authority.

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Historically highest of all takths was Patna Sahib but later during khalsa raj the power was shifted to Akal Bunga ie Akal Takth Sahib.

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