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  1. imhosingh

    Muslim impotence

    Lets be honest if some whacko sect came up with the practice of 'circumcision' today as a new practice it would be labelled child mutilation and abuse. If a religion can brainwash parents into allowing their child to be abused in such a way imagine what other wacko stuff they can also get away with, further down the line. There are certain Jewish sects where the priest takes the skin off with the mouth, now if that was done in any other circumstance it would be straight to jail. Dave ickes explainations on the origins of the practice are enlightening if you can stomach it
  2. Is this bloke still being chased by the German government for vat fraud and other countries chasing him for other irregularities? Just goo gle his name with Germany appended. Funny how all this use of trusts happened after the issues. Clever way to protect wealth the use of trusts
  3. imhosingh

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Hardly see how eating meat from the UK funds jihad if it's non halal (like your regular UK meat in the supermarkets). Also doubt any of Kellogg's profits go to fund jihad unless the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi or uae have stakes in it. After all the biggest chicken processor in the UK is owned by a Punjabi (Sikh heritage ) bloke from the midland (3 sisters )
  4. imhosingh

    Defending the non muslim world

    Which Muslims you talking about ? Sunni or Shia? Before the recent grief countries like Syria, Iraq and Iran have been fine with minorities (Shia majority countries). It's the Sunni ones you seem to be highlighting as troublesome . I've known plenty of shia's over the years from places like Iran and they ain't nutty . All the nutty stuff emanates from the Wahhabist nutjobs who are bankrolled by the Sunni countries like Saudi
  5. imhosingh

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Sprinkle some bacon on the special k, that should negate the halal in it . In the context of veggie halal stuff that certification just means it's free of things like alcohol (in ingredients or processing ), glyerine, additives that might of been extracted from animals (i.e colouring from beetles). However there is plenty of hidden halal out there , such as New Zealand lamb which is all halal (British lamb isn't ), as is cheap chicken used in processed foods , which comes from places like Thailand which is all halal for export .
  6. imhosingh

    Indians worship bin

    Sorry my bad. Educated Sikhs go to the gurdwara to give 'change' (haven't you ever heard people or yourselves ,at the gurdwara entrance asking each other if you've got 'change') and then ask maharaj for a flashy car, promotions , bigger houses , more money etc in return ? Mocking people for worshipping a kangeroo is a bit rich when we have our own follies
  7. imhosingh

    Indians worship bin

    I see plenty of 'educated' 'sikhs' worshipping mercedes, BMW, and Audi. Is that different to a kangaroo?
  8. imhosingh

    Women dressing more provocatively

    I see plenty of men in tight t shirts, showing off their dhid (belly), wearing jeans that are too tight for their backsides, revealing a bit too much. Do you think that also distracts women? Ah let's not mention the guys wearing tight tops to show off their 'guns'.
  9. imhosingh

    Michael J

    What you mean 'miranda' Blair (Anthony lynton)? Google away, they are all sickos who get their fellow sicko mates jobs . The Blair stuff is no falsey either read what Clarissa Dickson Wright said about him (she was an ex barrister / TV chef) who worked with him .
  10. imhosingh

    Where were the white males?

    If you look at all the stories and backgrounds , the police and social services 'marked' those who try to raise concerns or interrupt the pedos. The pedos as they were mainly family related or clan related also used their vote blocks (councillors and local politicians many of whom were also involved ) to get the authorities to target any whistleblowers or disruptors. Basically it was and still is a sick situation . Watch the Sikh youth UK vids on how the police would arrest those trying to stop the pedos and not the culprits
  11. imhosingh

    Skinny Sikhs

    What a load of tosh. Saying skinny = weak reeks of small man syndrome. Look at Bruce Lee ...he was a scrawny little bloke, was he tough? Look at most soldiers (even the singhs of ww1 and ww2 )they are skinny /lean as it is the ideal for endurance . No you telling me the gym monkeys of today with their protein shakes are stronger than those guys? Go over to the Panjab and test your strength against the blokes who work in the fields all day..see how strong you are. Society had conditioned you into thinking muscles = strength, if that was the case the blokes on abercrombie adverts would be some of the toughest guys going
  12. If both parties want to be married as per sikh tradition, will both parties also have funerals as per sikh tradition? Why does 'marriage' always bring out this topic?
  13. imhosingh

    if juggy johal was white

    You seem to forget that juggy is Scottish. The British government is very English centric in their approach . Plus, there appears to be complicity between the UK and India re. Juggy , whereas the gora is was not arrested due to collusion between the UK and uae authorities. (Indeed he might have been doing work for the UK authorities I).There is also a lot of 'heat' on the regimes in the gulf after the khassogi murder. A simple statement like if he was white wouldn't necessarily help him. If he was some chav white bloke from some northern town, do you think the government would help? You have to be of the right 'class' and 'type' to get privileges
  14. imhosingh

    UK Pakistani demographics

    What happened during partition? Rape was used as a 'weapon', especially on the Muslim side (yep I said it). Now do you think the people who did that would let that mentality suddenly disappear after partition? Those folks who perpetrated those crimes would be the 'elders' of today, passing on retarded attitudes like that in societies/communities that didn't aggressively counter them. Look at the perpetrators of grooming gangs, they are generally from similar small clan groups with weird attitudes to things like 1st cousin marriage (indeed most are the outcome of such practices). They live in insular bubbles where to be honest their best hope of doing something with their lives is criminality or taxi driving (or mixing the two).
  15. imhosingh

    Lions of the Great War Statue

    Not all the sikh military 'class' in those days fought for the 'Allied' forces. Google away on Chandra Bose's INA and people like Mohan Singh's involvement. Plenty of Sikhs sided with the Japanese in their battles in Asia. If you go to India, the 'indians' who fought for the British are kept quiet whereas the ones who alligned themselves with groups like the INA are celebrated to this day. Chandra Bose even has an airport named after him.

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