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  1. Great post. Were it not for these beacons of light, the world would have fallen into ruin and utter chaos a long time ago. I give thanks to God for being merciful and sending these beacons of light into the world. May the True Khalsa, those who keep his light shining within and those pure of heart, be exalted.
  2. Everythings always in Perfect balance- God is All knowing so prophets going astray was no accident. Everything is karam and hukam- All happens as its deserved according to our deeds. A part of having faith in God and Truth is accepting Hukam and that everything God does is out of love, no matter how illogical it may seem in a mans eyes- this path is about detaching from logic(Mind/5 thieves) and accepting hukam(out of love/the heart), for logic has no place in Truth. One may ask why the Gurus accepted and embraced shaheedi instead of avoiding it as they easily could have- and why God put them in a situation in which they were tortured and their families killed. Let go of your logic(head.mind) and just love Him(open your heart and love Him unconditionally as He does you).
  3. I love the One who Is My Heart and is everything and everyone else.
  4. ^^^ I pressed the "Like This" option on that, but a "Love This" option would have been more appropriate.
  5. Guru Arjan Dev Ji said this to Emporer Jahangir: 'Whatever money I have is for the poor, the friendless, and the stranger." Sakhis of Guru Angad Dev Ji say he distributed food to the poor just about daily. A sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji says his father gave him money to go and do business. But Guru Ji gave all the money to the poor and to saints. On arriving back home, when his father asked where the money he gave for business went, Guru Ji replied that he had done the True business. Guru Har Rai Ji was known for his community service and helping the poor. The Gurus messages were clear yet so few modern day sikhs pay heed. We serve the poor, helpless and downtrodden. Our Gurus helped people of different religions with money, food and to fight battles- they had no personal stake in any of it. Sikh sangat, let charities advertise on here, at least that has a chance of waking people up to the state of those who are hungry and dying around the world out of our own comfort zones. Wikipedia says there are over 25 Million Sikhs in the world today. If we gave 10% of our earnings or even less, if we actually lived as sikhs, how much of a difference could we make, how many lives could we save. Give money to Oxfam, to a charity- stop the selfishness, feed those who are starving and dying.
  6. We can only take the sacrifices of our shaheeds as lessons. They sacrificed everything for Truth, they wouldn't turn their backs on Truth for even a moment to accept islam, how beautiful. Their sacrifice was physical but it was soley to uphold their spirituality and faith, to unphold the glory of God. we can fight for truth in each moment of our lives, that is the aim of sikhi, to fight our theives day and night, not to let maya settle and delude us for a minute. We are spiritual warriors, we can fight for truth in each moment of our lives- that is the aim of sikhi, to fight our theives day and night- not to let maya settle and delude us for a minute. A physical sacrifice for us is a reflection of our love of glorifying Truth- The glory of truth and love of fighting the 5 theives with the sword of truth and humility on a spiritual level is reflected on a physical level. Noone need feel guilty as our faith increases and decreases according to hukam and to our deeds, however if one reads gurbani and fails to apply it, they are turning their backs on the Guru(Gurbani)- Glorifying truth is incomparably and indescribably blissful so its not like a chore, its a reward and a pleasure- it the most beautiful gift.
  7. " Wazir Khan tried to lure them to embrace Islam with promises of riches and honours, but they spurned the offer. He threatened them with death as an alternative to their accepting Islam, but they remained firm. They were great great spiritual warriors, young but Fearless and True. To choose a harsh death over turning your back on Truth is utterly indescribably Beautiful. This event also shows how a humans psychology can lower to become that of a heartless demon (Wazir Khan & Gangu).
  8. Has anyone spoken to the gurdwarras yet about this issue?: They need to build at least one homeless shelter and allow sikhs to spend the cold winter nights in their premises- and physically get sewadars to go out and invite the homeless people to come and get food etc. If they say they cant afford to feed them or any other rubbish, we should all get up and tell them that we will go without langar so that they can have it daily- They should speak of this issue in their speeches at wedding and in daily sangat. It's time the sangat stood up and started doing what the Gurus taught us by example. Afterall the actual Sikh is the servant of the helpless and needy- we live for seva of naam and the underdog.
  9. When you are absorbed in naam, you are embracing the whole universe- just saying a name doesnt help. Being absorbed in naam means attuning yourself to the all pervading balanced gyan of Truth, you are detaching yourself from pleasure and pain/hell and heaven/light and dark separately and embracing the whole/them as One- Ik- God is One- you are Embracing Him fully- in saying His naam, you are recognising Him and bringing his Truth forth. When this happens the light of Truth begins to shine, ghosts dont come near unless you are emitting an energy of fear. So become fearless and recognise Him to be everywhere and for all to be One- and let the light of Sat shine. Of course people can do black magic, but it cannot withstand truth- they are just god dressed up in the khel so recoginise them as Him and they wont bother you. Even without black magic, many spirits roam about in the Kalyug, becoming darker and turning into demons, following humans about and causing havoc etc. Just stay in truth, thats all He's asking us to do with every moment the kal hits us.
  10. We need to recognise who the spiritual sikhs actually are and not slander them so they actually have the backing to gain political power. At the moment there is a certian group which runs things of whom many of you are aware of. They've spread their power into the highest seats of every nation in the world- they would need to be toppled or severely damaged for our leader to be exalted into a high seat of political power or another 1984 would surely occur- Gandhi was their puppet.
  11. While there is space on the gurdwarra floor, there is 100% no reason these sikhs should be out on the street. It does not matter if people think they are ruining the look or experience of the gurdwarra. Would people prefer them sleeping out in the rain and the cold? The selfishness of sikhs these days absolutely astounds me. The Gurus preached selfless service to the downtrodden- the Gurdwarra committees should hang their heads in shame. What of all of the space in Havelock Rd gurdwarra? We have become no better than rich kings selfishly keeping our palaces while we look down on the beggars below and do nothing.
  12. The bhagat is outcast- they may mix with others, but they remain detached, they remain in the work of of silencing the mind 24/7- they are of the same as other bhagats for other bhagats also live to glorify the Truth. Yes standing up for yourself and speaking the truth is a great part of the path- teaching others to be better people is a great thing, but why not speak the actual Truth to them as per Gurbani, I.e Teach them more about slander and sin and how it is viewed in Gurbani etc- doesn't matter if they're white, black or red, Sat is the same for everyone, everywhere. Who cares what others think of you, Gurbani says to give The Guru our head and pay no attention to public opinion. Yes we laugh and joke around with others, but we remain detached in Truth whilst doing this and living natural life- we do not change our personality to please others, that is worship of others. This entire path is devotion to God, not to people living in their worldly knowledge(manmat). Everything we do is to please Him, to worship, exalt and glorify the Truth- not ourselves or others.
  13. ^^ yeh, it's crazy that as Sikhs we should All be able to live up to their examples and the examples of brahmgyanis who have embraced martyrdom, yet how many of us could really say that we can? The Guru is the teacher i.e Gurbani. If we do not apply the gyan we have read to our lives 100% straight after being taught it(or reading it) we are Beymukhs. Hence most of us on here are Beymukhs.
  14. Our Gurus did not believe in castes and segregation due to race. That should be good enough for you to see that if your parents don't agree to you marrying her on the basis of colour, they are *edited*. You either respect the Gurus and Gurmat or your parents manmat ideals. There is no in between. The Gurus died for their beliefs.
  15. In case u haven't already noticed, it is the outcasts that make it in far on the path. To step onto the path of Sat, is the first step we take on becoming the outcast that is the Bhagat- the further we go in bhagti, the more outcast we become. The people of demonic mindsets and false appeal may go crazy with our very presence(sensing the Truth/God energy)- they went so far as to torture the most beautiful Beings(gurus, brahmgyanis)- but no matter what happens, we do not deviate off the path, we remain calm and balanced and face our karmas in Truth as the Gurus and bhagats before us did. We remember this is just a khel, recognise the communication and lessons god is putting forward, detach and move on. Baba Nanak got called a madman, a fool, a demon he got slandered by his own family. The bhagats got called all kinds of things- slander is slander, it does not matter what is said- what you are going through is no different to what other bhagats have gone through and are currently going through. Think of your situation this way: In Sachkandh, slander is a great great crime. Gurbani speaks about the slanderer and the punishment of all slanderers(not just slanderers of saints but all people) so often, it is hard to count. Every single person who has laughed at you, judged you, thought badly of you in any way (unless you have committed a sin of some type for them to judge you in a negative manner), has acted in a way that makes them absolutely no different to a demon residing in hell. In the spiritual world, the slanderers face is blackened as described in Gubani. And I mean this literally, their astral bodies become black, they take your cr*p, (your misdeeds and bad karma etc) and it sticks to them, furthermore they give you their bhagti in more than 1 sense. They have a deep rooted mental illness that makes them act the way they do- their jealousy makes them slander you- there is so much happening in the spiritual realm when slander happens, they probably don't even realise they are out of control and what the consequences will be- that is why they're fools. Every single time you are slandered, you are being blessed beyond measure(and the best slanderers are the ones at home- or in your case, in halls ). So in your heart, bow at your slanderers feet, and thank them- and learn the lesson gods teaching you in the moments you are being slandered. To detach from all the sh*te, from the falsity of the khel. He is showing the filth of this age and the demonic mindsets that make Kalyug what it is. He is telling you to Leave(detach)- He cannot be more clear in His message- all the negtivity is just Him teaching you and telling you to detach. Attune yourself to His name which is the Truth(through naam simran). Live Nirvair- see all as One, He has no image, no form, He is the purest, most humble Nothingness- we are Him so we have the same attributes really- The images of these demons is false, the imagery you see all around you is false, the sounds, smells, things you can touch= False. Detach from the crap and apply this gyan always(remember it whilst attuning yourself to it/ Naam/Truth) and leave the bull behind. Whilst you walk among them and feel and hear their negativity, detach as the Gurus and Brahmgyanis did. One of our bhagats did not cry when some of his loved ones died, but cried when his greatest slanderer died- slanderers actually make this path easier- without dukhi unless we're in a higher level of bhagti, we do not usually turn to Him.
  16. Even if you feel better after a few days, the first step is to admit you messed up. Then you can either dwell on it and feel guilty about it, or you can detach from the memory of your mistake, and make sure as he*l you don't do it again and begin the great cleanup within. This is done through naam simran and slavery to God. Throughout all of the 14 realms, you are either a slave to maya or a slave to god. Being a slave to god means being a slave to the truth which is the true freedom. Naam is truth, it is His frequency- of his gyan which is balanced(beyond highs and lows, pleaure and pain)- that pervades the universe. His gyan is Gurbani, bani is guru and guru is bani, the God lives in the truth, he has become it- and we are told in gurbani to attune ouselves to Him(to His frequency) through naam simran. Naam simran when done with this gyan in mind and applied throughout your life cleans us up, silences the mind(and hence the 5 theives i.e Lust, anger, greed, envy, attachment and ego) and through it we begin our journey back to the truth which is our real selves- at the moment we;re just attached to a dream, bhagti detaches us to experience the reality that is Sat(Truth/God). The more you yearn for maya(illusion, everything and anything within the 5 senses including all images and people), the more you indulge in the thieves. When you realise and accept that God has no form, and we are God/truth, hence we are formless, you shed all of your preconditioned knowledge and walk His path blindly, surrendering yourself to his love/ accepting hukam. Living in naam and silencing the mind|(5 theives) is living in hukam.
  17. I just typed in a number on www.granth sahib.com and this is what came up. This is an example of the communication he uses. He is truly the Greatest of the Great. rwgu sUhI mhlw 5 Gru 1 Raag Soohee, Fifth Mehl, First House: raag soohee mehlaa 5 ghar 1 <> siqgur pRswid ] One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad. bwjIgir jYsy bwjI pweI ] The actor stages the play, baajeegar jaisay baajee paa-ee. nwnw rUp ByK idKlweI ] playing the many characters in different costumes; naanaa roop bhaykh dikhlaa-ee. sWgu auqwir QMim@E pwswrw ] but when the play ends, he takes off the costumes, saaNg utaar thamiHa-o paasaaraa. qb eyko eykMkwrw ]1] and then he is one, and only one. ||1|| tab ayko aykankaaraa. ||1|| kvn rUp idRsitE ibnswieE ] How many forms and images appeared and disappeared? kavan roop daristi-o binsaa-i-o. kqih gieE auhu kq qy AwieE ]1] rhwau ] Where have they gone? Where did they come from? ||1||Pause|| kateh ga-i-o uho kat tay aa-i-o. ||1|| rahaa-o. jl qy aUTih Aink qrMgw ] Countless waves rise up from the water. jal tay ootheh anik tarangaa. kink BUKn kIny bhu rMgw ] Jewels and ornaments of many different forms are fashioned from gold. kanik bhookhan keenay baho rangaa. bIju bIij dyiKE bhu prkwrw ] I have seen seeds of all kinds being planted beej beej daykhi-o baho parkaaraa. Pl pwky qy eykMkwrw ]2] - when the fruit ripens, the seeds appear in the same form as the original. ||2|| fal paakay tay aykankaaraa. ||2|| shs Gtw mih eyku Awkwsu ] The one sky is reflected in thousands of water jugs, sahas ghataa meh ayk aakaas. Gt PUty qy EhI pRgwsu ] but when the jugs are broken, only the sky remains. ghat footay tay ohee pargaas. Brm loB moh mwieAw ivkwr ] Doubt comes from greed, emotional attachment and the corruption of Maya. bharam lobh moh maa-i-aa vikaar. BRm CUty qy eykMkwr ]3] Freed from doubt, one realizes the One Lord alone. ||3|| bharam chhootay tay aykankaar. ||3||
  18. Lol, he communicates with us every second. The gurmukhs can read his line of communication because they recognsie Him to be every wehre, everyone, everything and every possible situation. Our whole life is just one big communication with god, the ones who recognise it walk the path without any hesitation or anything holding them back because even a slanderer is just Him teaching us lessons/ testing us to see if we can see Him or not- everything is His hukam because everything is Him.
  19. There are so many people out there who need a meal- who are starving beyond belief. Why not put them first and help them survive another day? It's weird because I was thinking yesterday that if self proclaimed sikhs got up and gave dasvandh or at least some money to the starving, many peoples lives could be saved. Our gurus fed the hungry and deprived, why not follow their example. The guru becomes the chela and the chela becomes the guru, unless we step up and follow their teachings and examples, this won't happen.
  20. If we all actually followed gurbani 100% and were clean and pure inside, we would all understand the hukam god is giving us every second and noone would be stressing about marriage! lol, God willing one day we would all put the gyan into practice 100% fearlessly without procrastinating and thinking now's not a convenient time- death could be seconds away for any one of us.
  21. The property is going to be given to another sibling? :stupidme:
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