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  1. Where did you get this from?
  2. I'd never heard of Gian Godri Sahib before
  3. I have just made a complaint to the BBC using the same letter copied and pasted. More of us need to complain. The more people that actually complain about the term 'Asian' being used, the more likely the BBC will have to listen. It only takes five minutes, and everyone who reads this topic should complete a form. This is the generic message given when a form is completed Your complaint has been submitted Your complaint has been submitted. Thank you for completing the details on this form. We’re sorry that you needed to complain. We aim to reply to you within about 2 weeks, but it depends on what your complaint is about and how many others we need to investigate and respond to. If we receive other complaints about substantially the same issue, we may send everyone the same reply for consistency and to minimise licence fee costs. We may also publish a public response on this website. We will report your complaint to BBC staff by tomorrow so they are aware of the issue (your personal details are removed). Our overnight report is one of the most widely read reports in the BBC and ensures your complaint reaches the right people quickly, including senior management. All the comments, appreciations and complaints we receive help inform our editorial discussions. Please read 'What happens to your complaint' for our full procedures and how we consider the issues raised in complaints and other feedback we receive. BBC Audience Services
  4. Anyone know from where could I get a hard copy of the book?
  5. ****ADMIN, please delete this duplicate thread. I've just read about the double-posting issue, and have seen for myself that it is very annoying! Thanks
  6. With the whole business of grooming etc, I realise that the victims, who are female almost always have more to lose than the perpetrators. However, if some of apnay were able to get proof of these perpetrators' acts, and then inform their parents and community (or publicly 'shame' them if they try and keep it quiet), maybe we would see less of these things happening? I can just imagine in the near future when the UK has many fourth and fifth generation Sikhs (most of whom would be Sikh in name only), that grooming would either increase or alternatively, relationships between Sikh girls and Muslim boys would just be accepted easily.
  7. Were these Pak guys Mirpuris or Punjabis? If they were going to Southall to 'pull' these girls, were they just trying to date, or are you saying they wanted to groom them? Because there's a difference, right? Also, out of interest, does anyone know what the attitude of UK-based Pathans and Bengalis is towards our community? Do they respect us, or do they consider Punjabi girls as fair game?
  8. What areas around London does it affect? Do you mean around Southall and even in East London/Essex?
  9. Premi5

    Mata Jee's birth anniversary

    There's an excellent four part katha on Mata Sahib Kaur Ji on gurbaniupdesh.org: http://www.gurbaniupdesh.org/multimedia/index.php?q=f&f=%2F04-Katha%2F13-Giani+Thakur+Singh+Ji+%28Patiala+Wale%29
  10. Is there any way the Akal Takht could ask him to explain his actions? If that happens, and the issue gets in the media, he would have no choice but to either stand by his actions, or regret them and apologise, otherwise he could face being excommunicated.
  11. I've watched up to 30 minutes of this video so far. It sees that the grooming issue is predominantly affecting the North in areas where there are high numbers of Mirpuris, like the Midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire, as well as Luton. The issue does not seem to affect London or the Home Counties so much.
  12. Premi5

    Hurricane Sandy

    Is this another sign of what Giani Thakur Singh Ji has said in their katha? What other natural disasters are the scientists predicting for soon?
  13. From their website http://www.sasorg.co.uk/: Sun 21 Oct 2012 Sexual Grooming 11.30am Singh Sabha Gurdwara 1 Calderwood Street Woolwich London SE18 6QW
  14. This is from http://www.sasorg.co.uk/ (Sikhawareness Society) Sun 21 Oct 2012 Sexual Grooming 11.30am Singh Sabha Gurdwara 1 Calderwood Street Woolwich London SE18 6QW

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