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The problem is Puzzled, and maybe puzzled is more suited to you than you realise, but the problem is, you're pushing the same narrative that other lazy observers have pushed for the past few decades at the expense of truth

Who was responsible for the diminished Rangrehtta Dal? I give you a clue...it's the same chaps that californiasardar1 mentioned in regards to Phulkian "misl".

One of these days Puzzled, you will pick up a history book and actually study who stood shoulder to shoulder with Guru Gobind Singh, who was given a kalgi at Chamkaur, which Dal went AWOL in the mid-eighteenth century despite commanding control posts at Peshawar and the kept the quarrelsome Pathans at bay? 

For the vast majority of the time, the misls that you mention spent more time fighting each other and actually, the Bhangi's took Lahore strategically (nothing wrong with that by the way) and crucially not due to superior military prowess. 

Who formed the majority of the Nishaanvali misl or Dallewalia misl not to mention formed a significant proportion of the Sukerchakia misl?

All I can say is, isn't it fascinating that those communities who have a 5 century history of sacrifice for Sikhi are now told to live in "chamaarlis", prevented from taking Amrit from the same thaal as jats but hey, lets preach to jaats from Haryana in the hope that Sajjan Kumar's clan, a chap who was responsible for a genocide in Delhi, embrace Sikhi.


Wonderful. Absolutely fabulous. 

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