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Does Waheguru forgive cheating?

Guest Guest456

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Guest Guest456

I wanted to ask what if someone is in love with their love of their life. Then she gets married to someone else and cheats after the marriage many times with the affair. Does Waheguru forgive such a sin? Can it be forgiven when the human is in deep regret and suffers from their mistake daily (she gets depression) and prays daily, visits the gurdwara, and also wants to take amrit. Will this sin vanish then? Will Waheguru love this human still? Or should she forget to be a sikh and prepare herself to go to hell? 


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Guest UstatNihanKarMan

You are questioning the nature of Vaheguru, which we all know is ever forgiving and all knowing and loving. Ultimatley the soul must return to Vahehuru so in that sense the will be forgivness.

However thats not to say there is no comsequence to our actions, karma, that we create must be paid back, likely to be through reincarnation and any judgement by Dharam raj. Even then that does not make Vahegurus love any less, these are simply divine laws.

If we look at this from a basic level, the deceit of cheating, betrayal of trust, breaking your partners heart, leaving scars and torment on those involved and their families which will be with them for the rest of their lives. If you ask those hurt they might think differently to who should be forgiven.

Repenting, going to gurdwara and regretting your mistakes is fine and well, we must realise our wrong doing. It's not very easy to cast judgement on who and when someone can be forgiven. We must forgive ourselves and move on, pray to our Guru to put us on the right path.

I guess we can only pray that all involved are blessed with peace.

But this is more and more common, it happened to me, i can tell you its not a situation i would want even my worst enemy in. 

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16 hours ago, Guest Guest456 said:

please answer brothers and sisters.

You've already got your answer in 10 posts that you posted here previously. I don't think you're trying to listen. You're just verifying that you will be ALRIGHT. 

And for the last time, Praying for a selfish reason is ATTACHMENT, it isn't  "NAAM JAPNA". 

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you will face the consequences as you have committed a sin, but waheguru is forgiving and always gives us another chance when we fall low. you should tell your husband what you have done.

when you had anand karaj with your husband your promised to guru ji that you will follow his path, you then decided to go behind your husbands back and sleep with other men, that is not guru jis path. 

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if the 'love of your life' loved you why didn't they marry you? presumably they have dumped you know, which is why you suddenly think its time to repent.

you don't even bother to mention your marriage partner in you message.  don't you think you have hurt them too?


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Actually i committed Adultery many times and its out of my control i pray waheguru ji please take me out of this hell. I really can't control i dont want to cheat but LUST made me sinner and i really seeks Waheguru jis forgiveness. 


Ramdas Srowar nate

Sab utre paap kmate


I believe go to darbar sahib and have a Ishnaan there and your paap will be vanished.

Then Ardas There to keep you blessed with kirpa and lets us follow your path give us power.

If u missed it

Again go to There and Do ishnan


And ask forgiveness. 

Don't bhang amrit if you think still you cant control make yourself strong and ask waheguru ji to help.


May waheguru forgiveness with cover and forgive us all sins


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