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  1. This is just like the stuff from 'the secret'. However those as stated come from a perspective of making money ..and therefore that's the reality they feed. A wonderful anology that someone mentioned was that we are all like children ...if you give a child everything they want they will screw themselves up (i.e. drinking Coke with every meal etc). When we ask for 'things' it comes from the 'me' and that never ends well, that's why surrendering to hukum is so important
  2. imhosingh


    When you are happy or laughing do you go asking for help? After all you are in those 'emotional states' temporarily before you are in another temporary state. They are caused by specific inputs (i.e a joke) that your 'wiring' interprets and responds to with an action like laughing, endorphin release etc. The same goes with 'anxiety' it's a product of your 'wiring' (or ego if you want to give a specific name, that voice inside your head, the me), and how it responds to stimuli / inputs. Does your eternal 'awareness' that observes the voice in your head suffer with anxiety, stress, laughter, joy etc? Nah. That was the way this fool dealt with emotions it didn't like. I (in a loose sense) just started to observe the emotions as a temporary thing that come and go, and if they deep down didn't make me better were just not welcome anymore in taking up my awareness. That voice in your head is not you. Read some Elkhart Tolle to understand a bit about that disfucntional voice in your head
  3. How many 'converts' have you met over the years ? The ones I have met have have been no major loss..they usually are nut jobs with major issues. They are usually nutty from their upbringing (so it's their original community at fault for getting them to that nutty point) or they were just nutty (genetically). When they convert they switch that nuttiness to their new beliefs
  4. You have to be careful about the narrative and the solutions being given.
  5. Ah come on when has Gurdas Mann ever been taken seriously? He's a singer, what makes his voice any more important than the next person. If he was mr know it all, he'd be a full time Sufi (including the chop chop), taken Amrit or shaved his head in some ashram. He's just another 'pundit lite' who offers his listeners a buffet of philosophy and beliefs, while deep down he just likes the sound of his own voice. I've seen many on TV over the year who inbetween talking about their new album, song or movie who drone on about their 'deep' insights into humanity. Dude is a 'douche' a 'shill'
  6. Karma is a balancing force apparently. If that is true then humanity (Punjabis in particular ) are due a glut of female babies due to the millions that have been 'selectively' aborted or killed over the years.
  7. Lets be honest if some whacko sect came up with the practice of 'circumcision' today as a new practice it would be labelled child mutilation and abuse. If a religion can brainwash parents into allowing their child to be abused in such a way imagine what other wacko stuff they can also get away with, further down the line. There are certain Jewish sects where the priest takes the skin off with the mouth, now if that was done in any other circumstance it would be straight to jail. Dave ickes explainations on the origins of the practice are enlightening if you can stomach it
  8. Is this bloke still being chased by the German government for vat fraud and other countries chasing him for other irregularities? Just goo gle his name with Germany appended. Funny how all this use of trusts happened after the issues. Clever way to protect wealth the use of trusts
  9. Hardly see how eating meat from the UK funds jihad if it's non halal (like your regular UK meat in the supermarkets). Also doubt any of Kellogg's profits go to fund jihad unless the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi or uae have stakes in it. After all the biggest chicken processor in the UK is owned by a Punjabi (Sikh heritage ) bloke from the midland (3 sisters )
  10. Which Muslims you talking about ? Sunni or Shia? Before the recent grief countries like Syria, Iraq and Iran have been fine with minorities (Shia majority countries). It's the Sunni ones you seem to be highlighting as troublesome . I've known plenty of shia's over the years from places like Iran and they ain't nutty . All the nutty stuff emanates from the Wahhabist nutjobs who are bankrolled by the Sunni countries like Saudi
  11. Sprinkle some bacon on the special k, that should negate the halal in it . In the context of veggie halal stuff that certification just means it's free of things like alcohol (in ingredients or processing ), glyerine, additives that might of been extracted from animals (i.e colouring from beetles). However there is plenty of hidden halal out there , such as New Zealand lamb which is all halal (British lamb isn't ), as is cheap chicken used in processed foods , which comes from places like Thailand which is all halal for export .
  12. Sorry my bad. Educated Sikhs go to the gurdwara to give 'change' (haven't you ever heard people or yourselves ,at the gurdwara entrance asking each other if you've got 'change') and then ask maharaj for a flashy car, promotions , bigger houses , more money etc in return ? Mocking people for worshipping a kangeroo is a bit rich when we have our own follies
  13. I see plenty of 'educated' 'sikhs' worshipping mercedes, BMW, and Audi. Is that different to a kangaroo?
  14. I see plenty of men in tight t shirts, showing off their dhid (belly), wearing jeans that are too tight for their backsides, revealing a bit too much. Do you think that also distracts women? Ah let's not mention the guys wearing tight tops to show off their 'guns'.
  15. What you mean 'miranda' Blair (Anthony lynton)? Google away, they are all sickos who get their fellow sicko mates jobs . The Blair stuff is no falsey either read what Clarissa Dickson Wright said about him (she was an ex barrister / TV chef) who worked with him .
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