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  1. I quite like the ideas around a holographic universe / some type of simulation . Ever seen a hologram? It is flat to you... But it looks 3d (if you were in the hologram you'd adamantly say it's 3d, and all your science/evidence within the hologram would be 'of the' hologram so confirm it..but to the external observer it is 2d) Same with simulations when you play things like GTA ..to the character you control that world seems real and 3d..but to you it's a 2d screen (flat). The flat earth thing to me is a matter of perspective. Is your consciousness/observer/ witness 2d, 3d or beyond that?
  2. There is plenty of 'unfarmable' land around the Punjab (thanks to over farming, chems etc)..why not just build wind farms on that land? That feeds into the 'grid' (which you get money for) instead of ruining the aesthetics of the gurdwara complexes ...
  3. Do you know how much protection the likes of ol' big ears have around them? To be chums with them it's like getting into fort Knox. Same goes for top politicians ...to be in any of their circles you are carefully vetted by various agencies, and those dossiers are given to the said VIPs. All the rumours etc are available to them. When the said VIPs claim they didn't know anything about their dodgy habits that's utter bs. Everytime a prime minster selects a minister or someone for a job the Intel services give him/her a breakdown on all the secret stuff know about them .
  4. If you have kids , a good practice is to go to sleep quite soon after they go to bed. To wake up early, you need to go to bed early. When you are getting kids ready for bed, you are kind of getting that 'time for bed' soon vibe in the house anyway. Everyone I know who keeps amritvela goes to sleep early.
  5. Odd that... Gurdwara committees love getting a 'building fund' going ,,
  6. If someone shares articles with you from 'the guardian' and gets their world view from that rag...do yourself a favour and avoid them. The guardian is a vile hate rag, which works on division and victimhood. At least rags like the daily mail are obvious in their narratives, the guardian (and CNN) try to hide their narratives with piousness
  7. I'd Agreed, the weed in Punjab is pretty much organic (grows where farmers etc don't apply their Chems)..it's a literal 'weed' that is indigenous to the area for 1000s of years unlike the commercial (illegal or legal) weed we get in the west that is 'farmed' just like any other cash crop
  8. This is quite an amusing topic. If you go to the pind areas in Punjab cannabis is evrerywhere (you can literally smell it in the air). It literally grows like a 'weed' everywhere. I asked many cousins etc why they drink and do the other drugs like pills which they have to pay for, and they couldn't answer me, when free were is everywhere. Imagine if weed grew everywhere in the UK...booze sales would collapse. Imagine if there was a plant everywhere that produced whisky bottles or pills the locals in Panjab would be all over it. It's a mystery but kind of confirms my belief that the stupidity o
  9. Always be wary of Sikhs who take honours like obe's etc. They bang on about racism , inclusion and all that jazz...but it's just to elevate their egos, climb the ladders and they can't run quick enough to Buckingham palace to get 'empire' added to their name and kneel before the establishment that spread that empire around the world . I find it disgusting...as Sikhs we only bow/kneel before one thing ...we are actually not allowed to bow before other false kings/queen's . Here's a solid bloke Benjamin Zephaniah, who makes this point about obe's better than I ever could . If it looks like a sp
  10. It's a strange world ..I remember many moons ago at college and uni the Hindus would always hang around with us Sikhs...they'd come to us for help if they had Pak problems... But as with human nature once they get a bit of 'influence' they think they can do without us. It's funny because we always saw ourselves as lions..but we privately conceded that a lion can be taken down by millions of ants (our situation in India)
  11. What I'm getting at is that our goal should always be to sort our own house out first and foremost. If that is done, then no external force can win. The BJP/RSS did that decades ago and to some extent they have created their 'raj' now . They've even got their little puppets planted all over the world in other countries (notably the USA and UK).
  12. Her book is really good ..mantra art it is called . Bought one for the wife a while back
  13. I'm going to try and be impartial here. Did the RSS/BJP force Sikhs to turn to liquer, cut their hair etc? Up until the 90s they (the RSS and BJP) were under pressure by the Congress/centrists, who ran things. The Congress tried to attack them too. But unlike us, they maintained their unity and played the long game. I think if we had more unity and learnt from past mistakes we would be a more formidable force. They are nationalists ...we are nationalists...they are united ..we are not
  14. Yep, always found it odd how the representations of our gurus always had fair skin and 'unwrinkled' completions . They all had tough lives, travelled far and wide, spent most of their time outside...they would look more like the nihangs you see near anandpur sahib.
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