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  1. vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki fateh I offer prayers to my Beloved Guru that He may unite me with my Husband Lord. I hear the clouds thunder & my mind is cooled, imbued with Love of my Beloved, I sing His Praises. Rain pours down & my mind is drenched with His Love. The drop of Ambrosial Nectar pleases my heart; the Guru has fascinated my mind, drenching it in God's essence. With peace & poise, the Husband Lord loves that soul-bride whose mind is pleased by the Guru's Teachings. She is the happy soul-bride of her Husband Lord her mind and body are filled with joy by H
  2. k_s_t alredy sed tht khalistani lioness penjii lol, hopefuly u will be doing kirtan 2 ! LOL
  3. yeaaaaa arrthee gna be sikkk - tught by the best ustaad around - sonia kaur
  4. aaarte in RAAAAAAG!!!! gues whos doin it akaaaalllluh !!!
  5. vjkkvjkp no prob veer jee / bhen jee :D ive got one with buttons , dnt no about velcro , but hav 2 say sumtyms tese kamarkasse r really unpractical wiv shasters , so if ure going to wear shasters in ur kamarakssa , rather tie one tke caree vjkkvjkp
  6. vjkk vjkp the kamarkassa in the pic , the metal bits have buttons behind them which click onto the other part of the kamarkassa wiv normal cloth u hav 2 tie it hpe tht helped daasan daas jivan singh vjkkvjkp
  7. vjkk vjkp VAHEGUROOOOOOO ITS SOO WIKID no ova words:D vjkk vjkp :e: :nihungsmile:
  8. vjkk vjkp how about wearing a longer gatra so it wnt poke u or freak u out lol hope dat helps vjkkvjkp
  10. sabh vadeeayeeaa har naam vich.. har gurmukh dhiaeeay :WW: guroo ji is with us always never forget...
  11. ive been listening to this shabd for the past few days and ive never heard anything so beautiful............this one shabd i feel can unite humanity................religion is like a jigsaw puzzle.......each fits in somewhere and each has its place........... yeah very few realise this and faith becomes this battle of supremacy witch brings nuffin but sorrow bhul chuck maafi :WW: tht is truly beautifull... maharajs gurbani is sooo piaari and mithii..jus goes 2 show why gurbani is called amrit bani :WW: vaheguroo
  12. vjkkvjkp :WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: vah vah vah dat was wonderfull dhan guroo nanak dev ji maharaj nt jus sohilaa sahib but wen u do any bani with pyaar - u kno whos sitting next to you:D vjkkvjkp :WW:
  13. vjkk vjkp bhajis nd bhenjis wat is the use of arguing ehh? help the bhenji instead of arguing and just being plain stupid. if she wrote something by mistake there is no need 2 make a huge argument over it just point it out ( as akritghan paji did.) we r no1 2 point fingers at sum1 we hardly kno thts nt our job... n menu ki patha bhajii- tht made me laugh 2 lol sorry bhenji hehe now bak 2 the topic - there are saroops of dhan dhan siri guroo granth sahib ji maharaj available at the sikh missionary society in southall with translations hope tht helped and as akritghan paji mentioned -
  14. vjkk vjkp paji sikh missionary does do dem im sure jus g2 go n ask the sewadar dere. also sum sundar gutke also hav akal ustat hope tht helped if u still need help jus pm me n ill see wat i can do vjkk vjkp
  15. vaheguroo ji ka khalsaa vaheguroo ji ki phatehi truly amazin just goes 2 show tht asmuch as we try and clean our self on the outside it will not clean your inside only gurbani can do that job vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki phatehi
  16. vaheguroo ji ka khalsaa vaheguroo ji ki phateh keep up the kool work bhenji its realli good vaheguroo ji ka khalsaa vaheguroo ji ki phateh
  17. vaheguroo jee kaa khalsaa vaheguroo jee kee fateih this gurdwara sahib is called Guru Nanak Gurdwara Bradford. i happened 2 be passing by and i saw some white people standing right under the NISHAAN SAHIB WITH BOTTLES OF BEER IN THEIR HANDS :umm: I told them how much disrespect was going on and eventually they left , then i saw punjabi people coming out ov the hall also drunk. shame on us !!! this hall was built with the gurdwara so it was actually the gurdwara building. i will email r4g and whoever has been 2 these weddings and functions , make sure u take action. bhul chuk muaaf d
  18. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh paji TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!! and who said rehit is hard to keep? guru ji says "rehit piaari mujh ko, sikh piaaree nehee" give ur head (dont think about takin it back) and please ur guru waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  19. waheguru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh if your in UK then you can buy it from http://www.dtfbooks.com :TH: waheguru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh
  20. i was listening on amritbani it was woooooooooooooooooooowwiil he come to southall? waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  21. wahwguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh are u talking about the one called wake up call in the album defenders of the faith ? go to ektaone ,click on audio, then shaheedi immortality 3 the on wake up call :TH:
  22. bhai sahib i think it available at most of the stores at baazaar mai sewan amritsar. i got mine from chatter singh jivan singh. :T:
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