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Jathera Worship

Guest Baba Chaman Maya Das

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12 minutes ago, MisterrSingh said:

they preach simple living and humility, yet consider travelling in anything less than Porsche 4x4s / SUVs, and not lounging around in a mansion with no less than 8 bedrooms, to be an insult to their so-called spirituality

big brand babas . 

one minute of maskeen ji's katha has more value than one hour of bs these people churn in their samagams. 

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Guest Curious

Also sometimes our ancestors made deals qith pirs fakirs and the dead. Like do t let our crops die this year, let us win the courtcase, or let us settle in the area of your samaadh and my family will worship u for generations. 

The latter is the case in my family. 

Even tho they became amritdhari they have to go every puniya to give parshaad at this baba pir place because the anceators made that bargain. And they tried to give it up, but thwn harm would come to cattle and crops. 

So now the men as amritdhari are too ashamed to participate but they allow the women to do so. Not allow but to insist that each new bahu keep up the tradition. 

Thats one reason women are seen as more ignorant, its their duty to participate in family rituals such as these because the men have the option to refuse. And when things get hard, women are sent to dera babas too. 

Anyways thats one good thing that comes of moving to the west, we can break ties to the bargains made for land in our anceatral villages. We can leave behind the rituals and be true aikhs as we dont have to fear barrenness, infertility, loss of crops, invasions by pests etc.

Those pirs in panjab didweirld a strong Influence on the people and even do after death. It was a real battle for the gurus, and santa to rescue ppl from their clutches, from fear of curses and rituals. Only certain placea remained free, like my nanke who wefe really close to nanaksar. My nani used to go listen to sant nand singh ji kalera wale and their family only believed in sri guru granth sahib. And they were an anomaly. In fact their daughter was married to the pir worshiping ppl. And she(my mom) wouldve had to paericipate in those rituals but thank god we came to america. And my dad became an amritdhari. My nani now makes fun of our dadki for being pir dadu followers but i bet if we were in panjab, she wouldve encouraged my mom to follow everything the saure said. She was a great proponent of pleasing the saure at all costs so the daughter isnt discaeded back at the parents doorstep.

This fear continued the rituals and consumed true sikhs into it. But thank god, wealth and leaving panjab can save us.


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Guest Singhunit
On 6/18/2020 at 9:09 PM, Guest jigsaw_puzzled-singh said:

How would any family "start" something that the family has been doing continuously, unbroken, since 900 BC anyway ?     Do you know what 'start' means ?


In my family ancestor worship only started about 70 years ago, the shrine is built in memory of my great grandfather - so yes I do know what start means. 

I myself didnt acknowledge this like my family told me to, I first hand witnessed paranormal activities to my dad and no explanation for it. 

We also have a shrine for a snake - again first hand experience of if you dont acknowledge it bad things will happen. 

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