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What Most Russian Women Think Of Feminism

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This is really interesting. Gives another take on western feminism. You know sometimes I think apneean are well behind the curve on this. I talked to one (very well educated and successful) British-African women about this a while ago and she was telling me about how she doesn't support 'feminism' because she thought it was a white women thing, and how it totally ignored racism by white men against other non-goray males - in effect negating the experiences that her brothers, nephews or sons might have. So she was talking about 'womenism' which was distinct from feminism in that it recognised that women do need a voice and do face unfair inequalities but also acknowledged structural racism and other nuances. She also said that intergender behaviour differs between cultures in that what may be perceived as intrusive harassment by females in one culture might be perceived in other less hostile ways by another culture. Interesting topic. 



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