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Gurinder Singh hacked to death in Southall, west London street

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Anyone from southall that got more info on this and why this guy was targetted and by who?

This is the 4th knife murder of a punjabi in southall within 3 years from what I can recall. What the hell is going on in southall these days?

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Southall is in this state because of the collective apathy of its councillors, its law-enforcement, and most worryingly, its citizens

The councillors who treat this place as a dumping ground for immigrants, the law-enforcement who turn out in force only after a crime has been committed and are otherwise nowhere to be found, but worst of all are the piece of sh1t locals. 

The whole town is like a grotesque social experiment where some evil scientist decided to create a community entirely out of people who don't care about anyone or anything, and whose only concern is wiping their own ar5es. This place was actually very nice and clean in the 60's when it was predominantly goraay living here, because say what you will, old school white people actually care about their neighborhoods and don't turn a blind eye to crime. Immigrants however, including Sikhs, don't seem to care one bit, because modern Punjabi/Somali/Pakistani values do not emphasize a mindfulness of environment or community.  As a kid I remember seeing a woman get punched in the face by her husband in the middle of a very crowded Southall broadway, and everyone just carried on like it was part of the scenery [sardars included]. 

This is why a human being can be hacked to death in the middle of a residential street, and all anyone does about the situation is observe it through their windows, like the witnesses in the article. Nobody in Southall cares about their neighbors. The pavements and the roads all around us are cracked and potentially dangerous for old people, but as long as Mr Singh can plonk a couple of marble lions in front of his depressing semi he couldn't care less. 

Unlimited immigration also only makes things worse. It ensures that this place will remain a ghetto forever, ridden with third world values and incapable of assimilating properly into wider society. 


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Thats an interesting insight but I dont think southall is that bad as its painted out to be. The worst thing done to southall was the uk government covert policy of pushing mass immigraiton of muslim migrants/refugee's (pakis/somaliens/arabs/guji muslims,etc) in the mid and late 90s. Any area that has a high muslim population usually means that area is turning into a dump. They along with council estate trash uneducated chavy white and blacks only bring crime and nothing good for diversity or social cohesion with other communities. The working class and middle class whites of yester year were great, I too remember a time when these gentle white elderly folk who served and suvived the 2nd world wars lived in good mixed communities until the UK tory government changed its policy for some reason and allowed huge number of other migrants swamp the developed communities in different parts of the country made only worse with tony blairs new labour government.

Your right about neighbours not looking out for each other because people these days are like strangers due to landlords (usually apnay) renting their houses to council estate trash and troublesome migrants who usually sleep 6 to a room. And from observations, people do not help each other these days regardless of what community they come from for fear of legal reprisals and the very real bodily harm consequneces to yourself for defending someone you dont know. We have seen news articles of people trying to be have a go hero and getting killed themselves so naturally people will not help unless the state and police will back them up which is not the case with the cowardly white middle and upper ruling classes we have running the government. They allow criminals to get away literally with murder.

As for the questions I asked any information what exactly is going on? Why so many of our punjabi men getting murdered in southall hayes? and over what? love triangle? business deals?.... is there a drug turf war going on or some kinda other feud we are not aware of?

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On 8/1/2016 at 7:48 PM, genie said:

As for the questions I asked any information what exactly is going on? Why so many of our punjabi men getting murdered in southall hayes? and over what?.... is there a drug turf war going on or some kinda other feud we are not aware of?

Don't know what it could be. Punjabis account for a large chunk of the population here, so it only follows that they would also account for a similar proportion of crimes such as murder. If there is any organized crime, then they are keeping themselves anonymous very well. My dad and I were sitting in the park as he was drinking some beers, and we were approached by a security guard who asked him to stop. He did, and we got talking. The bloke informed us that Southall is now officially one of the worst places in London for knife crime and for drugs. Drunk apnaay are supposed to be responsible for many of these incidents. 

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