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sikh retreats

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Looking for sikh retreats or naam simran camps for adults. Preferably in west coast, US. 

Would appreciate if anyone can give me some resouces. Thank you in advance. 

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Guest Dharm

West coast is really long ,which specific area u asking for?

OR WA or CA?

there is one who teaches meditation stuff etc in portland.OR and i guess in Los Angeles too, but not sure its proper gurmat ot yogibhajans


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The West Coast Sikhi Camp is coming up. Its in the winter during Christmas. Google it, they have facebook and website and registration is currently open 

Also there is the virsa retreat during summer in August in califotnia 

Then there's thcamp jeevan  in fresno, california

And theres numerous camps in northern cali, bay area, google them

Also theres kamaii camps, akj samagams, bulandpuri samagams, rog nivaran camps. 

If u make an account here, i can pm you more specific info about these programs as it becomes availabe throughout the year.


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