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  1. Thought experiment time. Would you give up sikhi for Christianity or any other faith. I'll assume 'no'. So were these folks really 'sikh'? Or just born/married into a 'sikh' family etc? We need to move away from the 'numbers' thing to a 'quality' thing. These folks switching is also to a great extent our own fault. If you go to the Panjab you'll see the way so called 'sikh' treat fellow Sikhs or those they deem lower caste etc. I've found it disgusting and I don't blame those folks for taking up an 'offer' from missionaries who say they'll treat them as equals etc. It's not just the Christians who are easy to spot it all the quasi Baba sects around Punjab too that go these folks who'll potentially switch. Just look at some the 'baba' events on YouTube you'll see 10s of thousands in attendance. On the flip side you do have plenty of examples of folks switching to proper sikhi in the Panjab.
  2. Oopsie the leftie virtue signallers of America didn't want this mentioned ? https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1525769647185870850?s=20&t=Cgn6hbWeF9MmBmMVqSOWeQ https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/1525769647185870850?s=20&t=Cgn6hbWeF9MmBmMVqSOWeQ
  3. The problem of the world is not too many people (the world can comfortably accommodate 9bn people ). The problem is that of demographic..the western world is running out of young people. Jordan Peterson explains it in his talks. I used to be blah blah Muslims. But of late I've changed.. how many of them are 'muslims' that's hard to say..just as how many 'sikhs' are Sikh? But two things they are very strong on is 'education' (not just worldly education but Islamic school / Arabic teaching) and how they acknowledge each other (us 'sikhs' especially in the west have become weirdos who if they see another 'sikh'.get all weird and awkward) Instead of bitching about them..maybe look at what they do well..and how we can incorporate that into our community
  4. £1.20/1.30 for Youtube premium india ...or pay the price for youtube premium UK which is £11.99. Same music, same youtube... one is almost 10% the price
  5. Here's a thought experiment for you. Imagine you lived in Mughal times and they had their versions of the BBC, ofcom, sky news UK, CNN. Do you think their coverage of our Gurus would have made them out as the 'good guys'? Imagine it..what would the MNN (mughal news network) say about our Gurus and ancestors who stood up against the Mughal lies and tyranny? The majority of people would have been 'turned' against them. There is a system..and our values and traditions are not compatible with it. The likes of OFCOM are gatekeepers of the system. Unfortunately the type of presenter they have on ktv ain't skilled enough to realise this..something the likes of Bhai Jagraj Singh (BoS) was skilled at because he knew how the 'system' worked.
  6. Odd how the Islamic channels don't get cancelled..guess Muslims kick off..Sikhs just sign petitions and stuff like that
  7. If you don't want ads (forced on all content on YouTube now)..try the trick below for about £1.20 a month you can get YouTube premium (no ads, download videos, YouTube music etc). I've done this https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/youtube-premium-pre-paid-membership-for-ps134pm-using-india-vpn-3772066
  8. Actually good point the compression shorts might have become a 'crutch'. The likes of maradona and Pele didn't use them
  9. Nah it's a serious question.. the 5k's can't leave our bodies at anytime. But just wondered to ask on here. I'm not talking about full length compression leggings just the shorts. Yes, I know it might sound silly , but worth asking. Similar situation to any Sikhs who might take cycling seriously and wear those compression cycle shorts
  10. So, I'm gonna take up footy again soon. Under Kachera can I wear compression shorts (help with the hamstrings) or wear over the keshera (whereby they'll be less effective). Views please.
  11. So the BBC, CNN, Western politicians, western elites, western celebs, western media are telling you the truth suddenly. By all means wave you virtue signalling Ukraine flags as support this lot Ah but Zelensky and his oligarchs are good folks, who aren't scamming the ukrainian people. https://www.axios.com/pandora-papers-politicians-countries-d8ca46fc-8422-4d39-b354-aa1de2a24a9f.html Oh there definitely weren't any USA funded bio labs in Ukraine, right on Russia's border in contravention of many treaties. But yes, the usual suspects are now telling you the truth, just as they did over the last 2 yrs over Rona.
  12. Folks need to wake up to two things..there are 'faces' (Politicians, the folks you see etc) and the 'system'. How many elections have their been since independence? It's double digits..is punjab any better? Imagine, being so thick that time after time stuff still gets more ?, but the next election 'face' says they'll make it Rosey..but then at the next election after that the 'new' face says they'll make it Rosey because the last lot failed...then rinse and repeat. The 'system' is broken. It will only change when the people change. You don't need a leader or politician to change it .as they are of the embedded system. As Guru no says 'some are near and some are far' from the truth. If more people get closer to the truth the system will change...but only then.
  13. So lets believe the western mainstream media..they always tell the truth. So do you back the AZOV? Did you know about Zelensky milking the Ukrainian people to fill up his off shore accounts? Its very odd how the non western world is backing Russia. Oopsie https://www.axios.com/pandora-papers-politicians-countries-d8ca46fc-8422-4d39-b354-aa1de2a24a9f.html
  14. I'm finding the opposite to be true. Blokes (and women) in their 20s,30, 40s deciding to keep their kesh. More and more folks are feeling empty from the whole 'career' thing and selling out to make it. Once, they are true to themselves the work colleagues etc, actually rate them higher, because they have the 'balls' to be true to themselves. Its a proven fact that 'promotions' etc, don't go to the most capable person. Its down to things like 'confidence', what bigger show of confidence in yourself is there than to keep your kesh when everyone is doing the easy thing by 'fitting in'?
  15. good luck with your journey, and remember its just that 'a journey'. Some stuff you'll like at different stages of it, the more in tune you become with your body, the more you'll understand what it needs, and then you'll provide that. Unfortunately, things these days aren't as black and white (as they were in the Guru's days) when food was organic and grown with love and compassion.
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