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Guest Singh

Pakistan Wins and Sikhs lose

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Guest Singh

So 2019 marked 550 years since Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji blessed this planet with their presence for Sarbat da Bhala.

And what was done to mark 550years in November 2019?

A- 550million copies of Mool Mantar printed up in non-Punjabi languages?

B- 5,500 hospitals and medical facilities set up for the poor in Punjab, malnourished adivasi parts of India or sub-saharan Africa?

C- 550 schools set up in Punjab so that poor Sikh children can get an education?

D- Action taken to prevent 550,000 female child abortions in Punjab?

E- 55,000 families of cancer patients assisted in a special drive to help struggling members of the Sikh Panth?

F- Sangat in 550 villages in Punjab united the Nishan Sahib of one united Gurdwara only in the pind?

G- None of the above. But the only achievement is to mark the Pakistani Army earning a projected $550million off naive + gullible Sikhs in the next 12 months*

*I suppose given that the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs only killed 20% of the Sikh population there we should be grateful the Pakistani Army earns this profit from Sikhs.

Clowns like Navjot teach that helping the Pakistani Army profit from tourism initiatives aimed at Sikhs is more important than Sikhs helping poor Sikhs in east Punjab!

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Guest Glassy
On 11/23/2019 at 11:59 PM, Guest guest said:

why are the two mutually exclusive?

Exactly it's like when Singhs say that we shouldn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on weddings and alcohol because that money can be better spent on uplifting poor Sikhs in Punjab. Like you said why are the two mutually exclusive? 

Now these Amritdhari Sikhs are whining and complaining that poor Sikhs in Punjab should come first as opposed to tourism to Pakistan that enriches the Pakistani Army. If non-religious Punjabi's want to spend money on pilgrimages then that's their human right to do so.

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    • Nah, you just don't know how to analyse and read it. It's didactic narratives designed to make sense to the reader - not all historically based.    A lot of it is based around literacy and explorations and adaptations of literary forms, jungh vidhya, bir raas, social issues, just governance. 
    • Yeah, I can spot them from miles away now. Unfortunately this type is also adept at worming and scheming themselves into positions of power - so they are usually at advantage in work hierarchies, and as you've noticed, they can sense your heart and that often makes them hone in. They are VERY jealous and just being liked by others is enough to set them off. They are hyper vigilant, although they act nonchalant, and save bits of info to use against you at a later date.  You're right - they give off an energy you can sense a mile away, just from their presence and facial expressions - even without talking. We must give off an energy too, that they sense.  Their language is another giveaway, they don't talk about feelings, unless it's their own disgruntlement at something. They are completely oblivious to the feelings of others. They often go overboard to try and portray themselves as 'nice people' and go mental when anyone cracks the facade.  I think they really struggle with abstract thoughts and concepts, hence the sole anchoring on material and status and exterior presentation. A materialistic bimbo is their best bet for a partner (they like trophy wives/girlfriends), I feel really sorry for some of the poor women that get embroiled with them only to realise what they are dealing with years down the line after years of emotional abuse and neglect and having kids with them (who get embroiled in the narcs emotional games). They are really good at charming the f**k out of naive people to get what they want.    
    • How quaint , you quoted what i said and changed it, amazing.
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