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  1. 2 Singhs have become Saheed in Kotkapura firing by killer police of Punjab many injred so badly one of the victims have got 40 pellets on his back some have lost limbs the police used SLRS and Pump action guns in big way,
  2. The judge Singhvi was biashed from day one and his comments on sikhs for justice petition is wellknown.It is unknown in legal history any judge will order hanging of mentally unstable person the real terorrists r judges.These types of people have fake national pride while they send their chidren to western world.The NRIS can hold protests aginist these types of fake people.
  3. In dukhniwaran Patiala taksal sells shasters at in very concessional rates then last shop in lane has rare shasters like teer kaman and iron teers Singhs can buy these shasters,
  4. These r nice Shasters I have seen a khanda in a shop in Patiala apart from jambiya sword.
  5. A very nice analysis but there is some motivation and honesty on part of some organisation fighting for sikh rights for example Manvinder Singh Giaspura was the person who exposed the hondhchiller killings but sikhs for justice tried to take credit for the cases which was contested indepentdly by Manvinder Singh Giaspura through his lawyer Brijinder Singh loomba which extended the jusisdiction of probe to guagoan and patuadi area but peermohhamad has no role the result was the detection of new sites of massacres.One must see the no of visits of hondh chiller committee and sikhs for justice vis
  6. Please do not demean the kakar each shaster is valuable my 9 inch kirpan can. divide a solid grill into 2 parts it is lack of fighting spirit which resulted in wearing of blunt kirpans we call ourselves liberal and created good professionals but forgot the solider like featues result was 1984and fake encounters of sikhs if we convert our fold the khalsa into true milatary form then we will be able to save ourselves.
  7. It seems the stage is set for war due to certain devolepments one rapid increase in Pakistan nuclear weapons secondly rise of muslim fanatics and hindu fanatics on both sides.Another blunder Indian overconfidant officials made to chanllenge china on sea on south China sea and other places and utterances of their hinduwadi scientists that they can destroy China in mintues and chnese doctrine of 2003 in which it has excluded India from first strike and stated it will and has capabitity to destroy indian missiles.This makes clear that there is going to be war and India is going to be suffered.Sha
  8. It is said despite losing case in court they did all with help of officials.
  9. That lady sister of Sarbjit is making fun of sikhi she is not aware of definition of sikh given in rehatnama and sikh rehatnamas.Secondly it was also reported earilier that He did convert to Islam just to escape death sentence.Noone forced anyone to become muslim it was their own decision.Earlier also Dalbir Kaur did make demeaning comments about sikh fighters
  10. I do not blame if u call our guru bible while other religious books r treated like books as it contains fiction storeies but Guru Granth Shiab is guru its words r guru words gurshabad if u listen to it in open mind even u may not be knowing gurbani u will understand it.Second concept is Guru Panth it is khalsa panth represented by Panch piaras,we have great sikhs like Bhai Taru Singh ji ,mANI sINGH JI WHO GAVEUP THEIR LIVES LIKE TRUE SIKHS.DOES RADHASOAMI SOCALLED GURU HAS GUTS TO GET HIS SKULL SEPERATED LIKE TARU SINGHJI .He is busy diverting river water to his dera in beas making farmers poo
  11. I just did not want to discuss this unsignifacant topic which has been importance by Indian media.First India is boasting that it has deployed antimissile systems in Delhi and its missiles can destroy China.In a book written by w.e williams in 1994 Critical mass HAS NOTED NUCLEAR CAPABITIES OF ALL nations .It has noted that China has devloped most advance anti missile defence not dependant on missile to missile defence but deploying laser defence and copied the defence project of defected US scientist Gerald bull ho was killed by mossad gunmen before the start of 1991 gulf war .China in 2003 h
  12. This shows communal bend of mind of Jakhar families his father in 1987 has said"e can afford the death of 14000 soliders to wipe out 15 million sikhs from India Balram Jakhar is his father who said it.Mr Jakhar should be grateful to sikhs that this kind of people r allowed to survive in Punjab,and those bussineessmen who support anti sikh people like Ashutosh r amaasing wealth and r living in Punjab.
  13. On 27 april the Punjab and Haryana high court has increased the scope of probe of 1984 from Hondh chiller to Guragoan areas and patuadi also probe not covered by Nanavati commission in Public interest Litigation filed by Manvinder Singh Giaspura versus state of haryana cwp no 3821 /2012 earler similiar petitions filed by sikhs for justice were dismissed by same bench .Now commission headed by garg has powers to seek police help.It is great boost for victims now it is for victims to come forward and follow the example of Nirpat kaur in sajjan kumar case .It is great efforts by Manwinder Singh
  14. U seem to project ur self higher than Guru first be a good sikh .Guru ji said Rehat Pyari mujh ko Sikh Pyara nahi.U seem to forget the misdeeds of nirmals,udasis after the Ranji Singh when these sects controlled the gurdwaras .They used to exploit the sikh women and introduced hindu practces in the Gurdwaras and all udassis and nirmalas supported and helped Mahant Narain dass and others in massacre of sikhs see the book about Akali morchas wriiten by some writer josh
  15. Bro these r not my points but these r contents of Rehatnama dictated by Guru Gobind Singh ji and use of word Sirgum by Guru Nanak dev ji .Those mona sikhs r welcome who r out of ignorance went the other way or swayed by others Bhai Rajnona has given the direction but others who has bad intention have adopted dehdharis or cuts hair just to call them modern take the example of a girl being a sikh who demeaned sikhi in reality show of MTV in roadies should not have any place in our fraternityand these kind of people have no regard for sikh saheeds.
  16. First I want to clarify what some people call sikhs mona sikhs is disgrace to sikhi there r only gursikhs ,secondly who discard seal of Guru THE KESH r called Sirgums these r those those sikhs who borns in sikh families discards kesh and those who discards kesh after taking the Amrit r PATIT,Sirgums r banished from sikhi by Guru Gobind Singhji who r classified along with Kurimarr,Narimar or sikhs taking tobacco ,,,,dhirmayis etc. Anyone having social relations with them r excluded from sikhi,Sirgum word was used by guru Nanak Dev ji.Snapati who has seen the times of guru ji has written this in
  17. These forces SFF ,SSB AND GUARDS WERE TRAINED by sas forces of Britain in1962 only announcements were there of NSG But such force were there Guards regiment was also called National guards and r best commodoes even today. Do not doubt the book soliders find it hard to conceal the truth further he was not the only generel there were 6 maj.generels 3 lt generels and total 70,000 troops besides 20,000 CRPF and 15000 BSF ,5000 sff and others these sources can never be confirmed these r consisdered classified secrets.
  18. Do not confuse NSG with National Guards regiment of Indian Army an elite regiment of Indian Army it is called guards special guards or national guards it was foemed 60s best men r taken from other regiments.NGG was formaly annonced in 1986 but in severel special forces such as SFF , SSB and others were in service since 1962 trained SAS forces of Britain due to defeat of Indian forces at the hands of china.these forces r better trained and armed than NSG.These forces took part in operation bluestar and were defeated by singhs .So do not confuse army regiments with NSG further these elite forces
  19. These r manipur ladies who were gangraped by Indian forces and they r protesting.Naxallites have history of being enimity with sikh movement .In 1984 before operation bluestar some ex naxallites planned to Kill sant ji but failed .Naxals of Punjab had formed anti sikh armed group at the behest harkishan singh surjeet under the name Kartar Singh sarafa force. Some of their leaders were known police cats like balwinder singh of bhikiwind,dayal singh of indian lions.These people r clever due to pressure on their cadre in other places in INDIA.nOW THEY R TRING TO REVIVE THEIR MOVEMENT IN pUNJAB .T
  20. What they concealed the fact the Punjab police DSP Jagjit Singh abused Jaswinder Singh made handcuff so tight that it was going to break the hand of Singh DSP also threatened to kill all the 4 in the way to Nabha jail this proved the singhs wwwwwho threw 2 or 3 policemen like balls.The background of Singhs 3 of them jaswinder singh,gurjant singh,manjinder singh got bullet injuries in 5 dec2009 during protest aginist ashutosh pig function and harminder singh is facing trial in ludhiana bomb blast and regarded as the most dangerous after Jagtar Singh hawara
  21. Gurfateh, U r doing nice job my request u to pursue the serious case of Shingar bomb blast case I did talk to my friend in the city who has full of praise for Bhai harminder Singh lawyer Brijinder Singh loomba who has strenthened the defence of the case by putting up some evidence that device used in ludhiana is the same as used in other blasts in India by hindu terorrist groups.Most importantly without proper finacial support that pareticular lawyer is preparing a good defence with the good coordination of local lawyers in the case.If convicted singhs can be given death sentence for which the
  22. Bro again NRI sikhs have been fooled as Manpreet chand badal and his party has fixed match with pprakash chand badal .Further manpreet with trimmed beard has given a new antipanthic party if that creep is not loyal to sikhi he can never loyal to anyone.Manpreet was used to divide the congress vote results r this outcome.So dump both sukhbir chan and manpreet chand in dustbin and gets them recycled.
  23. See bro. there is judgement of supreme court on khalistan that there being no offence being a supporter of khalistan peacefully in balwant singh versus state of Pb in1995 and recently in manvinder singh case regarding recovery of 200 t shirts with pro khalistan and oro bhindrawale slogans he was granted bail by high court. Secondly ur bro just wore a dastar calling him anti national is communal comment u may file criminal case under 153A ,153B EVEN POLICE RUFUSES IT U CAN FILE IT THROUGH JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE HE WILL COME TO HIS SENSES. Has the sikh student ever threatened him or try to elope wi
  24. One of the hindu policeman is abusing and firing from his AK47 there r policemen in Punjab who wears turbans but r non sikhs some r smashing houses of sikh houses .Khalsa should use dhaipat mode of defending and counter attack even a singh armed with small kirpan would have taken that killer policeman as he was not wearing bulletproof jacket sikhs have to use hit and run tactics. I have posted some tips for selfdefence but adm. have got it removed.
  25. I appeal to my sikh brothers to defend themselves as sukhbir chand badal has given free hands to police and hindu fanatics like RSS,shiv sena to kill sikhs as for the last 15 years arms licenses,arm training, and illegal arms has been collected by hindu fanatics in case sikh raise their heads they should repeat 1984. We must prepare our selves againist better armed and better trained hooligans. First tips store red chillies,acid, taksali teghas khanjars who do not have firearms . cover ur doors and windows with solid objects like hard furnitures, collect bricks , stones and LPG CYLINDERS CAN B
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