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Uk Leaving The Eu - Was It The Dastar Issue For Sikhs?

Guest Dastar

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Guest Dastar

As a UK Sikh, I voted for the UK to leave the EU on the single issue concerning me "as a Sikh". This was the 'Ban on Religious Symbols in the Workplace Upheld' by the EU.

June 6 The European Court of Justice's advocate general said May 31 that private companies in Europe can ban all visible religious symbols in the workplace. According to legal experts consulted by Bloomberg BNA, the opinion requires employers to allow all religious symbols or none at all. Although nonbinding, the opinion is significant because it is likely to be followed by a similar binding legal ruling later this year by the ECJ, the experts told Bloomberg BNA. A binding ruling would redefine workplace dress codes throughout the 28-nation EU and could thus affect multinationals operating in the European Union.

Sikhs fought in Europe during WWI and WWII. Sikhs were accepted with Dastars then, why not now?

Financially, I may be worse off but my faith overrides all my financial concerns.

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Guest Rampuria

""Singho, time sambhalo te naam simran kro

Agge jo smaa dis reha, bhut bhyanak hai

Jisde jinni gurbani yad hai, oh padh skooga

Gurbani gutke te pothia milya nahi krne

Lok 5 singhs nu bhaalde firya krnge, ke 5 singh mil jaan

Te amrit sanchaar ho ske ""

( bab harnam singh rampur kheda)

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