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Every Bani said to be written or recited by Guru Gobind Singh Ji


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Chaubis Avtar is also an ULATHA (transliteration of ancient Sanskrit). The difference here is that 10th Patshahi has written some things which are not mentioned in the Puranas. And not included all of the things that are written in the Puranas...

Guru Ji gave the seva to a Pandit Scholar to teach the Khalsa Sanskrit or translations, but he refused on the basis that the Khalsa were not Brahmins or Khatris.

Guru Ji told the egoistic pandit, that one day,  pandits will come to the Khalsa for their education!

Guru Ji did the ulatha of these Puranas, so that Khalsa could gain knowledge, and not be deceived by the cunning pandits who felt that their scriptures were more sacred, and that only Brahmins and Khatris could have access to them...

For centuries, the so called priest caste manipulated society to fulfil their own needs. But after reading 10th Patshahi’s Bani, no one can be mislead!

In these writings, Guru Ji gave Khalsa the knowledge that they needed to remain SUTANTAR (independent). Guru Ji omitted the lengthy translations, which go into far more detail. Guru Ji translated the warrior spirit, which was needed at the time for the Khalsa mindset.

Guru Ji also showed, in his writings, the shortcomings of these Avtars, who folk regarded as PURE DIVINE..

Guru Ji draws comparison to the attributes to AKAL PURAKH, and these avtars. Thus opening the eyes of the Khalsa, to shun worship of deities, and to focus entirely on the JAGAT JYOT, that is inside of us, i.e AKAL PURAKH’S Jyot...


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