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  1. Late reply... Actually it's still in the English law that every able bodied man must practice longbow on a sundays. It's an archaic law which hasn't been repealed, but definitely inline with gurmatt!
  2. it's really good he kept his sikhi saroop, instead of some of those grandads who just wore turban for the british indian army and took it off when they came to the uk! I wonder if his children and grandchildren also kept their kesh, would be interesting if the grandad's efforts also ended up bringing up respectful further generations!
  3. Amritsar should be more than that even, should be given a special status like Rome and City of London!
  4. seriously we need to really push tanti saaj raag keertan instead of the low standard harmonium keertan we currently have. The current low standard keertan has birthed countless punjabi singers and producers in this lacharpuna industry such as Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh and RDB. Authentic keertan wouldn't result in gurdwaras being used as launchpads for such personalities! I hope this truth goes into the brains of some sikhs!!! Similarly, modern sikhs also try to present Morris Dancing gatka as an ancient art and even try to associate it with Guru Hargobind Sahib patshah, instead of learning authentic shastarvidiya!!!
  5. 2. there is usually some alcohol present in fruit and other foods, and in this case a lot of food would require peshi. I think the body also makes alcohol naturally, does that require peshi? ...it's a rherotical question lol
  6. wow this was posted in 2007? this was a time when my sikhi knowledge was confused and limited!
  7. Fixo Singhs, tied darhi beard to the max
  8. Even the author for John gospel is unknown and disputed. there are some truths in other scriptures but we take Guru Granth Sahib as whole truths. Nirmala sampradaiye study various scriptures from different traditions and religions. Guru Gobind Singh uses pre-hindu (I stress on pre-hindu as everyone just calls it hindu) myth-itihaas/mythology in Dasam Bani to explain lessons and warrior mentalities. It is ok to use a familiar figure or story to strengthen something already within sikhi. true we shouldn't. and we definitely don't want Zakir Naik level nonsense claiming Guru nanak is mentioned in Quran
  9. see below, he was repeating scripture from Psalms: I heard this is true for all the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Those names for the gospels still don't identify the actual authors!
  10. Actually, the prophet got a lot of islamic rituals from jewish traditions. This obviously includes the way animals are slaughtered as well. This method is also used on captives and was used on the younger sahibzadas, BabaJoravaar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh while they were being bricked alive. but they haven't been fighting longer than the shastardhari Singhs from Budha Dal and Tarna Dal, who do jhatka and shikaar as part of their normal puraatan rehit. A few months ago somebody posted a youtube video of goat briyani langar at Takht Sri Hajoor Sahib for the sangat jee. I have doubts about Babbar Khalsa reading Kabyo Baach benti Chaupai properly and I think they probably stumble at "Kripa Kari hum par jagmata" before even reaching Arril... vegetarianism will not save a sikh from not reading Chaupai Sahib properly!
  11. however, the point is modern day "sants" seem to make it look like that you need to be unmarried to be a Sant. There are not enough role models of so-called sants which live a grihast jeevan. To me it just feels like these personalities are forcing a celibate thinking onto sikhs as some kind of spiritual benefit.
  12. upto 40 would have been good enough during Guru jis' times to get married and raise a family. They used to get married in their teens.
  13. here's a discussion from 2014 to provide more context: Pictures from his funeral in 2008, where his body was taken from midlands uk to Los Angeles note that beard is covered at funeral??? I was active in uk London university sikh societies throughout the 2000s. I don't ever remember anyone talking about this Sant. Perhaps this was because the sikh socieites back then were anti-Nihang, including BOSS themselves? (and that is why there were parallel groups such as sikh student) I still cannot judge, there is katha posted from this Baba on this forum on the discussions in the threads I posted. I just cannot judge, however as humans we make mistakes. Even sikhs are not perfect, so I cannot say anything on whether this stuff is true or not.... However, the meeting with Dhadrianwala is rather suspicious. As Dhadrianwala and his uk chela group Harinder and NKJ are involved in those accused activities. Guru Sahib suggests grihast jeevan for sikhs. Even mahapurakh had at least one wife, if not more. These modern sants and prachariks keeping no life partners is promoting a very poor example of sikh maryada, and I will even go as to call this anti-sikh! Although I understand some Singhs choose behingam celibate lifestyle, this has nothing to do with becoming a sant or pracharik! And then the lustful side affects we are seeing in certain personalities due to this supposed celibacy is just awful!!! What are they attempting to prove by misleading sangat into thinking celibacy is some kind of spiritual activity?
  14. hi, I know someone from the USA in a similar situation. Please get in touch with me via private message, so I can get them in touch with you.
  15. Budha Dal had responsibility to give pahul to the whole panth including Maharaja Ranjit Singh's times. So their maryada would have normally been used and should be authentic. Hajoor Sahib should also more or less keep the same or similar maryada to Budha Dal.
  16. well I could have if I accepted the risks, but the certificate seemed to have expired again? When did the site come up again properly?
  17. is he same Nashatar Singh who works for panjab radio?
  18. sikh women used to be educated pre-colonial times too, and they still married young. The problem is now people are western-educated, or colonial-era educated, and that even means they may not be educated in sikhi!
  19. the only way around it is to make a new post by rewording and going around their filters! that is what I had to do!!!
  20. had to use a title that didn't require approval, what's going on???? my original thread is hanging in limbo require approval new thread
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