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  1. Out of the Sikh population in India and Pakistan combined 99.9% of Sikhs live in India so I would still advocate that if you are going on a trip to that part of the world that we as a Qaum focus our tourist dollars on east Punjab and uplifting our poor Sikhs in the process rather than enriching those who support the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs in which 25% of the Sikhs there were killed. Obviously the more money we as overseas Sikhs invest in east Punjab the faster we can lift many of our brethren Sikhs out of poverty.
  2. Exactly there are 150,000 plus Sikhs in California easy which is in excess of the Sikh populations of Australia, London, Himachal Pradesh or Alberta respectively. Percentage wise there as many Sikhs in California today as there were Sikhs in the UK around 25years ago. There is no real concept of a Holiest place for Sikhs in the way Muslims pray to a black stone in Mecca. Otherwise why did Sikhs abandon the same to the terrorist state of Pakistan, if so? But in any case, the land of Pakistan is no more holy than east Punjab or the east coast of the States. What matters is our Shabad Guru and Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj which are omnipresent across the planet. So please whatever you do, please don't enrich the Pakistani terrorist regime under the guise of sharda via the pathetic Pakistan yatra! Spend your tourist dollars uplifting our own people in east Punjab instead. Thanks brother!
  3. 1. Deep Sidhu isn't held up as Panthic hero but has given due respect for walking away from millions of dollars that he could have made as BJP MP or Advocate/Corporate Lawyer in order to stand for the rights of the poor in India. 2. Every other country has sehajdhari political leaders so why would one argue that Bhagwant Mann will do any worse of a job than Badal, Amrinder or Beanta? Surely it's about getting the least worst choice for leadership rather than insisting upon Rehit in a secular democracy. Remember barely above 50% at present when including all the Dera premi's within Sikh numbers and if you are going define only Amritdhari's as Sikhs then the percentage of Sikhs falls to 2% in east Punjab, so logically why would you expect a Kesdhari CM in a secular democracy given those numbers? It's like Muslims in California expecting the Governor's position there. Weight of numbers matter in a democracy. Of course it should, or whoever is the least worst option - which Bhagwant Mann clearly was in comparison to anti-Sikh CM's like Amrinder and Badal It is better to have hopefully an honest sehajdhari Sikh in the CM role than dishonest anti-Sikh CM's like Amrinder, Badal and Beanta. 100% agree with you. What you have said is common sense. 1. Yes he was clearly a better option that anti-Sikhs like Amrinder and Badal 2. Good. As in a secular democracy, competency to do the job matters more rather than anti-Sikh characters like Amrinder or Badal being foisted on Punjab by Delhi. 3. Good. Badal Dal have no connection to Sikhi. The societies which keep the false veneer of religion out of secular politics tend to perform better economically than theocracies, for example, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Canada etc in comparison to Pakistan, Mauritania or Afghanistan. You have pretty much answered your own question. Decent honest leadership will always be more important than Delhi's criteria of foisting anti-Sikh crooks like Amrinder and Badal simply because they look the part. I am optimistic that Punjab's economy can grow by 50% over the next 5 years or at least double within the next 10 years which is certainly likely to better going than the California economy hopefully. This is what good governance (irrespective of religious status) can achieve: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/india/higher-than-national-average-per-capita-income-of-telangana-doubled-in-7-years-says-cm-kcr/articleshow/85345573.cms?from=mdr
  4. Simple reason Ranjeet is to decisively end any aspirations for Khalistan. Regardless of the fact that only a minority of Sikhs ever articulated in support of Khalistan. After 1984, RAW realised that most Sikhs were so enraged by the Congress Genocide of Sikhs that in the immediate aftermath of June 1984 and November 1984 it was safe to say that most Sikhs had concluded privately that Indira Gandhi had no moral authority or haq to have any connection or control over the Sikh Qaum. At that point Sikhs were around 63% of the east Punjab population and were on an upward demographic trajectory with only one united Gurdwara per pind. Furthermore, the Muslims and Christians together were collectively around 2%. And of the remainder 35% of so-called government defined Hindu's around 15% of those were non-Punjabi agricultural migrants who often attended their local village Gurdwara's and most of the indigenous so-called Hindu Punjabi's actually attended Gurdwara's too (and many could and should have been considered Nanakpanthi Sikhs). In other words out of indigenous Punjabi's the Sikhs were at least 75% plus majority with an even higher percentage of Sikhs in the villages (more like 90%) which is why incidentally the anti-Sikh pejorative of "pendu" has been heavily promoted by anti-Sikh forces in recent years in order to make Sikhs hate our own mother tongue and denigrate the overwhelmingly village background of most Sikhs. Bear in mind 1984 was a time when seven Amritdhari brothers from Patiala (whose previous family surname was Sharma) died in front of Indira Gandhi's tanks at Sri Darbar Sahib so even so-called Hindu Punjabi's were trending towards the logic and Truth of Sikhi over time. So the playbook employed upon east Punjab is that the Sikhs are the biggest threat to Delhi (not the Muslims nor the Christians). Furthermore, remember that the BJP controlled states all have around 15 to 25% of their respective populations as Muslims. So with the Indian army having an Army budget of $70billion (ten times what it was back in 1984) the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) are not overly concerned by a potential 10% Muslim minority in east Punjab so long as that helps leave Sikhs a minority there as a result. As Sikhs are seen as the main threat in east Punjab and indeed within India as we see from June 1984. The Abrahamic religions are foreign religions with foreign names and foreign loyalties. The word Hindu is an Arabic word. Sikhi is a word from Sanskrit and our Sikh names are indigenous names of primarily Sanskrit origin. Furthermore our Panj Piare were from as far and wide as Dravidian south India, from Odisha in western India, from Dwarka Nagar in Gujarat, from Uttar Pradesh and from Sialkot. So if Sikhi were to gain traction among 250 million so-called Dalits and 1,000 million poor people in India falsely defined as "Hindu's" by the Government enumerators for votebank politics then Hindutva as a concept and divide and rule tactics by the corrupt power structure would end in a self-ruled majority Sikh country with a population of 1.4 Billion. Ghar wapsi is all well and good in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat etc. However, to those who perceived Sikhs as the biggest threat to the country by launching and applauding (in the case of the BJP) the Congress Genocide of Sikhs it pays no dividends to discourage Muslims and Christians in east Punjab when they dementedly consider Sikhi a bigger philosophical threat to their corrupt interests within India among non-Abrahamic Dharmic people. With respect to the apartheid franchises devised by Indira Gandhi and Zail Sin, the reason behind that initially was that Nehru had detached the equivalent of what now in 2022 constitute today 100million erstwhile sehajdhari Sikhs outside of Punjab away from Sikhi in the 1951 census (ie 100million Nanakpanthi Sikhs of leatherworking ancestry like Dhan Dhan Baba Ravidas Ji Maharaj and Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh Ji (leader of the Sikh fauj at Guru Sahib's behest), of Bhangi ancestry like Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji, of Kabirpanthi Sikhs (like Dhan Dhan Baba Kabir Ji Maharaj), Satnami Sikhs, indigenous Assamese Sikhs, various adivasi Sikhs, Vanjara Sikhs, Sikligar Sikhs, Sindhi Sikhs etc, etc, etc. Within Punjab in order to oppose the Punjabi Suba demands at least 1million erstwhile (often illiterate) Sikhs primarily in the Doaba belt were conned and/or financially persuaded between 1951-1966 to register their children with the surnames of Ram, Kumar, Devi and Rani and to declare their mother tongue as Hindi as a result. Fast forward to the 1970's when Indira Gandhi and Zail Sin were hellbent upon opposing the Anandpur Sahib resolution, which called for a United States of India (based upon upon a federal model) in which the Indian Army, foreign affairs and a single currency (Rupee) would continue (but with an increased greater number of Sikhs being chosen upon merit in the Armed Forces rather than restricted according to their demographic weight of 2% at the time). So Sanjay Gandhi and Zail Sin came up with the brainwaves of promoting the Nirankari's and also setting in train the concept of apartheid based Dera's which was put into full motion after 1984. So long story short, if you make an indigenous people a minority in their own homeland (Sikhs were obviously always a minority in all districts of Punjab prior to 1947) then they can hardly have any realistic aspirations of independence in the current time. The natives in Canada, the natives in America, the Aborigines in Australia, the Tibetans in Chinese occupied Tibet, the Maori in New Zealand to give five easy examples are not about to get their independence back any time soon. The Anandpur Sahib Resolution which was a brilliant patriotic concept of federalism was opposed for no rhyme nor reason as the opponents of Sikhs knew that Punjab as the strongest state economy in India would flourish even more and that Sikhi would inevitably grow alongside that as Sikhs were the foremost opponents of Indira Gandhi during the Emergency period (despite demographically being a small minority in the Indian population). However, the terrorist Indira Gandhi and RAW saw Sikhs as the number one enemy (over and above Pakistan and Muslims or Christians in India) and decided to attack in June 1984 in order to crush and eradicate Sikhi from Indian soil and ensure another general election victory. By introducing apartheid dera's to a population which was solidly united in the aftermath of 1984 and encouraging the growth of Islam and Christianity in Punjab via state support is a silent non-headline grabbing form of Genocide. If, as RAW desires, 5-6 million of today's Sikhs of Ravidasi and Mazhabi heritage are successfully rebranded by the powers that be as tomorrow's Hindu Chamar and Hindu Balmiki votebank then at a stroke Sikhs will be a minority in Majha and Malwa (and left as around a 30% minority in east Punjab which is around where we were prior to August 1947 in Majha, Malwa and Doaba), all the while whilst Pakistani puppets like Pannun are milking naive Sikhs with pathetic sham referendums. The only way Sikhs can stop the rot is by ensuring the success of the Ik Nagri Ik Gurdwara campaign which aims to ensure only one Gurdwara per pind in Punjab (and locality in the west) and the end to associated matrimonial apartheid which it has promoted and enhanced which is leaving the Sikh birth rate in tatters and far below replacement level at 1.61 TFR for Sikhs. We need to focus on the poorest Sikhs within our community, on the poorest Hindu Punjabi's, on the poor non-Abrahamic agricultural workers from the same blessed land as Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji and Dasam Pita along with the 250 million so-called Dalits outside Punjab and the 1,000 non-Abrahamic poor people in India who are falsely labelled as Hindu's by the BJP in order to cement votebank politics. If we do that Sikhs can be a 90% majority in east Punjab and the largest indigenous non-Muslim community in India of 100million plus by the middle of this century and controlling the reins to a $42trillion economy (as opposed to a small demented cabal of corrupt Hindutva crooks).
  5. I disagree. Gurbani is about connecting us mere mortals to Akaal Purakh so that Sikhs can uplift ourselves as individuals and society at large. Followers of any Slavemaster (or Manuwadi) religion are not condemned blindly but the wrongful actions of the same are condemned. Gurmat emphatically condemning Slavery, the caste system, pedophilia, terrorism, Genocide is tantamount to an outright rejection of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism without Gurbani needing to dedicate itself to outright stating that Nazism, Satanism, Islam, Christianity, Manu Smriti, Hindutva are bad. Exactly Bhai Mardana Ji were the first Sikh in history and the most famous apostate from Islam in Punjab. Similarly, Dhan Dhan Baba Kabir Ji Maharaj are the clearly biggest opponent of Islam in Gurbani and wholeheartedly rejected the depravity of Islam's racist ideology and Profit Muhammad's own life. I don't believe Dhan Dhan Baba Namdev Ji Maharaj were chastising individual followers (of Hinduism or Islam) for not practising Truth (Gurmat/Sikhi). They were roundly rejecting Islam and Hinduism in toto. I disagree. What Sikhi and Mahatma Buddh say is that Bibek Buddhi and Truth have been with human beings since day one. Way before Islam and Hinduism and Christianity ever existed. Religions that promote circumcision, promote terrorism, promote ethnic cleansing, promote Slavery, promote Genocide, promote pedophilia clearly never came from God. It shouldn't take half a brain cell to work that one out. What Gurbani criticises are fraudsters claiming that the Quran or Manu Smriti or the Bible or the Torah are the word of God. I disagree. No Sikh hates a Muslim doctor saving lives at hospital or an innocent toddler born to Muslim parents just for the sake of it. Ie we don't dislike Islam for the sake of it. It is when Muslims tangibly impact innocent Kaffir lives in a bad way that Sikhi and Gurbani are criticising the ideology and its adherents. 1. Because our paid parcharaks in the last 50 years have never studied Islam. There has been a blind assumption propgated that all religions and ideologies are equally valid routes to connecting with the Divine. Anybody with a little bit of knowledge would realise how much Genocide and Terrorism the two big Slavemaster religions have unleashed upon the World. 2. That's the fault of our naive and uneducated parcharaks rather than Sikhi. Also our parcharaks seem to assume that because most Punjabi's are Muslims that it cannot be a false religion like Nazism etc. 3. Sikhi gives us the power of Bibek Buddhi which enables all of us to realise for ourselves that Nazism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc, etc are false without Gurbani having to go on a treatise for Aurangzeb's benefit about each. 4. The Chowk Mehta Dera ideology you are referring was tantamount to saying that 2billion Muslims always stay Muslims but become good Muslims (like Islamic State) and that all 1.1 Billion Hindu's become good Hindu's like Manu or Modi and that Sikhi remain forever constricted to those born into Sikh families in Majha and Malwa. In fact the argument is tantamount to saying that Sikhs should never exist in the first place. It wasn't for no reason that prior to June 1984, DDT the term coined by Sanjay Gandhi and Zail Sin held no credibility in the Panth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DICDYAX_O1g 5. Those people are clowns. They are not our leaders. They don't have the right to lead the Sikh Panth. They serve laddoos to the Badals while hobnobbing with the likes of Muhammad Izhar Alam. Similarly, the 2020 types like Pannun are all Pakistani puppets on the ISI payroll. http://www.sikh24.com/wp-content/uploads/Alam-Dhumma.jpg http://www.sikh24.com/wp-content/uploads/Baba_Harnaam_Singh_Dhumma_Badal-610x457.jpg
  6. 1. I have to sadly agree with you. If the proliferation of apartheid Dera's continues and the present day Dharam Yudh of "Ik Nagri Ik Gurdwara" (only one united Gurdwara per pind in Punjab and in each locality in the West) then we are staring at demographic oblivion with the community heading towards minority status in east Punjab. 2. I disagree on that. Some of our people are stupid, yes. However, these demographic time bombs for east Punjab are ALL deliberate. i) Muhammad Izhar Alam the Genocidal Killer of Sikhs being appointed head of the east Punjab Waqf Board and tasked with the ultimate of re-activating and re-building 13,000 new Mosques in each and every village was no accident. ii) Churches being planted on strategic corners in every pind does not happen without RAW's connivance and support. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the same scenario happened in Gujarat, Modi and Amit Shah would tackle it in a flash. A lot of the ex-Punjab Police and cats who became active in the drugs trade in BC are heavily involved in the mushrooming up of these Churches. iii) Much of the land is also gifted direct by the Government to the RAW's apartheid pushing underlings (the non-Abrahamic Hindutva crowd working to break Sikhs away from Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj) as a quid pro quo that all revenues from the apartheid dera's will go to the pimps running those apartheid dera's. iv) You will never see a Mosque, a Church or a Dera Ballan apartheid dera ever raided by Punjab Police for drugs. These places are safe havens for drug dealing to destroy Sikh youth. vi) I can go on and on as I have studied this sytematic attempt to destroy the Sikh Panth but I have faith that the Truth of Sikhi will be strong enough to overcome these multi-pronged challenges. People that believe in the enslavement and Genocide of others and in the depravity of the caste simply cannot win. 3. Gurbani is about spiritually enabling us ordinary human beings to become better people and to enable Begumpura where no one suffers injustice or discrimination. Unlike the Abrahamic scriptures there is no blueprint in Gurbani that 20% of slave profits captured by the Muslim Ummah should go direct to Profit Muhammad's pocket. Sikhi arms us with Bibek Buddhi. We don't need Gurbani to spell out that we should not follow a Genocidal terrorist pedophile racist Slave Trader like Muhammad. Our own analysis of his demented life should be enough for that. The 2 billion Muslim demographics will sooner or later sink without trace once all Muslim read and analyse as to what kind of depraved person Muhammad the Slave Trader was. However, it is our job as Sikhs to ensure that in the interim before Islam and the other big Slavemaster Abrahamic faith both collapse they do not destroy innocent lives in east Punjab in the process. Similarly, and even more demographically important is that we do not allow the Hindutva apartheid pimps like Dera Ballan to prevent the re-integration of 60 million Nanakpanthi Sikhs of leatherworking ancestry back into the Sikh Panth and the fracturing apartheid divide and rule being implemented against Sikh villages in east Punjab with RAW's backing.
  7. The question to ask yourself Dally is why would Bollywood in this instance hone in on a single tribe out of thousands in India? That tribe represents around 21% of the population of east Punjab and 40% of Sikh demographics in east Punjab. But in India, the Sikh adherents from that tribal ancestry represent less than 1 in 200 of the population but the Government still encourages Hindu film-makers to name a title as such in order to divide and rule the Sikh community.
  8. Correct on all you say Ranjeet Singh but I'd add: 1. It's actually a three-pronged approach as in order to turn Sikhs into a minority by the 2031 census a Hindu majority is not needed. i) So obviously there is economic labour migration from people perceived to be Hindu's but who with parchaar could readily become new sehajdhari Sikhs in most cases. These folks are essential for the economy of Punjab and provided we assimilate them as new Sikhs there won't be a problem if we simply educate them about our Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji from Bihar and Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. What is today perceived as a problem could turn into a massive demographic blessing for the Panth if we integrate and welcome new non-Punjabi's into the Sikh Panth. ii) Then you have the two Abrahamic communities who together are currently at around a matching percentage to Muslims in the UK. Both these communities oppose the BJP's anti-conversion and anti-love-jihad/baptism laws. The Christians are planting massive Christian crosses on strategic corners to the pinds where their business franchises are operating. The Muslims having wanted to annex east Punjab into Pakistan in 1947 were given free reign to reactivate and rebuild as many empty mosques by Muhammad Izhar Alam who was appointed head of the Punjab Waqf Board as a reward for his Genocide of so many Amritdhari Sikhs in the 1980's on behalf of the Gandhi family. Badal Dal appointed the killer's wife as an MLA. Hindutva should and does oppose the Abrahamics in their own ruled states. However, Sikhi represents the biggest indigenous threat to the corrupt Indian system and Hindutva out there and hence in east Punjab they are encouraged purely to tilt the scales towards Sikhs becoming a minority in Punjab by the 2031 census. Hindutva seeks to divide and rule whereas Sikhi would unify the poor under Sri Nishan Sahib for the betterment of society. iii) Last but not least and possibly the most important is the agenda by RAW to rebrand around 5-6 million Sikhs of Ravidasi and Mazhabi ancestry into tomorrow's Hindu Chamar and Hindu Balmiki votebanks for the BJP nowadays but it was the Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi who initiated this demented ideology with the end target being to leave Sikhs in a decisive minority in Majha and Malwa (given that we are already a minority in Doaba where many of us in the Diaspora have ancestors). The only way we can fightback against this evil agenda against our Panth is if we unite each and every pind in Punjab under a single united Gurdwara in this decade. There is simply no way for a community split by various apartheid franchise Dera's in a single pind to survive. When Sikhs were killed during the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs in which 25% of Sikhs were killed there and during the Congress Genocide of Sikhs none of the killers bothered to do a background check on the ancestry of the Sikhs they were killing and that's why desperately need to unite among ourselves as once we are United, no power on this planet cannot stop. United we stand, Divided we fall.
  9. Well said Dally Paji. There is no (south) Asian identity to be proud of. People of sub-contiental ancestry in the Diaspora should describe themselves as Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh instead. (Though I can understand the Muslim and Pakistani desire to describe groomers via the generic term of Asian. As the blanket term has also assisted Pakistani Muslim MP's to represent 10% of the opposition parliamentary seats in England with a party that could come to power in a coalition in 2years time - which would result in at least ten more Mirpuri Muslim Jatts like the pedophile Lord Nazir Ahmad holding serious power. This is in the context of there being no Sikh MP's in Parliament between 2015-2017). Similarly, there is no Punjabi identity to be proud of. Most Punjabi's are Muslims. 90% of historic Punjabi's are non-Sikhs. Pakistani Punjabi's overwhelmingly despise the Punjabi language which they refer to the language of Sikhs as a "Chuhre-Chamaar'ah di Zubaan" because of course they refer to us Sikhs as a "Chuhre-Chamaar'ah di Qaum" (which of course, we are proud of via our Sikh Shaheeds and those greats who wrote our Shabad Guru). So why are we so brainlessly beating the drum of Punjabiyat? It doesn't exist! The only identity we should openly declare and be proud is of being Sikh.
  10. @proudkaur21 it can't even be described as Low IQ thinking. The best way to describe so-called Sikhs aiding and abetting the planned anti-Sikh agenda of 13,000 newly constructed Mosques in each and every village of east Punjab is that they either hate Sikhi secretly or they are mentally retarded. What we need instead is a Dharam Yudh in which all of us on push the agenda to unite every single pind (and locality in the West) under a single united casteless Gurdwara asap this decade. That will be the key to defeating this looming demographic threat in east Punjab that seeks to turn Sikhs into a minority in east Punjab by the 2031 census.
  11. Dhan Dhan Bhai Lalo Ji I think we as Sikhs need to remind ourselves and others in the Panth that spiritually Bhai Lalo Ji as a GurSikh represents a bigger and better Sikh than Ranjit Singh (for all his political and secular achievements).
  12. Well exposed on "Sham" Sister. I am not sure he is a far left commie but he is a rabid Pakistani puppet and for him to describe Singhs on Twitter as Incels but support pedophiles like Lord Nazir Ahmad along with the other Pakistani puppet Pannun is a joke. 1. Paji I just wanted to put forward that the "defund the police" mantra isn't what it seems to be and a better comparable might be if Sikhs in the 1990's were wanting the state to "defund Punjab Police". The word "defund" is toxic is should be replaced with "what alternative uses of the overall prison and police budget can yield better outcomes if re-invested in educating African American children and improving social indices in that community", for example (as per the link). https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/21430892/defund-the-police-funding-abolish-george-floyd-breonna-taylor-daniel-prude Ie if $250 billion is spent annually in America on the combined budget for Policing (approx $150 billion) and Prisons (approx $100 billion) the argument is that allocating, for example, $50billion of that figure towards educating and uplifting African American children whilst cutting the profits of the privatised prison system companies would yield greater results for society. 2. I agree with much of what you say but Sikhs need to be careful that if all Sikhs start to avoid enrollment in Diaspora Police forces then there are larger communities that will likely control policing to the detriment of Sikhs. Ie greater Sikh and African Diaspora representation are needed in the Police. But I agree it's insulting when they set up their stalls at the Gurdwara. But being antagonistic against the Police purely for the sake of it will get us nowhere as a minority. We as a Panth can still criticise racist or anti-Sikh police officers or systemically racist police departments when need be. But having no Sikh or low levels of minority representation in local Police forces leads to the events like Ferguson in America where a majority black community was controlled and brutalised by mainly white police. Similarly when 80% of the Punjab-based recruits into the racist British Empire's Indian Army representation from Punjab were Muslims, much as it pains me to say it, had there been zero Sikhs with Army training the situation during the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs could have been far worse. Sister you are totally correct to highlight these frauds but it would be more accurate to describe Sham etc as Pakistani puppets. As he call Singhs who oppose his pimping for the Pakistani terrorist regime as "incels" yet his best friend Lord Nazir Ahmad is all good in Sham's eyes despite being a convicted pedophile. It is beyond belief that Sham will never refer to the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs during which 25% of Sikhs there were killed but because the Pakistani ISI bankroll him and the American clown Pannun they are suddenly the best terrorist regime on Earth. Note how 3 of the 5 below are Pakistani's and how Pannun's aim was to give $19million to the Pakistani terrorist regime (and raised by him from gullible Sikhs). Pamma the one with the Dastar lived for so many years in his beloved Pakistan that he has lost the plot about how much money the Pakistani terrorist regime makes from drug sales to Sikh youth in east Punjab and these 2020 types want more and more of their Muslim brothers to settle in east Punjab. All the the time these clowns like Sham are promoting Pakistan, we as Sikhs are heading closer to becoming a minority in Punjab by the 2031 census (and our eye is being taking off the ball regarding that by these 2020 Pakistani puppets) and the vital need for us to support poor Sikhs and the below replacement Sikh birth rate and massive levels of abortion going on in east Punjab along with Pakistani supplied drugs. The biggest thing we as Sikhs now need after the last 40 years in east Punjab is a period of stability, peace and economic growth via inward investment from overseas Sikhs yet Sham idiotically advocates armed struggle against India in 2022 not realising that India has a $3trillion economy (and a military budget 10 times bigger than what it was in 1984) and is courted and supported by all of the West and Russia and on the trajectory to being a $42trillion economy by 2050. https://www.statista.com/statistics/262742/countries-with-the-highest-military-spending/ Bhai Jagraj Singh was 100% correct that armed struggle for Majha and Malwa (as Doaba is already majority non-Sikh) in this current time will yield zero results but parchaar to 250 million Dalits throughout India and the one billion poor people who are falsely defined as "Hindu's" by the BJP can achieve Khalsa Raj of a bigger kind without bloodshed which will benefit no one (least of all us as Sikhs). Sister, I think Paji meant the openly non-Sikh Punjabi traitors whose parents or ancestors were Sikhs as the ones who are the most disloyal collaborators like so many in Punjab Police and these various clown singers working for RAW and Muslim or Hindu owned record labels.
  13. True bro in 2011 when 1.7% of Indians were enumerated as Sikhs that translated as 20million Sikhs back in 2011. The problem is that with a vastly below replacement fertility rate since 2011 there is no guarantee that Sikhs will be much more than 20million by 2050 or the 2051 census when the Indian population is projected to 1,650-1,700 million with Muslims on track to be 350million among that figure. The Sikh population in India needs to be 100million plus strong by the planned census of 2051 if we diaspora Sikhs do our best to financially support education, healthcare and parchaar to the most economically weak communities in Punjab and throughout India.
  14. Great posts Ji + I am in full agreement with everything you say. We as Sikhs need to ditch this pathetic concept of Punjabiyat. Sikhi + the Punjabi language are all Punjabi Sikhs need. The reason the Harvest Festival nonsense is promoted over Vaisakhi (Khalsa Sajna Diwas) is that the opponents of Sikhi are scared of the 1.4 Billion Indian population realising that our Panj Piare from Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Sialkot standing up in 1699 was the most revolutionary and incredible instance of the oppressed standing up in the land of India from day one through the indisputable Truth of Sikhi.
  15. "The Muslim Community has a fertility rate of 2.3, with the Hindu community following at 1.94 in NFHS 5. The Christian community has a fertility rate of 1.88, the Sikh community at 1.61, the Jain community at 1.6 and the Buddhist and neo-Buddhist community at 1.39—the lowest rate in the country." What the figures above neglect to mention is that the Muslims marry off their girls at age 16 in India and that excluding Jains (who are primarily from a business background), the Muslims have the second highest proportion of castes termed as "general category" in India or "higher caste" in Pakistan and yet still have the highest fertility rates. In contrast most non-Muslim men in India are getting married at around twice the age that most Muslim females get married at. The two minority Dharmic faiths which are composed of a majority of economically downtrodden backgrounds (98% in the case of Buddhists and 52% in the case of Sikhs) which have the most to offer India have below replacement levels of TFR and which implies that even the poorest non-Muslims in India have lower fertility rates than so-called "higher caste" Muslims such as the Muslim Rajputs (Ranghars), Muslim Brahmins (Butts), Muslim Khatri's (Sheikhs), Pathans, Syeds etc. The statistics imply a trajectory that there will be more than One Billion Muslims plus just across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by 2050 in contrast to 20 million or less Sikhs in India by then unless our community gets serious about serious sewa and parchaar to non-Punjabi's in India (alongside the poorest communities in Punjabi and the Bihari's already resident in Punjab).
  16. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/nation/at-least-8-dead-in-mass-shooting-at-buffalo-supermarket Nazi drove 200miles to massacre African Americans killing 10 innocent victims at the latest count https://nypost.com/2022/05/15/buffalo-supermarket-mass-shooting-victims-identified/
  17. @Kau89r8 Professor Sahib make a very deep and sincerely heartfelt point in relation to the likelihood of Sikhs becoming a minority in Punjab by the 2031 census (just like we already are in Doaba despite many of the Sikh Diaspora having roots there). However, emigration by Sikhs from Punjab will not end any time soon. What we as Diaspora Sikhs need to do is financially support parchaar and integration of Bihari's and other poor non-Sikh communities in Punjab into the Panth as primarily sehajdhari Sikhs with of course Amritdhari's from the most committed. Pakistan (and Muslim countries more generally) actively support emigration as state policy (via assistance) as it raises foreign currency reserves and remittances from the Diaspora, whilst the Muslim home country still grows strongly in population due to a high fertility rate TFR whilst gaining greater political and financial clout in the West. Amritpal Singh is absolutely correct in what he says but aman-shanti is essential in east Punjab as RAW uses disturbances to disrupt inward investment into Punjab and hence why the top state economically has become a laggard. But via NRI Sikhs investments and decent governance in Punjab the next 5 years the economy there ought to grow by 50% @ Dally Paji given that the major export commodity of Punjab (wheat) is purchased by Delhi for half the price it openly sells for on the open market globally (imagine the Muslims selling oil at half price and their economies failing as a result) then how would you foresee suicides ever ending in such a scenario (in the absence of parchaar that suicide and hunger strikes are not condoned by Sikhi)?
  18. I hear you Paji but anybody that is casteist cannot be Sikh by definition and we need to declare a Dharam Yudh on such types. It is simply not acceptable for so-called Sikhs (fake ones) to infect our Qaum with cancerous Hindu and Muslim ideology like the wretched caste system (or racism). Those two pejorative terms are the exact words the Muslims use about our (Sikh) Qaum. They perceive us Sikhs as a "chuhre-chamaarah di Qaum" because Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji were the bravest of the brave in the eyes of the Sikh Qaum. Yet to the Muslim slavemasters they describe Bhai Jaita Ji (Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji) as a "Bihari Chuhra" according to the notion of purity of lineage among white-skinned Muslims like the Slavemaster Pedophile Muhammad. Similarly the Muslim Qazi's and Aurangzeb were dumbfounded that Shaheed Bhai Sangat Ji led the Sikh Fauj at Guru Sahib's behest and the Muslims scoffed that the Sikh Fauj was being led by an *erstwhile* Chamar in the Muslim eyes. We Sikhs bow down daily before the Shabad Guru and shloks of Dhan Dhan Baba Ravidas Ji Maharaj. We as Sikhs are the *only* true haqdaar who can rightfully claim to be Ravidassia as Sikhi is based upon the anti-casteist and Gurmat philosophy of Dhan Dhan Baba Ravidas Ji Maharaj as the pro-Hindutva and casteist Dera Ballan apartheid franchise is not some new religion that has arisen organically but is a Congress and Hindutva RAW-sponsored creation designed to convert one of the biggest demographic components of the Sikh Panth (Sikhs of Ravidasi heritage) into tomorrow's "Hindu Chamar votebank". What Nehru realised was that if all those (currently) 60million strong of leatherworking ancestry came to realise that the Sikh Fauj was led by a Gurmukh like Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh Ji and that all Sikhs bow down daily to the greatness of someone (*our* Shabad Guru - Dhan Dhan Baba Ravidas Ji Maharaj) that the Hindu's and Muslims openly despise as a Chamar then a Sikh population that would QUADRUPLE what it was then (and now) would be a massive threat to his pathetic rule that the racist British Empire deliberately gifted him (and Jinnah) with. Hence the recent state-sponsored proliferation of this apartheid franchise (Dera Ballan). If we do not eradicate and expel casteists from our midst and focus on our Mazhabi Sikh and Ravidasi Sikh brothers upliftment in this decade then it is likely to be the case that Sikhs will be a minority (like we already are in Doaba) in even Majha and Malwa by the 2031 census (which would have been unthinkable 75years ago).
  19. @proudkaur21 These clowns are proud of being the Punjabi version of Nazi collaborators proudly grinning at the paychecks RAW and their non-Sikh masters feed them in order to negate the philosophy of Sikhi and sow disunity in the Panth. There is nobody lower than the person that sells out their own community to outright work for the enemy. These dogs promoting anti-Sikh culture of drugs, alcohol, caste pride, crime, promiscuity, abortion on behalf of RAW would be dealt with by a bullet by any other community. Others who advocate the opposite for Sikh youth end up conveniently killed soon thereafter. These people are non-Sikhs and should be forced to join their beloved blood brothers in Pakistan like General Bajwa or their superhero Sajjan Kumar in Delhi. The best way we fight and defeat these collaborator casteists hell bent on destroying the Sikh Panth is by ensuring that every Pind in Punjab only has a single united Gurdwara for all and preventing the proliferation of abortion clinics in east Punjab
  20. @ChardikalaUK Ji. Paji you are absolutely correct that this urban myth stupidly blaming Sikhs (instead of Nehru) is beyond bizarre. However, the 10million present day Buddhists in India that could have been part of the Panth today is no small number. Especially in the context that Sikhs numbered 20million in India in the 2011 census and now the India population is estimated to show 1.4 Billion population with Sikh population likely to remain static due to below replacement fertility rates among Sikhs. (Meanwhile the Pakistani's have increased their population from 25million in 1947 to around 225million currently and are projected to reach 400million Slavemaster Pedophile supporters by 2050). These Ambedkarite Buddhists are 100% our people (fellow Sikhs in essence) even if Nehru and the British Empire temporarily succeeded in preventing them from joining the Panth. So the main thing is we focus on the 250 million so-called Dalits and 1,000 million poor people in India. But we can only do that when we unite every pind in Punjab under a single united Gurdwara and defeat the deep state (RAW) strategy to turn present day Sikhs of Ravidasi and Mazhabi ancestry into tomorrow's Hindu Dera Ballan and Hindu Balmiki Dera apartheid worshippers as that would turn the Sikh Panth into a minority in Majha and Malwa overnight (just like we already are a minority in Doaba where many in the Sikh Diaspora have roots).
  21. @DailyMailJi you are 100% correct. Whilst it is great that if anyone from whatever background becomes Sikh and we welcome them into Panth. The fact remains that the likely primary overwhelming source of new Sikhs outside Punjab are the so-called Dalits and poor Indians. British Sikh Council (formerly known as the Scottish Sikh Council) are doing a good job supporting Sikligar Sikhs too it must be said but collectively we definitely cannot ignore non-Punjabi's given that 90% of Punjabi's could care less about Sikhi after 500 plus years. Whilst there are some economically distressed Jaats from Haryana that were demanding reservation who are against the BJP there are also a greater number of wealthy Jaats who have been intimately connected to anti-Sikh power in Delhi for a long time like Sajjan Kumar and the billionaire types that owns DLF Land that built Gurgaon/Gurugram etc and Indian Army chiefs like General Malik and General Dalbir Singh Suhag so there is very low likelihood of these wealthier Jaats suddenly becoming Sikh when they are so closely connected with the epicentre of power in the country (ie the status quo and Hindutva suits them just fine). However, the communities we need to absolutely focus are the historical communities that held Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj dear before Nehru became Prime Minister (but who have been systematically estranged from the Panth over the last 75years via financial pressure). These erstwhile sehajdhari Nanakpanthi Sikhs number 100million! (These lost "Rangrete" are "Guru ke Bete") This includes all those tens of millions in India of ancestry associated with leatherworking professions like Dhan Dhan Baba Ravidas Ji Maharaj, all those tens of millions of non-Punjabi Bhangi's who have been estranged from the Panth from similar backgrounds to Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji and all those tens of millions of erstwhile Sikhs of Kabirpanthi background that revere Dhan Dhan Baba Kabir Ji Maharaj, Sanatani's, Vanjara's, Assam Sikhs to name a few and many indigenous tribes where Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj had done parchaar. Beyond that there are 250million so-called Dalits in India and 1,000million poor people in India who could tomorrow become sehajdhari Sikhs if we merely explain the basics of why Sikhi is the only truth that can uplift humanity. However, instead of us doing the obvious outside in Punjab the enemies of the Panth are determined to detach all Sikhs of Ravidasi and Mazhabi ancestries in Punjab away from the Sikh Panth and re-brand our people (present day Sikhs) into tomorrow's Hindu Dera Ballan and Hindu Balmiki Dera apartheid worshippers as that would leave the Sikh Panth as a minority in Majha and Malwa by the time of the next census in 2031. There should be no bigger priority for Panth than supporting our brothers and sisters in east Punjab from these background and ensuring that each pind in Punjab (and locality in the West) only has one single united casteless Gurdwara. Without ensuring that, the Panth cannot progress.
  22. ScAli regarding Master Tara Singh this is inaccurate history and slander that you might have misheard from some nindak presumably. Master Tara Singh Ji was a Hindu convert himself to Sikhi who desperately wanted all Indians (especially the poor) to embrace Sikhi. It was Nehru that threatened Dr Ambedkar that he will not permit SC/ST reservations seats should Dr Ambedkar decide to become Sikh. The false urban myth regarding Master Tara Singh (who championed the poor) is somewhat similar to the tale being spun nowadays that it was Sikhs who wanted Indira Gandhi to attack in June 1984 when nothing could be further from the truth. After August 15th 1947 Nehru worked hard upon detaching sehajdhari Sikhs outside Punjab away from the Panth. As these sehajdhari Sikhs held Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj close to their hearts. That population of erstwhile sehajdhari Sikhs presently detached from the Panth numbers in excess of 100 million people in India today. Similarly, Nehru encouraged Punjabi speaking Sikhs via financial inducement to give their children the surnames of Ram, Kumar, Devi and Rani on birth certificates and declare Hindi as their mother tongue as a tactic in order to lesson demands for a Punjabi suba. Kanshi Ram was one of those children as his parents were called Hardev Singh and Bibi Bishan Kaur. As the realisation that Nehru had was that if all those associated with leatherworking ancestry outside Punjab were to enumerate as self-declared sehajdhari Sikhs on the 1951 census then the population of the Sikh Panth would have QUADRUPLED over 1941 census numbers which themselves were almost double the 1881 thanks to the dedication of Giani Ditt Singh Ji of the Lahore Singh Sabha who was always derided by the Muslim and Hindu enemies of the Panth for being a "Chamar" intellectual leading the Sikh Panth. And that's before factoring for what Nehru did to decouple Kabirpanthi Sikhs, Sanatani Sikhs from UP and Bihar, Hazoori Sikhs from Patna, Vanjara Sikhs outside Punjab and indeed even many Sikligar and Deccan Sikhs outside Punjab who particularly since 1947 have in many instances assimilated into the surrounding majority due to the financial penalties imposed upon them for daring to enumerate as Sikhs despite them being poor in the first place. For obvious reasons Nehru did not desire a powerful hardworking and upwardly mobile Sikh minority of 10% of the Indian population as that would have matched Muslim numbers in India and hence why his descendants created Dera Ballan in order to fragment the Sikh Qaum and turn it into a demographic minority in Punjab and rebrand 60million Ravidasi Sikhs throughout India as Hindu Chamars with a brand new pilgrimage enriching the Hindutva supporting shopkeepers of Benares to match. Thanks to Dr Ambedkar there are now almost 10million Buddhists in India but obviously as a minority of less than 1% among a 1.4billion population they have very limited power. If those 10million Buddhists were Sikhs today instead then the Sikh Panth would have a 50% larger population and more ability to fight for progressive social change and Sarbat da Bhala throughout India and the Congress Genocide of Sikhs could well have been avoided. Certainly if all the sehajdhari Sikhs detached from the Panth in the 35years prior to 1984 had remained Sikh then there would have been no chance whatsoever of Indira Gandhi daring to perpetrate a Genocide against Sikhs comprising 10% of the Indian population. Regardless of the fact that Nehru was able to strongarm Dr Ambedkar into preventing him and his followers from joining Sikhi there is nothing stopping us focussing on the 250 million poorest and downtrodden Indians now known as Dalits. But in order to do so we need to united every pind in Punjab under a single united saanjha Gurdwara with immediate effect. And if we look beyond Dalits and include all poor people in India currently falsely defined as "Hindu's" for votebank politics the number is 1,000million poor people in India who are yearning for freedom, equality and dignity to become tomorrow's sehajdhari Sikhs outside Punjab (if we can clean up the apartheid disease foisted on the Qaum since 1984 in east Punjab first). Exactly the majority of the Sikh Panth have always been from the historically lower economic echelons of Punjabi society whereas the vast majority of Punjabi Muslims take pride in their supposedly "high caste" ancestry. Master Tara Singh Ji in fact opened Khalsa College at Matunga, Bombay to enable those children derided as "lower castes" by Hindu and Muslim society to get an education. It was this sewa bhawaana of Sikhs assisting our gareeb brethren under Master Tara Singh's direction in far away Maharashtra that first kindled Dr Ambedkar's interest in Sikhi. Yes it is a shame Nehru swerved Dr Ambedkar away from Sikhi back then but we need to concentrate on what we can do in today's present time to encourage all of the poor and downtrodden globally (but especially in east Punjab, in India outside Punjab and among non-Muslim black Africans) to feel welcome, supported and equal stakeholders within the Sikh Panth as all so-called "low castes" are true natural born Sikhs who we should prioritise.
  23. The fault lies with us as Punjabi Sikhs for not focussing upon the poor and downtrodden as Sikhi instructs us to do. Outside of east Punjab, Sikhs comprise 0.3% of the rest of the Indian population. Most Indians have no knowledge of Sikhi which is not surprising given that our own people don't even know who and where our Panj Piare were from and that most of them were from backgrounds that the Hindu's and Muslims consider "low caste". Via a combination of sewa, parchaar and social upliftment in Punjab itself and to the poor in India outside Punjab we should be able to build upon facts such as: *the recent Chief Minister of east Punjab (Channi) was from a so-called "low caste" background in the eyes of Hindu's and Muslims and in stark contrast to the fact that Pakistani Punjab is run by a Muslim Brahmin - Hamza Shahbaz (Butt). *the Chief Jathedar of the SGPC is from a so-called "low caste" background *the majority of Granthi's & Gursewaks at Gurdwara's are from a so-called "low caste" background *Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh Ji led the Sikh Fauj at Guru Sahib's behest which the Muslims scoffed at the Sikh Qaum being led by an erstwhile "Chamar" in the Muslim Slavemaster's eyes. *Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji was derided as a "Bihari Chuhra" by the Muslim enemies of the Sikh Panth yet is amongst the bravest of the brave our Panth ever blessed us with. *the number of so-called "low caste" MLA's have consistently exceeded the number of Jat MLA's since 1980's *the majority of Kesdhari youth left in Punjab are from a so-called "low caste" background *so-called "low castes" comprise 34% plus of the east Punjab population in contrast to Jats who are 21% of the population *Singh Sabha was driven forward by Giani Ditt Singh who was decried by Muslims and Hindu's for being of Chamar ancestry And given the majority of the Panj Piare were from a so-called "low caste" background in the eyes of the Hindu and Muslim enemies of the Sikh Panth ... The main question we need to ask ourselves is why are we as Diaspora Sikhs so weak in doing sewa and parchaar about Sikhi to 250 million so-called "Dalits" in India? We could make a start by ensuring Sikhs only worship in one united saanjha Gurdwara for all in every pind in Punjab and every locality in the West and funding the education of poor Sikhs and so-called Dalits outside Punjab as done by Baru Sahib and British Sikh Council and the Sikh Human Development Foundation.
  24. Because Sikhi cannot be restricted to Majha and Malwa alone. It is the one and only Truth that can benefit all of Humanity. Sikhs were a minority demographic in every single district of Punjab in 1947 and it is only through the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs that Sikhs ended up becoming a majority in Majha and Malwa. And Sikhi cannot be restricted to just those two areas of Punjab (with Sikhs being a minority in Doaba) and we need to redouble parchaar to non-Punjabi's and non-Muslim black Africans as Guru Sahib are Jagat Guru for the whole World. Yes this vision that it's somehow ok for Sikhi to be restricted to those who are born into Sikh families in the two areas of east Punjab where Sikhs are still a majority is a parochial vision given that after 500 plus years of Sikhi in Punjab only 10% of the present day inhabitants of erstwhile united Punjab are Sikh. We need to look at new Sikhs (primarily non-Punjabi's) that can rejuvenate the spirit of the whole Panth. 1. It is too simplistic and conveniently easy to just say that it is trashy Punjabi pop culture that has caused all this. Gangster Rap is not the only reason why African Americans are suffering in America (though of course the messaging given to AA youth by an industry where the main real profits are controlled by non-Black financiers is a part of the destruction of their community). The cultural targetting of a sub-community which is only one fifth of the population of east Punjab (but 40% of the Sikh population in east Punjab) is part of a systematic attempt by the deep state (RAW) to destroy Sikhi and destroy Unity amongst Sikhs who are casteless by definition and replace the same with a mindless culture of anti-Sikh lifestyles involving caste pride, drugs, crime, alcohol, promiscuity, casual sex, abortion and the absolute opposite of the hard-working identity that ALL Sikhs were renowned for prior to 1984 and which Sikhs exhibit overseas. United we Stand as we see with our Panj Piare from Karnataka, Odisha, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Sialkot in 1699 but Divided we fall as we see in the exponential growth of these apartheid cancer mindsets being infiltrated into the Qaum since 1984. 2. It shows your parents are good and intelligent Sikhs. Why would any Sikh be more proud of a tribal identity which is mostly Muslim and 85% non-Sikh and contains such anti-Sikh luminaries as Liaquat Ali Khan (1st Prime Minister of Pakistan), General Bajwa (current ruler of Pakistan), Air Chief Marshal Sidhu (Chief of the Pakistani Air Force) and Sajjan Kumar and the majority of the Delhi Police from 1984 when Sikhs were burnt to death by Congress goons not to mention the majority of Mirpuri groomers. The only thing Sikhs can possibly have pride in is Sikhi which stands for the obliteration ("kul nash") of the Hindu and Muslim caste system and our Qaumi Shaheeds who valiantly discarded their esrtwhile identies of Mazhabi (Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji), Jatt (Baba Deep Singh Ji), Ravidasi (Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh Ji), Tarkhan (Shaheed Bhai Sukha Singh Ji), Rajput (Bhai Mani Singh Ji), Brahmin (Shaheed Bhai Mati Das Ji), Gujjar (Mata Gujjar Kaur Ji), Arora (Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa Ji), Chimba (Bhai Mokham Singh Ji), Nai (Bhai Sahib Singh Ji), Jhiwar (Bhai Himmat Singh Ji) and too many amazing GurSikhs to mention that became some of our bravest Gurmukhs without any caste affiliation as Sikhi despises the caste system. They were fearless Shaheeds because they were dedicated Sikhs of the Guru and not on account of the erstwhile family identities which they discarded and paid no heed to. I disagree. I sincerely believe that the casteist elements amongst some of those of Jatt, Tarkhan, Ravidasi, Khatri, Bhatra ancestry backgrounds in the UK, for example, are a sponsored minority among each (albeit loudly barking and carrying influence beyond their minority numbers) of those backgrounds respectively. I firmly believe that any Sikh with half a brain cell is opposed to the Hindu and Muslim concept of caste and supports the ongoing campaign for only one United Gurdwara per pind in Punjab (or locality in the West). That's exactly what it is. As a united casteless Sikh Panth there is nothing that Sikhs cannot achieve together. But if we fall prey to this apartheid agenda by RAW to divide and destroy the Sikh Panth via apartheid golak's and apartheid matrimonial circles then we will only have ourselves to blame. We as the Sikh Diaspora need to put our money where our mouth is and put everything into the campaign to unite each and every pind in Punjab under a single united casteless Gurdwara for all (starting with our own ancestral pinds that we are from). 1. Exactly, the common thread amongst those who care about Sikhi is that everyone who does so hates and despises the Hindu and Muslim caste system. Our whole Itihaas is 100% about the non-validity of caste identities and the fact that most of our Panj Piare and most of our humble sincere Gursewaks are from the castes the Hindu's and Muslims despise and exclude the most means we need to fight casteism within a loudly barking minority that are working to destroy the community from within on behalf of their RAW handlers. We need an emphatic Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Don't Promote mentality when it comes to any other identity besides Sikh. 2. What the deep state (RAW) has achieved in terms of destroying the Sikh Panth via their proxies from within since 1980 is standard silent Genocide copied from the playbook the racist Slavemaster Empires employed in the America's, Africa and Australasia etc. We as Sikhs cannot sit still and allow apartheid mindsets to set the agenda and define what Sikhi is perceived as. The Dharam Yudh to unite every single pind (and locality in the West) under a single united casteless Gurdwara in the next 5years will be the key to defeating this cancer, ending matrimonial apartheid and uniting the Qaum. When the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs was carried out the Muslim Jatts, Muslim Rajputs, Muslim Brahmins, Muslim Khatri's etc did not care which profession the Sikhs followed when killing our people in 1947. Neither did any Congress goon bother to check the caste birth certificates issued since 1980 before burning thousands of Sikhs to death in November 1984 in Delhi. We Sikhs recognise that all professions are equally noble and meritorious by default in contrast to Christianity, Islam and Hinduism (which promote Slavery and the oppression of Manu Smriti respectively). 3. Strangling the economy of Punjab and discouraging investment into east Punjab by overseas Sikhs is all part of the deep state (RAW) agenda parallel to the mindless anti-Sikh and so-called Punjabi entertainment industry controlled by Hindu's and Muslims. However, if Bhagwant Mann can encourage tourism and investment by overseas Sikhs then the economy may well grow more than the 50% it is projected to over the next 5years. Up until 1984 Punjab was the strongest state economy in India, however, lumping all the debt on to the state for the Congress Genocide of Sikhs was a clever trick to depress economic growth in Punjab. Pakistani assets like Pannun are also used by RAW simply to discourage investment into east Punjab. We as ordinary Sikhs have to do our part by focussing our money and travels to east Punjab (never enriching the terrorist Pakistani regime in the vicinity). And focussing all our efforts on educating the poorest Sikhs in east Punjab and building a service economy in which Diaspora Sikhs can financially benefit as well as uplifting our own in east Punjab (which is projected to be a $1 trillion economy by 2050 as part of a $42trillion economy in India). The question is do we want to be an ever decreasing minority in Punjab by that time (2050) or do we as ordinary Sikhs who are sickened by the casteism of a vocal minority working for anti-Sikh forces and sickened by the lack of Unity and pyaar within the Panth have what it takes to play our part to helping the Sikh Panth become the biggest united casteless non-Muslim indigenous community in India with a 100 million plus demographic within 28years time. Uniting each and every pind in Punjab under a single casteless Gurdwara and stamping out the disease of matrimonial apartheid that it has helped promote within the next 5years will be key to determining which scenario of the two plays out. We need a Dharam Yudh on this basis far more today than we ever arguably did 40 years ago.
  25. 1. Ok bro educate me on why Hindu's should support this? 2. Many Hindu's saved countless Sikh lives in Delhi during the November 1984 Genocide. So what exactly is wrong in even having say 60million allies like that? Or are you one of those thinkers that define Sikhs as a 2% minority in east Punjab as you only count folks like Parkash Badal as Sikhs hence you feel we don't need any sehajdhari non-Punjabi's to join the Sikh Panth for Sarbat da Bhala? 3. You didn't answer the question: So Muslims can convert anybody. Christians can convert anybody. Hindutva thinkers can define anyone who isn't Sikh, Jain, Buddhist or Muslim in India as a Hindu. But Sikhi cannot educate today's so-called non-Sikhs in India as to why Vaisakhi 1699 was the most revolutionary date in History when our Panj Piare from Gujarat, from Odisha, from Karnataka, from Hastinapur and from Sialkot stood up for Truth, Equality and Justice. 4. Yes we all know that Begumpura will never exist anywhere outside of Khalsa Raj, however, again you did not answer the question, which was, Can you explain to me how you are a (ghulam) slave in America today?
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