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Preventing the spread of corona


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We have been told to avoid human contact. However we are still finding ourselves in super market queues - the perfect spreading ground for the virus. 

The message which should have been sent out to us should have been clear and concise. It's not time to stock up what you don't have. Save lives by staying at home. Only go to the shop if completely necessary. If there are more than 5 people around you, you are better leaving the shop. 

People have not given the advice any deeper thought. Being caught in a queue is the worst thing. It should be viewed as waiting in the line of getting infected sooner. 

Queues are not being spaced out either. Are shops helping with the spread? How important is stocking up now? 

If shopping was equated to spreading, and the possibility of landing in the ICU, maybe people would take it more seriously. 

Warning Posters should be designed and shopkeepers should play a part in preventing queues while there is still time to do so. 

More so we should each take more responsibility and just stay at home despite all the temptations our brains are presenting to us. 

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Please inform any family members who HAVE HAD the FLU VACCINE to self-isolate straight away for at least 12 weeks because the science says they have been made MORE VULNERABLE to the covid 19 .


Pregnant ladies should make sure they will be safe from covid 19 being brought home , by ensuring outdoor clothing especially shoes stay as close as possible to the outside of the home , shoes AND socks should be removed either at front door or as close as possible to there  and hands faces should be washed of people coming in prior to talking/ contact.


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