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Removing Kakkar

Guest Gupt

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On 9/25/2019 at 12:15 PM, Guest Gupt said:

Is there a guide in Sikhi that tells you how to keep your Kakkar when you’re having personal physical with your wife?

Strange how the admin have edited my original post. Don’t see what I said wrong for them to edit it! 

Admin Note - Yes edited and Your question message is still there unless you have other motives.

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Dear Brother

In puratan rehatnama a kirpan is also be meant kept in your kes... if s o we can remove gatre kirpan so that the shastar is respected ( we do not want joote hands on sri sahib)and it does end up happening as hard as we try not to (otherwise try gatra kirpan on and find out)

guru gobind singh ji used to keep kirpan in kes (which is shown daily after rehras sahib at takht abchal nagar hazoor sahib (i am not saying guru sahib kept that specifically for this reason but the point being they did as if ever our shastar depart from our body during combat our 5 kakaars always remain intact. 

Some tie kirpan around dastar like when we have ishan

Kaccherra can be wrapped around one ankle

tight dastar with wooden kangha firmly placed in kes

Ardas karo sache paatshah ageh and then go for it...

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On 10/24/2019 at 9:45 PM, Guest Malhi said:

In puratan rehatnama a kirpan is also be meant kept in your kes

Im a little confused on how it would be kept. Would the case still be on it? I would be scared to do it because I dont want to damage any kesh...

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