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  1. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ka Fateh The petition is still up on change.org however it has been posted by a mystery man this time, not the guy that originally posted the petition who took it down.
  2. Accha Veer ji, then if he gives the stereotypical sharabi kabeebi misogynist Punjabi image to SIkhi in the Uks minds you'll be happy and still proud ... I read the blurb in the mirror about him and some of things he said made me cringe and I've seen plenty messed up people.
  3. too late he's said he's gonna show the world that Sikhs are liberal and fun-loving ... and that he's looking for love ...he wont mind marrying for love and he doesn't mind what religion the girl is get ready for girl chasing and boozing... sigh
  4. It's my little bhabhi ...trying to sneak it past people in the family apparently LOL Apparently her episode is tomorrow, sorry to disappoint .
  5. I wouldn't wait for the phoola da haar :biggrin2:
  6. sorry to sound out of it but what has a SECULAR agency got to do with setting up a religious organisation? ...
  7. How about making sure we do COMMERATE Guru Teg Bahadur ji's SHAHIDI gurpurab in a massive way worldwide ...so the whole world learns the truth of Sikhi's heroes
  8. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh, I honestly feel that building a future for the kaum is more important than wasting time, effort and money chasing a justice that will never be forthcoming from mortals. They want to know a good 1984 project to invest in ...project 1849 ...Free Tanti saaz Raag kirtan scholarships to get a generation of Gurmat sangeet Parampara Kirtaniya in the kaum throughout the globe . Let's bring back our kirtan to what it should be and get to the point where no harmoniums need to be used in Guru's Hazoori
  9. Waheguru ji KA Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh, Honestly suing the gov't is a waste of valuable resources how about putting the money into Sikhi parchaar, Raag kirtan scholarships Santhiya camps and classes, self-defense classes for the kids instead? Or am I too much of a dreamer?
  10. I don't blame my jeeja too much, his father died when he was very young and his mother was too influenced by Hindu neighbours , their family is just Mother and two sons , the older one is my jeeja he had to support folks in India and was in Saudi Arabia ...I don't think he had much SIkhi Influence it's more Bollywood nonsense influencing him . Waheguru Kirpa Karan
  11. When we married I didn't consider myself khalsa but sikh and as he had accepted Guru ji so we had anand karaj ceremony and civil at the gurudwara. I wear my dastaar and panj kakkar I do my banis but I know I can't have amrit alone (that's the killer) so I am waiting on Angelo , I know his family frames it as a family betrayal to become Sikh but he is his own man ... My three teenage boys are amritdhari and my daughter is six so a little young but we do banis together so she is learning.
  12. You can ask , I did but he wasn't ready although he kept his word and brought up his children in Sikhi and supports their rights wherever we are and even puts his folks straight about it. I understand it can be an intensely emotional subject but it's best dealt with before marriage .
  13. My little brother married an Indian Sikh woman of same gott , he was introduced through family via my Mum . When I went over to India with him, my Husband and my son they came to see us in the pind and the rest was arranged by our Nanaji . Mum was consulted and she was worried about it but it still went through as my Brother said it wasn't right to make an engagement and then break it on such a flimsy thing. They got married in India in 2000 ,they are happy have two lovely sons. My Vadi Bhabhi is more into Bollywood stuff and would prefer her sons were monay but my Brother wont let her touch
  14. Energy drinks such Redbull and the like which are high in caffeine and taurine can create respiratory system distress and when combined with alcohol as is popular amongst the pub crowd is a recipe for a heart attack or stroke so warn your nearest and dearest if they do the added step ... and those who don't as both things are pretty bad. Thanks ps. don't do what my chota khalsa veer did and drop the tea ....then start the coffee ... I had to smile at that one :happy2:
  15. Veer ji I was just pointing out that all humans are suffering from the same Maya ... my husband works in the city and he would come home and occasionally share how he was flabbergasted and shocked at the Hijabwali bibian's behaviour , now he's from a country where basically nange lok phirde on the beaches so I can only imagine what he has seen. As he says they want to be judged by the look of modesty and be respected but then the clothes are tight, face is caked in makeup and then they come to see their boyfriends and grind up on them in public. it is pure hypocrisy, same at schools and uni
  16. No in an true khalsa Anand Karaj it is so
  17. When you have that avasta you don't seek the limelight you seek Akal Purakh only ...those who don't push their own agenda but spend their time in bhagti and encourage others to do the same quietly are more likely to be what you are seeking in terms of candidates for panj sewa. You are forgetting Bani is the true Amrit, the Panj are just a respresentation of Guru Khalsa Panth and this takes place in Hazoori of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The sanchar is between Guru ji and you. While it is true your Panj's avasta is important because they give of themselves during the sanchar it is not the be-all an
  18. Veer ji , kaam di bimaari duniya nu laghia not just gorey that's why it called kalyug ...these days even Khalsa are divorcing... and supposedly Amritdhari guys are asking their wives to be like gorey mems instead of Guru Gobind Singh ji's daughters and kicking them to the kerb if they don't . There is one bibi who posted something about her fiance recently like that on the forum, another is suffering because her husband can't stay in the marriage ... where is the idea of one team, for life, to obtain life's goal Jiwan Mukhti ? Most people are busy chasing shadows, very few are holding naam
  19. try telling that to your average teenager :happy2:
  20. No you forget that certain Hindu elements want the general population to forget what the Sikhs have done from the start ..they are trying to attack those places which shows history of Hindus Owing Sikhs bigtime to frame us as a band of offshoots from hinduism who are surplus to requirements ... into the fire comes to mind
  21. What do expect from Badal's corporation? If they stood up straight they could still walk under a snake... what forum is this a cut'n'paste from?
  22. jkvlondon


    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki fateh, I am a transplant to Ilford too, my personal experience is I made the mistake of sending my eldest at age 3 to GGSK college... he was bullied constantly by older students and also to some extent by his teacher because of his mixed background his father is European descent Brasilian and I myself Punjabi . I thought being a Sikh school with its own Gurudwara the kids would be more understanding of Keshadhari Sikhs thus my Son would remain confident in Khalsa roop but the truth is he was picked on constantly by the Mona sikhs and even had a knife pull
  23. you being wacist ? :ph34r: besides you get dark going out during the day not tea LOL
  24. In that case guys Chocolate is out too ... don't cry too much :biggrin2: When I was expecting I couldn't take anything which contained caffeine this included the sweet drug Chocolate ... severe illness not matter which stage . My advice if you are stopping -taper down rather than going cold turkey as you can get really bad symptoms. remember it is only a temporary boost to alertness the come-down is twice the tiredness
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