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Question asked about children with diseases


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I have been speaking to someone at work about spirituality etc and we they asked the question about children.

So they asked why does God make children have cancer and other diseases. I explained about Karma and how its God's will which we accept, even though its can be hard to get your head around, but ultimately there is no Dukh or Sukh they are clothes we wear but im not sure they understand.


Anyone got any good videos to suggest that might explain this better than me and more simplified. 

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On 3/18/2023 at 12:05 AM, LifeIsBeautiful said:

Honestly, whatever happens it's gods will.


I think the whole part of life is not to get attached to any outcome. Being able to not react negatively or being in control of your situation is probably the ultimate test in life.

Sounds like you're abdicating responsibility for the bad deeds we do as humans. God does not punish anyone. He is pure love and detached so nothing affects him. 

As humans our thoughts impact the universe in positive and negative ways. So we must take action to create a positive environment for each of us to thrive. 

As for cancer, there is a whole industry that refuses to bring cures due to the profits being made. People are waking up to this. 

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