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  1. Doesn't really fit the classical model of a vaccine...looks more like a treatment to stop the symptoms . Apparently even with the jab you can still pass it on. So a 'treatment' which messes around with DNA was fast tracked without widespread testing and the tests that were done (phase 1 and 2) were on healthy pre screened people (so basically the type of folks that don't get il from the Rona, and would pass tests). If it looks like gene therapy, acts like gene therapy then it most probably isn't gene therapy and should not be tested rigorously like gene therapies. Personally not fussed if I die a bit quicker taking it I'll be out of this kal jug , unless karma brings me back into this pile of poopie (ah damn you karma ). I watched something on the kissan rallies and one of the speakers said something very profound (re. Modi and co)..politicians and those in power are known for lying, deceit , dodgy dealings...so what makes you think they are suddenly telling you the truth now ? The question is do you believe / trust those in power or not? It's a personal choice
  2. Seems like 'such' is being attacked and taken down on many fronts around the world.
  3. Check out robert f Kennedy jnrs take on vaccines. The problem is that he comes from a powerful political family, is not right wing in the slightest (he's a prominent environmentalist) and a lawyer. Despite this he has highlighted the issue with vaccines and how they aren't tested properly (they are unique in that the safety studies are designed so they pass, not fail and the Pharma firms are immune from prosecution). The biggest fallacy is when people talk about polio and smallpox being eradicated thanks to 'vaccines'..despite the fact they were in decline before the vaccines, as they were diseases of absolute poverty (today's poverty is nothing like that form 60yrs+ ago). You might as well credit things like 'refrigeration' for polio and smallpox disappearing because they enabled food to keep for longer and hence absolute hunger was confined to very few people. It's why you don't see disease like scurvy anymore
  4. Where's the gamble if you don't need a jab which hasn't been tested properly? i.e stringent phase 3 trials (that phase is being done in the general public). If you are healthy and not in a at risk group (based on vit d levels and life limiting pre existing conditions) why do you need a jab to protect you against something that the majority of people don't even know they've had? You are actually increasing you risk of bad health by taking something that is not tested long term. As for relying on what doctors / nurses you know say is nonsense. If you go back a few years they would all tell you not to eat butter and eat margarine, full of trans fats that are downright dangerous for the heart ( and you know who funded those studies that said margarine was better? It was the veg oil industry).. doctors just repeat what the consensus is (who shapes the consensus it's the ones who fund and control the studies ). Personally the docs I know just repeat what they are told...they don't question it. Another good example is statins...ask most docs and they will say people don't get side effects (what they are told to say)...yet in private they tell you they do see patients with side effects. Medicine (healthcare not trauma care, which is reliable and clear on its data on outcomes) is not like engineering or black and white science...it is open to manipulation, consensus amplification and worse. Go read Dr Malcolm Kendrick's books ok cholesterol and medical statistics and how it is manipulated
  5. Watch / read what Robert f Kennedy jnr (JFK's son) says on the matter and the way such things pass regulators. It's truly shocking . Plus Most of them come from hen egg ..so don't know why the vegans big them up and they are tested on animals (mammals such as primates and rats)
  6. I'd flip whats being said. How do people describe going to gurdwara? Going for darshan of Maharaj etc. Then compare that with the attitude people would have if they were going to see the 'queen', a political leader...their company boss.. lots of chumchas if invited to Buckingham palace would dress up in their finest and abide by 'house rules'..yet when it comes to seeing our real king...it's another story. When Maharaj are talking (hukumnamas being read etc...the sangat is chatting etc). Would they do that if the queen was there talking to a group? Nah..they'd go full chumcha and nod with interest. Personally, I think it comes down to education do you see the SGGS as a 'book' or a living embodiment of our Guru ji?
  7. Personally I think Modi did gave up the Indian agri industry to the globalist groups in order to survive a few more months/years. With the likes of trump going , other 'nationalist' leaders are now in the scopes of those who want full globalism.
  8. I always found it strange how the kids who were 'pushed' hard to do well at school by parents and relatives from our community were the most 'mental' at uni once they escaped their parents and relatives . Personally I was never pushed , I studied as I liked it .so was quite boring at unis. But the gujjus, Punjabis and paks who would tell me stories of their upbringing were the ones who drank, did drugs , slept around etc... You should really look at the work of Dr Gabor mate ..and his work on childhood trauma and then you'll understand why our community is so messed up
  9. Check out these two videos...does this sound familiar, to what jamdhoots etc do? 30mins+ on the video below The DMT and similar things are already in your brain and are activated are released at near death...but can also be released via meditation (or plant rituals) I find it quite interesting , especially the bit in the first video where you will experience the pain you caused others...and the inference that it is all one...we are all one..so harming another is just harming yourself. There is no escaping your actions
  10. What isn't over celebrated these days so that I looks like you have an amazing life on social media? In a way was glad the gurdwara was restricted this year so that it was about going to the gurdwara and having darshan..as opposed to watching people budge each other out of the way to light candles while sucking their faces in while doing vacuous selfies.
  11. You have to realise India is a big place with 1.3bn folks. The media and things like Bollywood are very Pervy these days, and they are all in a race to the bottom in terms of morality. Then you have the idea that being 'modern' means having western values (relationships etc)...and critically these days everyone has a smart phone and access to the internet...so for the first time millions have ready access to 'filth'. India is in trouble
  12. Dude you need help... I understand that you may be an 'adonis' but over the coming years your belly will come out, hair will come out of your nose and ears, hair will turn white, lines will form on your face, your skin will sag, your muscles (if you have any will waste away), you'll have aches and pains all over...yet you want your potential partner to go easy on the facial hair. Good luck with finding long term happiness with another person .
  13. Karma is a git. Bad/good is a perspective thing. We don't know what we got up to in the myriad of our past lives. The Jimmy saville example is a good one, his ego would have wanted a legacy where he was remembered falsely for his charity work etc (the front for his deeds)..but he has no legacy, his name is dirt and who knows the pains he'll get in the next life/lives. Just think of those rulers at the time out gurus...the deeds they ordered and committed...yet no-one remembers them, or praises them now do they? Plus they would have to make up for those in future lives. You can't escape karma, unless you transcend the cycle of birth/death. Saying people are 'innocent' etc...you don't know their past lives. Everyone thinks they don't deserve X,y,z..everyone thinks they are great and nice (the madness of ego) but are we? What did we do before and in previous lives? In a way it is a perfect system. Do you think our Gurus were forced to sit on hot plates, be beheaded and tortured? Or did they see the 'play' for what it is ..and accept it? Bhai Satpal Singh on Nanak Naam addresses this issues quite eloquently.
  14. I know as we live in the UK etc that we like to 'commemorate' the Sikhs who fought for the British. But personally I find it a bit iffy that we go on about that..while at the same time moaning about 'empire', what the Brits did to the Sikh empire etc...when in India the hero's of that time are folks like Mohan Singh , Chandra Bose who set up the Indian national army that fought against the British imperialist , with the aim of an independent india. Not all Sikhs supported the British against the Germans and japanese etc. Many enlisted for the brits because they paid well and ran India at the time..whereas the INA had recruits who joined on principle... In India those who fought for the British are not highly regarded...there are no statues for them . Read about Bose and the INA and you might be surprised
  15. If you look at most definitions of 'conspiracy'...in the realm of public office they revolve around concepts like "a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose " Now from studying politics for over 5yrs , we spend most of our time trying to work out why policy decisions were made. And you know what, its based on what we are told by the 'actors' involved (when do politicians tell the truth or not spin stuff) and studies of what happened. But guess what , there is a reason why people donate to politicians...and it's not benevolence...there is a reason why specific folks from a young age get progressed through the 'system' to get into specific jobs (they might look different but their mind and actions are of the system that produced them)...of course there is collusion, co ordination and agreements behind closed doors...but to make that open would collapse the 'system'. To the folks involved in the system it is a 'game', and they get off on you the pleb not knowing that. To say that there isn't 'agendas' is delusional. For example in most big mega businesses they have plans for 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25yrs (the long range stuff is worked on my the CEO, CFO and chairman level)...to think that governments and super national bodies like the world Bank don't have similar planning is unlikely .
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