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Hey guys, So i am amrit shak and I want to know how I can undo it. I got amrit because i wanted a sense of belonging somewhere. But to be honest its been like 3 years and my love for prayers and gurudawra has probably decreased. I just dont enjoy it. I feel like its not me. My family is super religious and would probably kill  me if they find out about this. I want piercings, hair cuts, I want to drink, and the list goes on. Of course I haven’t done any of that yet cause I feel bad but nowadays I just dont care about sihki that much. And is it possible to be a sikh and another religion at the same time, because I feel I cant become a gursikh but I eant to work towards somethings. And please go off on me saying Im a <banned word filter activated> or disgrace because I already know I am one and dont really care, I just need help please help 

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Guest Manmukh

Sounds like you already know right from wrong and you want to indulge in Maya.  

I dont think you need to seek justification on here, you wont get it as the advice on here is to step towards Guruji and not turn your back, the sangat on here are obviously going to ask you to reconsider.


But it is your choice and u seem to have made ur mind up and just want someone to tell you its ok. 


Sounds like you havent grasped the essence of sikhi or life. And maybe no ones taught you about these things. 

All id say is millions of ppl indulge in what you are wanting to do, and all the spiritual paths advise of staying away from it.

Realise your true self and  your true path. 

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