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I have this like egotistical mind that changes with time and experience and this soul mind which generally is unwavering and has a connection to Parmatma.

i'm usually aware of when Im operating out of either but thats not a given.

when im comfortable in an environment I operate out of the soul mind, but when im in a reactionary state its usually the ego mind that takes center stage.

i believe the new age gorey call this the higher self, which they say does not incarnate.

Im starting to see the unified thread in all human's (rational) beliefs about spiritual existence.

but the other side of me is like bruah im a sardar, i have the best roots religon wise. 

anyone else notice this?

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Yes. Science and the west are catching up to the East and sikhi. They have adopted yoga and in the process of taking over meditation too.

And they have really learnt that the mind controls the universe and resukts not just hard work. So they are preaching the Law of Attraction etc.

Lots of ppl have been interested in the east and eastern spirituality from the 1700s. So the west have learnt and are teaching it back to us. 

I have noticed this too and gives me the same reaction like we have the best religion, we dont need to learn from them.

But God helps us learn thru life thru other people. Our scriptures are lessons, our sakhis examples, our sants/shaheeds role models. And life is our test, it helps us memorize and really understand thise lessons. So sometimes we will learn things better from outsiders. And thats ok. Just because we have the best religion doesnt mean we r the best students. Sometimes we dont pay attention in class, so God has to teach us outside the classroom, throw a pop quiz, have an outsider explain to us.

Also we have lost alot. Like our artistry such as calligraphy, music, knowledge of vaidgiri/health etc. And some of it the gore know like yoga etc. 

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    • When an animal dies, it will decompose and provide nutrients in the soil which the plant will feed off. We maybe eating plants that have fed off animals. Life consumes life in all it's forms.
    • Bro... Guru Hargobind Sahib ji in his hukamnama said, "Maas machhi de nerrey nahai jawnaa". Exact words. 
    • S So fly her to Alaska if she is that desperate, i am sure someone will teach her all she needs to learn. To be very honest I have never seen a female sikh ever.  Here every sikh person you see is a man, with a turban and a long flowing beard,  either dyed in very dark red or bright yellow colors, mostly speaking in very unfamiliar dialects. Very strange.
    • Yes, but plants don't walk on all fours to move from one location to another like animals do. Plants have to be pulled out from the ground to a different location.  Sometimes, they don't thrive in their new environment due to unsuitable soil conditions sadly enough. On the other hand, animals can be transported from one place to another whether dead or alive, they will thrive anywhere if fed properly (a bit like yourself).  Even Bernard shaw was a strict vegetarian, never killed a fly in his entire life. You all need spiritual counselling. Judging from your post, you don't seem to have any beliefs, values or morals, forget about Sikhi. You seem like someone who visits Masts and their babeys in green clothes who tie threads around their wrists for protection from evil spirits and so on.  People like you are deeply steeped in superstition and silly activities which consist of mumbo-jumbo rituals, dance,  alcohol and meat consumption on daily basis.        
    • I remember there was a Saakhi of Guru Sahib shutting down Langar? I forget the details, does anyone here know of it?
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