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Beadbi - Please report


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I don't want to link the picture of the account because they're posting really disgusting memes about our religion, and our guru's, as well as sikh-martyrs, and I feel that it doesn't deserved to be posted here on this website, so I'll try my best to describe it without being too specific.

I'm talking about stooping to the lowest of the low, making depraved and nasty vulgar pictures, the page is ran by a Hindu-nationalist, everyone that is able to stomach these disgusting pictures made about our religion, please report this Instagram user and all of his posts, the username is valorous.hindu.2.1  another account is the.valorous.hindu  he also has a alt where he didn't post anything yet called the.royal.hindu 

You will get mad at the videos and memes he made about our faith, he even disrespected our holy book, but remember that these are the same people that abandoned their faith and religion during Mughal rule like the weak cowards they are.

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