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  1. With Google devices this is very easy to do. You can then 'group' speakers and Chromecast dongles (to play through TVs ). You create these groups in the Google home app (i.e whole house group, downstairs group, upstairs group) You can then either play radio via tunein (sikhnet akand path, harimandir sahib, Simran ..akj radio etc ) to those speaker groups. Or you can upload your own mp3's to Google play music and play those mp3's through the the speaker groups. (Create playlists i.e. Simran, Katha, nightime etc) If you are familiar with the Google set up you can do as I do and create mp3 playlists that play at certain times i.e. morning path playlist to play at 4am everyday on 'downstairs' group. Or if you have an old phone or tablet you can load your mp3's on that and leave it playing all day on airplane mode, or you can stream through it if you connect to wifi and use tunein, SoundCloud or sikhnet gurbani media centre Hope this helps. Wjkk wjkf
  2. imhosingh


    For years I've been getting ex corporate Lenovo ThinkPads with Lenovo warranty (business level) still remaining on them..can be 2yrs+. You'll never get a better more solid lappy. The keyboards are the best too and the Matt screens work best in indoor and outdoor light. If anything goes wrong once the warranty is over they are so easy to fix yourself. Spill proof keyboards too. You can get a great one for under 500 on eBay . Ex corporate machines are looked after, spend most of their work life sitting in docking stations doing spreadsheets (nothing strenuous). When you consider that new you don't get them under a grand...and are trusted by most it departments ...if it's a non gaming / non graphics/video lappy you want then Lenovo ThinkPads are awesome.
  3. Sikh helpline or sikh recovery network would be good places to start. However, there are no quick fixes, and an important thing to delve into would be why the son became a user of drugs in the first place and continues to do so. Unless those things are also addressed then substance abusers tend to go back to drugs once they have done rehab (once heard someone say that happy people who are at peace with themselves don't need drugs).
  4. If you look at the amount of food produced in the world there is plenty for everyone. So you could say that God provides plenty for all...it is the humans who create economic systems that mean some people don't get food.
  5. we need to stop blokes wearing tight stuff too and to dress in a dignified way. Its been my sad experience many times in the Gurdwara to be 'presented' with the backside 'crack' of the bloke sitting in front of me. You know what I'm talking about
  6. go halfway into the vid (or watch all of it, which is even better). Bhai Raghbir Singh talks about it.
  7. Isn't the real question, why do we laud someone just because they accumulated 'maya'? So many traditions including sikhi have stories of how it is false to worship people based on what they have as opposed to the content/actions of their minds. In a fake world, why should we make out that the 'fakest' people are the ones to praise/listen to? I've come across many like this guy, and while sycophants may laud them to feed their ego, they are generally quite dull folks, who in private are very lonely/miserable.
  8. Why are the mosques there? Why are the halal places there? Mainly its to serve the migrant workers (who then settle, like all migrant communities do). I've been going to India since the 80s and i've noticed the increase over that time, but I've also noticed how the young panjabi's are leaving the Punjab in droves or are too drugged up to work in the fields (or see it as work beneath them). So you have farms without a workforce (so the bihari's etc come in to work the fields). On the flip side you have NRI's who are buying up land and property pushing up prices (forcing more young people to leave, in order to earn more money just to keep up). So much of the problem is of our own making. This is just another reflection of our failure as a community (such as the in roads of Christian missionaries, converting low caste punajbis because for decades the apparently 'anti-caste' sikhs looked down on them and treated them like tuttie).
  9. The big problem with these 'academies' is that they are not-for-profit charities, but that doesn't mean the 'people' involved aren't rewarded very well. The management teams, get paid really well with little accountability + they get access to the local politicians etc. Then of course they decide how school funds are spent, which easily run into millions of pounds ( maintenance, building works, consultants, etc) . Just as many charities are 'dodgy' the same goes for many of these 'academies'
  10. Why start on 'god'? First question is can you prove 'you' exist? Who are 'you'? Is there some special 'me' inside that someone can prove exists? Its quite a good trick to do on the 'ego'. Do a meditation to find the unique 'you' inside, that special defined 'you'. try it, but it is a head messer up thing to try. When you find 'you' then take a look for proof of 'god'. On a side note, folks (joe rogan etc) have tried to get famous atheists like Richard Dawkins to try DMT, yet to this day he has refused (apparently its a short cut to experience 'god').
  11. I go regularly to panjab and since the 80s the number of Muslims has increased, mainly due to migrant labour filling the vacuum of young panabis who have gone abroad or spend all day on drugs. My foofar once explained it elequently to me.. " you get 5, then they have 5 children, then they have 5 children and so on " that's panjab now. Never know in 20yrs there might be calls for unification with Pakistan Panjab by Muslim dominated Indian Panjab .
  12. Obviously you ain't been to the panjab lately. The biggest growing demographic in Panjab is the Muslims. I've been going since the 80s and the number of green flags going up has increased rapidly. All those Punjabi youth who left for other countries have been replaced with migrant workers who are now settling in the panjab
  13. Look at this way. India in 2020 on track for its usual GDP of $3tn with from a population of over 1bn people. Pakistan has a GDP of $290bn (so India has a 10x bigger economy ) with a 1/5 of india's population. Which major countries in the world would side with a Pakistan over India ? None. Even China would choose India because it is a major market for their goods. Pakistan is stuck in a rut because it can't afford an arms race with its neighbour that has 10x as much money. Even the nuke thing is nonsense as no country would use them (especially against a neighbour that is so vast ). Pakistan is just a useful enemy to India as it provides a reason for being for their military spending
  14. China's GDP is 13tn...(with 1.4bn people). The USA has about 21tn GDP with 25% of China's population) add in the 500m of Europe with a similar 21tn odd GDP. China currently therefore has a quarter of the GDP of the white west with more people. If you look at the military power of the USA alone Vs China ... The USA beats the top 10 powers combined pretty much . If China has a recession with only 13tn how will it keep 1.4bn happy / not causing trouble ? The USA has survived numerous recessions over the past 150yrs and still been the dominant power. What they say about China now..they said about Japan in the 1980s. For China to equal the USA's financial power they would need a GDP of $80tn to equal the per capita stats of the USA
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