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The Hen that Laid Golden Eggs


Once, a farmer lived in a village. He was very poor. His income was very small. He passed his days with difficulty.

One day, someone gave him a hen. It gave a golden egg every day.

He sold the egg every day. Soon he became a rich man.

All began to respect him in the village.

He became greedy. He thought that inside the hen there must be a storehouse of golden eggs. He should get them in a day.

Then he would be the richest man in the village.

He took a knife and cut the stomach of the hen.

He did not get even a single egg.

He lost not only the golden eggs but the hen also.

Moral: Greed is a curse.

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Guest Jacfsing2
42 minutes ago, harsharan000 said:




I'm personally a huge fan of cartoons, and believe spreading messages of Guru Sahib are very important; however, I'm not very keen on depicting Guru Sahib in any form other than Gur-Shabad, unless it's somewhat realistic.

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