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  1. ignore him he's burnt up inside because sikhi appeals to someone more than his faith of peace
  2. yes and sgpc are helping their agenda by allowing non sikh printers licence to print/ do beadbhi of saroop before even angs are assembled .
  3. Sinhalese are a minority which were given favour goray against majority tamil hindus , and their policies included allowing Rajiv to run rampant with his balathkari army regiments in sri lanka after years of abusing their power via police force/justice system on tamils . Buddhists are now trying to convert Gurdwarey built with sangat paise into their monasteris by manhandling Guru ji and dumping on roadside outside compound one in ladakh , Gurudwara Dongmar in Sikkim, and another one which I visited a few years back where Guru Nanak Dev ji's footprints are on a huge boulder/rock , that gurdwara had brought money into local community because of development of site for yatris . They are just as two faced as the hindus they spawned from.
  4. provided they are not sellouts like the city sikhs lot , cannot believe Jasvir Singh was agreeing to no Kirtan, Katha, Ardas or Paat in gurdwarey as a condition of their opening ; anyway glad he stepped back from the role as mouthpiece of the India=influenced Tory Party
  5. asikh is anyone who doesn't have the qualities of sikhi i.e. following a path that leads to Akal Purakh , we know that Jagat Guru ji teaches the other faiths how to be sikhs within their traditions if they do not follow Guru ji 's advice they are asikh.
  6. turns out this thicko was a Canadian doctor who worked for a football club I think since they mention FC , working in MOntreal a french dominant and anti-sikh locale in Canada whse parliment i Quebec passed laws recently against government/public posts being occupied by folks showing their ther religious affiliations . Seems this is being used to undermine sikh saroop in Canada https://www.redpepper.org.uk/sacrificing-sovereignty-sikhs-and-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR3zBh-J6zZfJShfY_Q00_UFBYvZfaKN6c2inlugD0o3kwhexfTsLaAvbpc
  7. perhaps utilising a lightweight white sheet for material ?
  8. I would think that someone who had Brahmgian would know much more than a worldly logician ...get some sikhi insight and crack some books. By your thinking all the shaheeds were illogical and therefore wrong but sikhi sees them upholding their principles instead of living life as slaves and husks of men. Standing up for your beliefs and remaining a person of your word is more important than mere logic and convenience to a gursikh , to follow the Guru Sahib whereever He takes you in life.
  9. nah his folks are not him
  10. response is from today but the masla is from last week , totally unnecessary move as other gursikh doctors did work in noncovid wards whilst waiting for correct PPE which would have taken a week or so more due to penny pinchers only ordering one type of low cost protection. as opposed to the full face mask required and available to order .
  11. he can't keep himself in sikhi how the hell is he supposed to convince any one else ?
  12. sheep are always clueless , they had been mentally subdued by their own pandits under the aegis of all invaders that they don't realise their true enemies are those priests who rip them off continuously
  13. forced sterilization was is never needed just education and proper social support of vulnerable elders , the main reasons people in poorer countries have so many kids is to support the burden of feeding the nonworking members i.e. children and increasing numbers of elders as there is no basic pensions system . All it will take is supported elders and widow mothers will not need to move to Benaresto the three widow colonies and live on charity, people will stop at two kids because they will have their own pensions to rely on in old age, and elder abuse will decrease as it will be an additional income stream.
  14. no, you are barking up the wrong tree as usual . No kacchera ever looked like a dhoti totally wrong shape
  15. yes it is a fact that in the northern hemisphere ALL peoples of colour will suffer massive deficiencies in vitamin D because it takes four times the exposure to sunshine to genereate equivalent stocks as paler europeans of those climes. the RDA is calculated way too low and doesn't take into account weight, skin colour or anything of value. Think about it logically, if they cannot make money from patenting the curative/preventative they will remove or dis card it from discussions in media because they want fear and chaos to keep us pliable. most blacks are up to 85% deficient, hispanics around 65%deficient from studies in usa. If you don't get the worse symptoms or even the infection beyond the mild then they cannot convince you to take their gene therapy vaccine which could have devastating effects on your health and future generations.
  16. nicotine is toxin to the system and uses valuable body resources to buffer its effects , I highly doubt it is valid remedial agent for this or any virus.
  17. go on to www.sikhistore.com you can order kacchere online they have stock , they are cut in nihang style so longer leg and shorter asan .
  18. basically he's using the Fascist playbook as played by Hitler prior to world war 2 , including claiming many nonsense things as Indian firsts such as cosmetic surgery via devtey ... it plays well with nautang watching illiterates who are also capable of destroying solar arrays on the sayso of some pandit because of some perception that they 'offend' the devte... oh vey. These snivelling RSS types are actually all tin pot hitlers because they feel their own weakness palpably that's why they need to reach in a and steal our heroes for their own agenda ; dimunitizing our existence as their divinely appointed bodyguards ...That our Guru Sahiban only existed to save sanathan Dharam of which they know zero else they would not claim so many silly things .
  19. or Gujarat, or Meghlaya, or Rajasthan , probably Uttarkhand too the way RSS is passing laws in each state
  20. yes they should be turfed out but I do not agree with RSS tactics which include shooting/beating innocents praying to Waheguru during easter service or setting pastor and his two children on fire in their car . Basically there are now anti-conversion laws now which should be utlised against such padres who exploit people in hardship. We should ensure we as a kaum protect our own from such wolves by looking after their needs ourselves through direct action daswand.
  21. selfish desire to look like some hero by throwing away guru ji di morh , so foolish threw away so much for a moment's fame
  22. Guru ji has always told us who is a sikh , it is never the person who refuses to even go into the school building let alone hear and understand the lessons.
  23. it is not egotistical to help a fellow human if they are suffering under false impressions that Waheguru is far away, unobtainable , partisan , flawed like humans, sadistic .
  24. I know that canadian jehovah's witnesses are actively tranining in punjabi language to spread the 'word' as their deluded misnformation training camps teach them . I'm pretty sure it is very specific in misusing gurmat terms even pangtis to show how Jesus is the true lord , I've heard the spiel going between a gursikh at a nagar kirtan and a JW gang, it was painfully stupid and clumsy attempt , maybe the non-gurbani reading 'sikhs' will believe that wallyfest but someone who does his/her daily nitnem and knows their Guru ji's character they wouldn't fall for it. the main sects which are doing this kind of work are Baptists and Jehovah's witnesses , the anglican's are too weak and wishy washy in their parchaar . I've had encounters with the whole training ethos of JW back in the 1990s as there was a trainee mission boy in the student house I lived in , he was quite happy for me to read his textbook, which covered all the main faiths and supposedly armed them to encounter and tell them how their faiths are . Sikhi they had so many misconceptions about , I guess they've caught up. Anyways. I know Jesus loves me (he loves all right) and There is only one Creator who looks after all to whom I pray directly anything else JW bro/sis , no? OK thank you have a good day!' Mum and Dad's flat was literally in the sight line of a massive Baptist Church and yes we had many many visits to practice our thanks but no thanks lines when we where kids . Census numbers seems to suggest UK US have about 700,000 sikhs and Canada 1 million but Rab hi jaanda kionke no proper ginti anywhere
  25. the only time I was tempted to keep a fast for one day was to prove that it was no big thing or suffering because I was sick of the slack behaviour in the workplace and the whinging of my muslim colleagues , they complain about not eating or drinking for 12 hours when dhan dhan Anandpur Sahib di qila vich stayed without food for three months and still fought like lions when needed. Guru Ji said it is pointless to do fasts these people are idiots
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