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    Interesting to hear because in med school. We are taught that circumcision reduces risk of penile cancer. And that circumcision protective against HIV transmission. There reasoning is that the foreskin can trap viruses and other debris leading to issues and if not cleaned. I wouldnt trust the above science too much because they have now stopped bathing new borns cuz we apparently need those bacteria to protect us against environmental bad bacteria and for a good gut biome. They just wipe down the baby now. Also the reduced prevalence of HIV in African muslim men compared to non muslim Africans can be attributed to monogamy.
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    Im sure we can convince the Japanese we are are similar to them in some ways. ie our views and cultural dress sence. Ie This guy could be mistaken for a japanese samarai warrior if you did not take a double look.
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    Then expects not to be criticised, if you can't be honest with yourself what do you expect from others.
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    Does it really matter which countries? Just get the message correct, otherwise we are going to get diluted versions of the truth.
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    we belive in yugas but science is not advance yet to talk about yugas do you ever read japji sahib? if you have read it everyday you would already know the answer and stop posting posts like these
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    Gianni Sant Singh Ji Maskeen basically said all of that is false we believe in the four yugs but not in that way. Maskeen Ji said that the yugs dont come in a linear fashion one after another but rather theyre all here at the same time depending on the state of mind of the humans that live in them for example although the majority of the world is in kalyug when your in the company of true sants that is satyug. Maskeen ji also said that at one time one yug is predominant over all others right now kalyug is dominant over all others and the time it takes for the dominant yug to change is roughly 2500 years not lakhs of years like hindus claim, now I dont remember the details(its been a while since I've heard the katha) but maskeen ji uses bhai gurdass jis varaan to prove this. They also said that the four yugs can be used to to represent the stages of a human life: Satyug is the gestation period when the baby is in the womb and connected with god and desires nothing else, Tretyug is childhood when although the innocent child feels no lust it has a desire for power i.e greed for other childrens toys and a stubborn refusal to share with others, Dvaparyug is youth when a young works to earn a living and gives in to lust to create future generations and finally kalyug is old age when the fires of all the unfulfilled desires burn the mind and render him incapable of remembering god. Again its been a while since I've heard the katha so I paraphrased alot of whats been said and left alot of things out

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