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  1. If you want to take it, take it. If you don't want it cool. But if you think the government (and its chosen 'experts') have your best interests at heart...then definitely take it as the 'system' cares for you. It cares so much that it is 'censoring' any other voices , punishing 'experts' who don't agree, paying folks to push the narrative, paying bonuses to those administering the shots, giving millions to those 'testing' (so no incentive to reduce numbers) etc. What could go wrong with governments and their 'experts'...20 yrs ago they said go to Afghanistan, .. then to do a war in Iraq b
  2. Why has Jihad failed in Israel? You have two groups in Islam (sunni & shia). The Palestinians are largely Shia (Iran being the centre of that), hence a lot of talk about them but not much action by the likes of Saudi, UAE etc. The Taliban are basically <Edited> Sunni nutjobs. Israel is tight with the funders of Sunni Jihadis (Saudi ..and indirectly the USA). The bulk of Muslims are Sunni, hence they target those who will further the Sunni side (Iran, Syria, Iraq , Iran Proxies). The other places are of no interest to Sunni's (such as China and Myanmar). I remember once readin
  3. Wars are a massive money transfer mechanism..money goes from the taxpayer (or/and government borrowing) to 'elites'. But there is no way the USA could have wiped out the taliban, simply because of the concept of Jihad. The <Edited> islamists have an almost never ending supply of 'bodies' to use. Just look at it now, the USA and its allies have their prime target (Iran) surrounded to the East now by the Taliban who have been conveniently equipped with the latest war gear, thanks to the quick withdrawl. They did the same in Iraq when all those modern US weapons got into the h
  4. The important word you put there is 'committed'. For western soldiers (and most countries). Being a soldier is a job. With the carrot of getting out at the end. Despite all the bravado, the mind is still the most important weapon and if you have soldiers and a heirachy above them who wouldn't die for the 'cause' then they will lose in protracted conflicts. Why have the Sikh's got shafted so much? Because we have been over generations turned into ' a rse kissers' who do petitions at most and worry more about keeping up with the Jones & Patels.
  5. It's quite simple why the Taliban types win wars. Soldiers in conventional armies/forces don't want to die. They serve for their pay and pension. Their whole set up is for safety and zero casualties. The Taliban WANT to die, they have an unlimited supply of fighters (if western forces get a few casualties their recruitment numbers nose dive), their pension is the afterlife. The fact that the Taliban have outlasted the combined forces of the west for 20yrs tells you how much of a 'house of cards' the west's military might is. The USA alone is the most 'powerful' military force ever
  6. What crazy events? I'd rather live in this time than the past. Ever seen the weapons people used to fight wars with? Is your home at risk of being burnt to the ground, by the tribe next door? Hows your long walk to a well to go get water? Where's your next meal coming form ? Suffered any droughts lately that killed family members or your food sources? As for the Rona...did you hide after the financial crash of 07/8 because in the years after that the death rate globally was higher than it is was over the past 2 yrs. Go check statistica the stats website. If you and your social circles di
  7. People need to chill. The weather has never been 'normal'.. the climate does 'change' and I agree that humans have very little impact on it. The biggest factor is the sun's own cycles which affect the global weather patterns. The whole carbon scare stuff is nonsense...what they don't tell you is that the world has seen 'green matter' increase (plants grow by converting co2 to oxygen ). A big difference is that folks live longer now...so notice the changes more over time, plus there are incentives now to make things into 'crisis' events
  8. 2.3m.... white collar criminals would laugh at those small amounts. Bigger crime goes on in glass buildings than the back streets of Canada.
  9. How do you know they had it? The test is incredibly inaccurate and the symptoms are very broad (similar to a very bad flu)... Factor in that the flu and other coronaviruses at 40 plus cycles of amplification look can give positive results in the PCR. But..and this is the big one for me. Do you know that before transplant surgery the docs give patients stress hormones (like cortisol ) to highly surpress the immune system (so that the transplant isnt rejected ). Now imagine 2 scenarios 1) you get ill and they tell you it's a bad flu ...a very strong strain..do you go into deep stress
  10. Whats new? the same british forces trained up ISIS (ahem 'the rebels' until they turn on their masters and then they become 'terrorists) in Syria and Iraq. They trained the Taliban in the Soviet days... The UK is selling weapons that are killing Yemeni's at the moment via the Saudi's military ops. I knew Indian Military folks and they'd come to the UK to train all the time (mainly airforce) in the 80s/90s. The army types went to places like Sandhurst.
  11. Not related to gurbani (directly)..but read (you can get free samples on kindle) of Dr Gabor Mate's books on addiction. You are engaging in actions like 'graphy because you are 'not happy', deep inside you there is something lacking, that the dopamine hits of 'graphy are temporarily masking/filling. Then look at the work of Eckhart Tolle (the power of now, a new earth etc). ... addiction is related to your 'ego' , you need to see the ego for what it is. Its you ego that goes to things like graphy to feed itself, then give you a brief rest, until it gets hungry again.
  12. What's a covid death? A broad range of 'symptoms' which could relate to anything and/or a flakey test that they won't tell you how many PCR cycles they use and/or a system that is designed to increase 'cases' and not decrease them.... a system that has benefited while the plebs didnt? Before last March if you went to the docs or your boss and said I've got the flu, cold (both coronaviruses) without symptoms they'd tell you to do one.. If it looks like a fiddle, smells like a fiddle...then its obviously true because those who are known for lying (the media, big pharma, politicians, paid for sci
  13. Its quite a simple scam. They increase testing when they roll out the jabs...the false postives are then used to 'mask' the jab deaths. Go ahead try an find out the PCR cycle count for the tests (if its above 25 its a pointless test). In the Uk for example in Dec 2020 the tests went from a daily 300k to almost 1m a day. Even if 1% of 1m tests are false positives (a serious under-estimate) then that 10,000 'cases' that aren't cases. Its a big fiddle.
  14. Why is a coronavirus (like flu, cold and c19) spreding in heat of 35c+? Its unheard of...why did the rona start spreading in India from Mid March? When it had been untouched pretty much before then? What happened mid march? Apart from India rolling out its domestic version of the jab, and then using the international ones? How many of the 'dead' were jabbed? The side effects in the short term resemble 'flu' like symptoms. They also started jabbing the old and vulnerable first. Go look at the multiple graphs that show the 'cases' going up after jab roll outs in countries around the world (
  15. I find this Israel thing bonkers. If you look at the texts of Orthodox Jews, they clearly state that the 'Messiah' will lead the chosen folks (jews) to the promised land (Israel). Thats why so many orthodox jews oppose Israel, as it is a Zionist (A man made political philosophy) creation. Thats why you can have Christian, Athiest, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish Zionists. Jews are only Jewish if they convert or their mother was a jew. As for the argument that Hamas fires hundreds of rockets at Israel is a load of cobblers. The rockets that Hamas uses are easily intercepted by Israel's air defence
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