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Sadh sangat ji. 


My quaestion is how you deal kaam or sex thoughts with your children. today scenario is completely change. Today kids and children talk about sex with each other. like for example : - talk about sex etc etc

because now days its very difficult to control over there because of facebook, whatsapp and youtube. but my quastion is how you people or parent teach your child according to gursikh amritdhari and khalsa need your help.


Gur sangat kini khalsa

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i made a post about how to deal with individual in discussion section. 

As for kids, their must be something wrong with the sangat they keep. Facebook and media are tools. U need to control mind. Their sangat is probably at school not the best. You could also get a filter on your internet to filter adult content out. Thats not good sangat if they talk openly like it is a joke. Take them to gurduwara make them do sewa and lots of bani. NO EASY WAY AROUND. It is a really hard thing to overcome. With kirpa 5 vikars can be destroyed. 

Short answer, sorry, If u need more details lemme know

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My parents just told us straight up. That one of mayas tricks is kaam and touch/skin indre. Touch can feel good and trap you into going further. And kaam feels good at the moment but its the deadliest trap. It comes with huge worldly consequences. Such as STDs, loss of reputation, chance of pregnancy...etc. also ppl can easily manipulate you once ur in a kaamic relationship. Thats why some ppl dont leave abusive relationships, theres date rape, and sometimes grooming. 

The spirtual consequences are also massive. You lose the gunn of being jati sati. Remember being jati is for both men and women. Also one loses the minds steadiness, peacefulness when one falls into kaam. And kaam brings with it other vikaars such as krodh, ahankaar, partying, drinking etc. And there is that one shabad,  An instant of Kaam, leads to years of residing in hell.

So please do warn your children about it. Even western ppl do as it can lead kids astray. And tell them, if they like someone or thinking of getting.into a relationship, to let u know and u will get them married or let them date or watever. 

Also tell them sikhi believes in waiting after marriage

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