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15 minutes ago, Singh2017 said:


Sangat Ji, I'm hearing that Nihang Singhs put 5 leaves of cannabis in degh. What is this for and why is this? I mean cannabis... cannabis. I'm kind of (not) getting to grips what jhatka meat is about but cannabis? Someone please enlighten me. 


Yes I’ve heard of it as well.. nihangs make shardayi (drink that Hindus make on occasion of Holi festival) and recite bani or maybe waheguru simran and thn they say it has become parshaad and can drink it.. but I didn’t know about putting leaves in degh but whichever way they do I think it’s totally wrong.. just because some of the nihangswants to get high on it they started using it on name of waheguru as it clearly written in gurbani that alcohol marijuana etc are not allowed at all. 


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