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Daaj/dowry question

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Guest whatamagonnado

Wjkk Wjkf everyone,

I married a girl from India and sponsored her to Canada. A year and a half later her sister is getting married. They want to give all sorts of things to the groom's family for marriage. To me this smells too much of dowry and I am not a fan of it. The groom is not requesting anything, but my wife's sister and family want to give a ton of things anyway including Sofa's, bedset, TV, washing machine and maybe more. I'm not really familiar with marriage customs in India, so I need help.

Everyone is an amridhari sikh. I am 100% against dowry, and thought my wife's family was too.  When I asked my wife she said we only want to help my sister as much as possible. Make her life easy over there. And that this is not dowry, simply helping. 

I'm confused. Is this dowry? It seems to me they are giving all these gifts just to make the grooms family happy. Or are they just innocently making the brides after-marriage life easier? 

Please respond asap.Thanks

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