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  1. "Italy, right now, has about 150,000 Sikhs. Having heard them often on the Sikh Channel my guess would be that most of them are from Doaba as that is the dialect you most hear from their mouths." West London Singh, what you say is in contrast to what you said in february 2012 "I've found the Italian sangat to be a very good mix of doaba, malwa and majha". Lol. It seems you've changed your opinion.
  2. Interesting info. I think UK is now considered a third or fourth option for this wanting to go foreign after US, Canada, possibly Australia
  3. It's a disgrace that the family has been so deceitful. Have you tried approaching the family directly? Maybe even getting a copy of the invite card and posting it up here? Who is your team (sorry if I don't know)?
  4. This is a very long video (nearly one and half hour). If you could explain briefly what exactly the video discusses, it would be helpful
  5. Why are Indians and Pakistanis not allowed to marry? Maybe they could marry abroad, thus helping our Pakistani Sihk brothers and sisters.
  6. Does anyone have an idea of approximately what the percentage of Doaba-Malwa-Majha population is in the UK? And the same regarding Italy, and US? I know there would be no official numbers, just estimates.
  7. Would it be possible for Akal Takht (or any Sikh organisation) to approach someone like KS Makhan, who became Amritdhari last year, and get him or other(s) singers to start a campaign against the gundh in the music songs/videos? Someone like KS Makhan or another singer(s) may be able to influence through words, their peers to persuade them not to make these songs/videos. However, I wouldn't be surprised if singers who have record/video contracts don't want to go against the companies, and are afraid of not being able to make money.
  8. To be fair, Gurdas Mann has never gone around saying he is a Sikh (he isn't) and wearing a big khanda chain or kara or Pagri whilst appearing in music videos. True, a few of his songs do not have a good message (e.g. promoting caste-ism, and sharaab), but the majority of his songs are saaf-suthri, and contain neutral or even positive meanings. The 'negative' songs or videos he has produced are tame compared with most of the lyrics and videos made these days with half-naked girls, gangsters flashing their karas and khanda chains, and overall bringing Sikhi into videos which have nothing to do with SIkhi, and which are damaging our image and putting the most negative influence on today's youth.
  9. This is not completely true. If you compare North Indians with South Indians, the features are generally different. This is mostly due to genetics rather than geographical position. There are many people in the South who are light-skinned, but their features are different.
  10. See these videos which give more insight about Punjabi Pakistani view towards Punjabi
  11. Another Sikh with a Pakistani (see bold) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-24210693 The father of a boy whose body was found "mummified" in his mother's bedroom has rejected claims in court he was a "wife batterer". Aftab Khan's four-year-old son Hamzah was found in a cot in September 2011, almost two years after he died. Hamzah's mother, Amanda Hutton, 43, of Bradford, is on trial for manslaughter, which she denies. Mr Khan told Bradford Crown Court he had separated from Ms Hutton after he was charged with assaulting her. The jury heard he was initially stopped from visiting his former partner due to a court order, but did start to go and see his son when they moved to a new home in Bradford in March 2009. Prosecutors argue Hamzah Khan was severely malnourished and had starved to death in December 2009. Mr Khan told the court Ms Hutton was not looking after Hamzah properly. 'Absolutely out of it' "I said 'look at the state of him - you're not looking after him' and she told me to get out," the mechanic and taxi driver said. He told the jury: "She wasn't bathing him. She wasn't changing him." Mr Khan said Ms Hutton drank cider and vodka heavily, especially after the death of her mother. "She'd be absolutely out of it," he said. Mr Khan told the jury he contacted social services once about the condition of Hamzah but said he was ignored. Last week the jury heard details of a police interview Mr Khan gave when he was arrested for attacking Ms Hutton in 2008, in which he said he was going to contact social services about his son. A senior police officer told the court there was no record he ever made the call. Paul Greaney QC, prosecuting, asked Mr Khan whether he did contact social services. He said: "They said it was a private matter. "Social services are never bothered about cases like this." Pressed by Mr Greaney, he added: "I clearly remember. There's no record of it. "They weren't bothered, they weren't interested. I'd given up at that time." Defending Ms Hutton, Stephen Meadowcroft QC told Mr Khan: "You were a wife batterer and she was a battered wife, cowed by your violence." Mr Khan said: "If I was a wife batterer why am I not standing next to her?" The barrister put it to Mr Khan that he had been violent towards his client throughout their 20-year relationship, but he denied this. "I've come here to answer questions about my child," Mr Khan said. Mr Meadowcroft told him: "You were the father of the family. You were there. "What did you do about it?" Mr Khan told the court: "The police wouldn't believe me. No-one would believe me. "I know I made one phone call. If the police weren't going to believe me, who else is going to believe me? I gave up. "The system failed my son. Did the school check up? Did social services check up? I lost my total confidence in the system." A former girlfriend of Hamzah's older brother Qaiser Khan also took to the stand on the fourth day of Ms Hutton's trial. Deepinder Kaur, 24, told the court Hamzah did not eat very much. She said during the day he would eat "biscuits or whatever's lying around". Miss Kaur said despite being nearly four at the time, in February 2009, "he looked like a baby" and would often wear a baby gro Another witness, PC Maria Furness of West Yorkshire Police, told the jury she performed a welfare check at Ms Hutton's house about eight months before Hamzah's death, but found him to be "fed well, clean, healthy looking and there was an appropriate adult in the address". The trial continues.
  12. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-16/india/41416736_1_road-accidents-road-fatalities-road-ministry Roads in Punjab most fatal in India Dipak Kumar Dash, TNN Aug 16, 2013, 04.02AM IST NEW DELHI: Chances of getting killed in a road accident is the highest in Amritsar and in the country's Mercedes capital Ludhiana. Latest data on road fatalities shows that at least six people died in every 10 road crashes in these two cities in 2012 against only three in Delhi, which recorded maximum fatalities in 2012. Though Mumbai recorded the highest number of accidents among 50 million-plus cities, the fatality rate was only 2%. The 'Road Accidents in India' report prepared by the transport research wing of the road ministry also shows that roads in Punjab are proving to be fatal for commuters. The severity of accident - deaths per 100 mishaps - in the state has been increasing in the past four years. While it was 65.9% in 2009, this increased to 76% in 2012. "Ludhiana and Amritsar are the worst examples. But the state as a whole is also losing over 4,800 lives in road accidents. We have heterogeneous traffic, little enforcement of no-entry timings and huge problem of drink driving," said Dr Kamalzit Singh Soi, vice-chairman of Punjab Road Safety Council. The industrial city of Ludhiana has around 1.4 million vehicles for its 3.5 million people, of whom 20-30% are migrant labourers. Soi said traffic coming from six districts passed through the city and almost 23 km of the under-expansion Panipat-Jalandhar highway runs through the urban area. "On top of this, annually around 35 crore bottles of liquor are sold in the state that has a population of only 2.7 crore. Out of this, around 1.49 crore are women. So, we can make out how many times and how many people drive in a drunken state," he said. The ministry's data also exposes how over 80% of road fatalities are reported from smaller towns and rural areas where there is little or no traffic regulation. Out of the 1.38 lakh fatalities in road accidents last year, 1.21 lakh people died in these areas. States including Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana have put a check on fatalities with Uttar Pradesh bringing it down from 21,512 in 2011 to 16,149 last year. Road safety expert Rohit Baluja said there was no traffic regulation or penalty on violations responsible for accidents on highways. "There are all kinds of violations including lane changing, speeding and drunk driving. We talk of traffic rule enforcement only in 12-13 cities, all important state capitals. In urban areas, where deaths have reduced, the main reason is increasing congestion. Focus of traffic police in cities has now shifted to dealing with congestion than managing traffic or enforcement," he said. Baluja also said the crackdown on drunk driving was only confined to private vehicles in cities. Cases of drunk driving accidents decline The continuous decline in accidents caused due to intake of alcohol/drugs in the past three years has come as a breather for the government. While in 2010 such violation caused 31,000 accidents, the number of such mishaps reduced to 23,979 last year. Even the fatalities have fallen from 9,976 in 2010 to 7,835 in 2012. Uttar Pradesh reported maximum fall in fatalities in this category from 4,635 in 2011 to 2,400 last year. Other states that have reported decline include Andhra Pradesh (by 50% in past three years), Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan. However, there was increase in such deaths in states including Bihar, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu for the past three years. To put a check on drunk driving, some state governments have decided not to give fresh licences for liquor shops along National Highways. Some of the cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Jalandhar have intensified crack down on such offenders.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22795703 Old news, but still... Kulwant Singh Grewal: Indian police investigate London man's murder By Poonam TanejaBBC Asian Network Indian police are investigating the murder of a London grandfather in Punjab. The body of Kulwant Singh Grewal, 76, from Southall, west London, was found in a village near the city of Ludhiana, northern India, on 30 May. Mr Grewal had gone to India to settle a property dispute in the Punjab courts and he was last seen alive on 16 May. His family in the UK became concerned after he missed a court appearance and alerted police. 'We want justice' Mr Grewal's son Iqbal Grewal, who lives in Berkshire, said: "My mother phoned me on my mobile and said to me, 'They've just found his body'. "I just cried to myself." His family said the grandfather-of-two was stabbed to death. Mr Grewal's wife Mukhtiar Grewal has travelled to India to search for answers. "Why would anyone want to attack a 76-year-old man?" said Mr Grewal "We now want justice. "That's the only thing that will make me feel whole again. "They've taken a part of me away, whoever has done this - if they can serve life in prison for this, at least I'll get some closure." The Indian police have confirmed a murder investigation has been launched but have given no further details. No arrests have been made. Kulwant Singh Grewal, a commercial landlord, emigrated to the UK from Singapore in 1959. Although he had lived and worked in London since then, he was not a British citizen but held a Singapore passport. However, his son believes the British authorities should help. "He should be treated as a British citizen. "He has worked here and paid taxes, the British government should be helping." The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it could not help as Mr Grewal was not a British national. But it said it had given the family a list of approved lawyers that could take up its case. http://www.tribuneindia.com/2013/20130606/ldh1.htm Blind murder of NRI cracked His millionaire brother owning a mega pizza chain in United Kingdom booked Mohit Khanna Tribune News Service Ludhiana, June 5 The city police today claimed to have cracked the blind murder of a 75-year-old NRI, Kulwant Singh Grewal, with the arrest of his 62-year-old millionaire younger brother Jaswant Singh Grewal in this connection today. Kulwant's mutilated body was found in a house located at Mehma Singh Wala village, near here, on May 30. It was a well-planned murder. After perpetrating the crime, the accused left the village and had stayed in Malaysia for nearly four weeks. The investigating officer said it was an alibi by Jawant Singh to make the police believe that he was somewhere else when the incident took place. According to the police, an old dispute between the two brothers led to Kulwant's murder. After migrating from Singapore, the Grewal family had settled in the United Kingdom. Jaswant Singh, his brother Charanjit Singh and the victim Kulwant Singh had a flourishing businesses in the UK. Jaswant's family owns a mega pizza chain in the UK. Insiders said Kulwant and Jaswant had been at loggerheads for the past 20 years. Earlier, they used to indulge in character assassination of each other's wives. They had become a laughing stock among their relatives in the UK and in the village. For the past four years, they had been fighting a legal battle over a piece of ancestral land. Kulwant had returned from the UK and started living in the house at Mehma Singh Wala village. Jaswant was fed up with repeated visits to India to attend hearing in the case. Jaswant claimed that the house was built by him and his brother Charanjit Singh. And Kulwant Singh, who had taken his share from the ancestral property long ago, and taken illegal possession of the piece of land. Owing to litigation, Kulwant had to spend some days in jail. After coming out of the jail, Kulwant had threatened Jaswant that he would send the latter and his wife to jail as well. On May 16 afternoon, Jaswant entered Kulwant's room and allegedly killed him with a sharp weapon. He dumped the weapon in the canal. On May 22, he flew to Malaysia thinking that when the villagers would come to know about the body, he would be abroad, thus no one would suspect his involvement in the murder. The villagers came to know about the body after 14 days, i.e. on May 30. Gurpreet Singh Sikand, ACP, Gill, said: "He cracked soon and confessed to killing his elder brother. Jaswant Singh has been arrested and efforts are on to locate the weapon used in the crime. Jaswant has allegedly confessed before the police that he had thrown the weapon into the Sidhwan Canal from Jassowal Bridge. Special divers have been deployed to locate the weapon." Arresting Jaswant was not an easy task as he is a UK citizen and enjoys a considerable political clout, the official said. http://www.tribuneindia.com/2013/20130611/ldh1.htm Wife's role under scanner Mohit Khanna Tribune News Service Ludhiana, June 10 In the Kulwant Singh murder case, the role of his wife Mukhtiar Kaur has come under the scanner after she appeared as a witness in the case. Kulwant Singh (75), an NRI, was allegedly killed by his younger brother Jaswant Singh (62) on May 16 at a house in Mehma Singh Wala village near Dehlon. Jaswant was recently arrested in this connection. Mukhtiar Kaur had told the police that her husband Kulwant Singh was apprehending a danger to his life from his brother Jaswant Singh, also an NRI, who owns a mega pizza chain in the UK. According to Satinder Singh, SHO of the Dehlon police station, Mukhtiar Kaur had reportedly told the police that she received a call from Kulwant a few days before the murder during which he had mentioned about a threat to his life from Jaswant. However, investigations revealed that Mukhtiar and Kulwant had strained relations and were living separately, a fact highlighted by the accused, Jaswant Singh, during the investigations. Investigating officer Swarn Singh said, "Jaswant told us that Kulwant and Mulhtiar Kaur were living separately and recently divorced each other. However, no evidence was found that the couple had divorced." Jaswant's two sons attended Kulwant Singh's bhog ceremony at a gurdwara in Mehma Singh Wala village yesterday. This had raised many an eyebrow in the village. An elderly resident said on condition of anonymity that the murder case would head for a compromise. "Mukhtiar Kaur, who stays in the UK, is not going to pursue the case. With the passage of time, the case will weaken and Jaswant will be let off. Both Mukhtiar and Kulwant had strained relations. It can be gauged from the fact that Kulwant's body kept lying dumped in a room for nearly 15 days and Mukhtiar did not bother to ask anyone about her husband's whereabouts," said the resident. Jaswant was today produced before a court, which remanded him in judicial custody for 14 days. Officer refutes charges Investigating officer refuted the allegations that the accused, Jaswant. was given a VIP treatment. He said Jaswant was not made to sit in an AC room. He said the accused was not taken to the District Courts complex in a swanky SUV as alleged A peep into the case * On June 5, the city police had arrested 62-year-old Jaswant Singh Grewal, a millionaire, for allegedly murdering his elder brother Kulwant Singh (75). A property dispute was stated to be the reason behind the murder. * Kulwant was allegedly killed by Jaswant at a house in Mehma Singh Wala village on May 16. On May 30, his mutilated body was found from the house. * In order to hoodwink the police, the accused fled to Malaysia on May 22 for four days. He flew to Malaysia to use his visit as an alibi to make the police believe that he was somewhere else when the incident took place
  14. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/alexandra-turned-uttrang-logs-on-to-promote-sikh-religion-culture/1144939/ Alexandra turned Uttrang logs on to promote Sikh religion, cultureKala Chana is a favourite food of the Nihangs who are famous for having eternal stamina and Chardikala (risen spirit ). In Nihang langars (read community kitchens) you will often see Kala Chana being served. Nihangnis, Raaginis and those who meditate wear a 'true' chunni made from 100 per cent cotton. With posts on issues like these dated July 19 and 17, respectively on www.nihangni.com, Alexandra Aitken, the daughter of former British cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken, who had hit the headlines a couple of years back after she married a Nihang Sikh, Inderjot Singh from Punjab and embraced Sikhism, is now on a roll to immerse herself fully in the Sikh way of living. Alexandra, who now goes by the name of Uttrang Kaur Khalsa is writing articles on an vast range of topics from health to meditation to the Sikh way of living on websites www.soundlotus.com and more recently on www.nihangni.com . From invoking the 30th hukamnama of the 52 hukamnamas of Guru Gobind Singh where the Sikh guru had underlined the importance of weaponary and horses to listing the immune boosting powers acquired by Nihangs by washing their hands with Ritha (soap nuts), Uttrang is spreading the Sikh principles and Punjabi way of living on the virtual world. Once known as a party girl frequenting the most happening parties in London and Los Angeles, Uttrang is a diametrically opposite person now. "I heard it takes 1,000 silk worms to die to make a silk Chunni. Its better karma to love all creatures, including silk worms," she wrote in her Nihangni notes on July 17 while underling the importance of a cotton chunni, where she said, "Cotton on your head is very cooling and calming for the mind. " "There may be an exact measurement the Guru gave for a chunni. Chunnis should be long enough to completely cover a woman from head to the bottom of her ribcage. Mine measures 2.5 m on the long side," she writes. The marriage of Alexandra Aitken with Inderjot Singh attracted the attention of the international media. In the follow up stories, there were reports of how Inderjot, who too reportedly liked to party, became a Nihang Sikh. Some later reports also suggested that Alexandra was no more living with Inderjot, which was denied by Alexandra's sister Victoria who said she remained in touch with her sister and that her sister's marriage was fine.
  15. Bump* Anyone able to tell me where I can buy this book? Thanks
  16. Can anyone suggest book(s) in English, which discuss about how to develop Bir Ras? I know bir rasi bani is found in Dasam Granth, but I would like to read a book that explains in more details, with quotations from Dasam bani. Or alternatively, any good audio katha. Thank you
  17. This is the reply to the email I sent BBC on 22 Nov regarding the news report. Just got the reply today: "Thanks for contacting us regarding the ‘BBC News at Six’ on the 21 November. We understand you were unhappy with the programme’s use of the term ‘Asian’. Our report said, “...Of those, 545 were white, 415 of Asian origin and 244 from black or Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.” In regards to our coverage of the Rochdale child grooming trial, the term ‘Asian’ was used alongside "from Pakistan and Afghanistan" to describe the ethnic origin of the men. The News Channel used both, depending on the context of the report .The short form ‘Asians’ was used in headlines and very brief summaries of the story. We felt it was important to be as specific as possible whenever we could, precisely because of the risk of leading viewers to form judgements on all "Asians". We understand that this may have offended those from Asian communities at what they saw as an oversimplification but we used the longer description whenever possible in our reports. We’d like to assure you that we've registered your complaint on our audience log. This is an internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily and is available for viewing by all our staff. This includes all programme makers and presenters, along with our senior management. It ensures that your points, along with all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC. Thanks again for contacting us. Kind Regards"
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