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Guest Looking

Baba Nand Singh Ji Bachans

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Guest Looking

Looking for Baba Nand singh Ji's bachans but can't find them anywhere in one place compiled. Is there anyone that knows where they all are? I have the Facebook Id of person who started making the pictures his ID is Harjeet Singh and his email is harjeetdesigns13@gmail.com but I can't find his Facebook ID on Facebook so does anyone know where the pictures all are ?

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    • Who resides in the Sangat ? Guru. So the Guru is sangat and the sangat is Guru. So would you not want to serve our Guru the best you can? So what if people come to the Gurdwara for the food, make the best and let them come. Have big hearts guys, Guru tha langar sabho awaay, let them come the house of Guru Nanak is open to all. Tell you what, you moaners why don't you cook up dhal and roti at home for a week you will soon get chittar. This is Guru ghar, let it be the best you can, make the best and serve the best and Guru ji will smile on you. What is wrong with the proliferation of Akahnd Paaths and Sukhmani sahibs, you think people were doing a sin ! Why shouldn't they do paaths at the gurdwara and why shouldn't you make the best langar you can? Everyone has sharda and everyone wants to make the best . Bar humbug to the lot of yer!   😀
    • Yes. Being intellektual means you are boring. Keneda particularly promotes this. They love the Larping that goes along with the rural life. 
    • Be mindful of quality educational institutions because it would encourage further exodus out of Punjab. It also depends on where you think educational institutions come from, what I mean by this whether it is public (government funded) or privately funded. There are plenty of privately funded colleges and universities. For example, there is Lovely University. This is privately funded. They have a huge campus built not far from Jalandhar.  You cannot have these educatonal facilities without having the jobs to go with it.
    • Well I had one relative (through marriage) from back home who was snatched up to do his MSc in Germany (something about auto-driving cars with BMW). When he finished that, he was snatched up by America (Texas to be specific) to do his PHd overthere, all he had to pay for was his ticket there and they have set him up with uni fees and accomodation. Another female relative in the same branch of the family just got a job in a Panjabi university as a Chemical Engineer lecturer, so things are happening.  Not enough in my opinion though. Says a lot that hordes of sons of relatively affluent pendu families back home aspire to come to the UK and become builders. There is an anti--intellectual culture back home. There is little to no culture of appreciating/developing gian for gian's sake - and it explains a lot of what we see. 
    • There has been a concerted, long term effort to dumb the panth down and promote barn-dance jamboree culture over all else. This helps keep 'wild Panjabi Sikhs' docile and easier to control. Sadly too many of our own are complicit in this, and actively help promote it themselves.  But people are waking up to this. 
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