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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XOmYKZJglvuihKsYRHk8hIWnPXSAtx32/view?usp=drivesdk Baba Thaan Singh was a great sikh. A Muslim admirer made a place for him in Attock in present day Pakistan. Later Maharaja Ranjit Singh changed this place into a Gurdwara Sahib where joint parkash of Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth Sahib was done and jhatka was done regularly. In 1947, sikh Sangat brought the Dasam Bir to patiala where it was in parkash uptill 2012. In 2012 this birr was considered to be too old for parkash and a new Dasam bir was parkashed by Buddha dal and late Baba Mohan Singh
  2. Does anybody know which banis are present in this pothi?
  3. Can someone help me find out where these swaiye are in sri dasam granth, found a interesting article quoting and claiming bhai daya singh ji pyares rehitnama to refer to these along with sravag shabad, dinan ki pritpal, etc. Most of these commonly recited swaiye are present in sri akaal ustat so if anyone can find these two before, please provide feedback on this forum waheguru jio.
  4. When reading Chandi Di Vaar you should be standing and holding a shastar in your hand. Big or small it does not matter. You could also do it sitting but then you must place your shastar in front of you. It should be read at amritvela and before the sun sets. I like to read path with a jot as a big light is usually to bright. You should use a toof for good smell. You can sit on a blanket which is laid out on floor or a bed. You should have some water near you while reading the path. At the end you should drink it and sprinkle it around. I also recommend doing kirtan of this path witj
  5. Been reading this. It's awesome!! Thought I'd share (thanks Paapiman): ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਨਾਮ ਮਾਲਾ ॥ ੴ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ ॥ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਭਗਉਤੀ ਜੀ ਸਹਾਇ ॥ ਅਥ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਨਾਮ ਮਾਲਾ ਪੁਰਾਣ ਲਿਖ੍ਯਤੇ ॥ ਪਾਤਿਸਾਹੀ ੧੦ ॥ ਦੋਹਰਾ ॥ ਸਾਗ ਸਰੋਹੀ ਸੈਫ ਅਸਿ ਤੀਰ ਤੁਪਕ ਤਰਵਾਰਿ ॥ ਸਤ੍ਰਾਤਕਿ ਕਵਚਾਤਿ ਕਰ ਕਰੀਐ ਰਛ ਹਮਾਰਿ ॥੧॥ ਅਸਿ ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾਨ ਧਾਰਾਧਰੀ ਸੈਫ ਸੂਲ ਜਮਦਾਢ ॥ ਕਵਚਾਤਕਿ ਸਤ੍ਰਾਤ ਕਰ ਤੇਗ ਤੀਰ ਧਰਬਾਢ ॥੨॥ ਅਸਿ ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾਨ ਖੰਡੋ ਖੜਗ ਤੁਪਕ ਤਬਰ ਅਰੁ ਤੀਰ ॥ ਸੈਫ ਸਰੋਹੀ ਸੈਹਥੀ ਯਹੈ ਹਮਾਰੈ ਪੀਰ ॥੩॥ ਤੀਰ ਤੁਹੀ ਸੈਥੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤਬਰ ਤਰਵਾਰਿ ॥ ਨਾਮ ਤਿਹਾਰੋ ਜੋ ਜਪੈ ਭਏ ਸਿੰਧੁ ਭਵ ਪਾਰ ॥੪॥ ਕਾਲ ਤੁਹੀ ਕਾਲੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤੁਹੀ ਤੇਗ ਅਰ
  6. Hi can anyone help me find the original text of the following Dasam Bani: “He who repeats night and day the name of Him,Who has full love and confidence in God,Who bestows not a thought on anv but one God,Whose enduring light is inextinguishable,Who puts no faith in fasting and worshipping cemeteries and monasteries,Who only recognises the one God and makes no fetish, Of pilgrimages,alms, charities and austerities:He is recognised as a true member of the Khalsa,In whose heart the light of the Perfect One shines.”
  7. There has been a lot of discussions on Kalki but none about Mahdi Meer who is practically the Kalki of Islam. Guru ji says in chobis avtar that he will kill Kalki avtar. What are the sangats thoughts?
  8. I want to hear the sangatd thoughts on chobis avtar. I highly recommend you to read it. It explains all about Vishnu and his 24 avtars.
  9. Does anybody know who is singing ਖਗ ਖੰਡ ਬਿਹੰਡੰ ਖਲ ਦਲ ਖੰਡੰ ਅਤਿ ਰਣ ਮੰਡੰ ਬਰ ਬੰਡੰ ॥ below https://youtu.be/RGRoK1QTy2M I have been looking for the audio and i cant find it
  10. WhatsApp Video 2020-06-06 at 8.34.16 PM.mp4 I was never really fully convinced on Brahm Kavach, but he is saying Uggardanti too? What will Dhumma supporters say now?
  11. Guest

    I want dasam bani sanchiaa

    Sangat ji , I want to read dasam bani from sanchiaa without line to line explanation. But I don't know where i can get those sanchiaa from punjab . I asked to many shops near gurughar but they have teeka by pandit narain singh sanchiaa . Please help
  12. The above video is telling the viewer certain Bani of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji make the person angry. They say because Dasam Bani is full of bir ras they can't control it and start to get angry. The guy making the claim he gets angry is a 3ho member, Jagat Guru Singh. He reads the Banis he claims which make him angry as part of his nitnem. In a Sikhs nitnem their are Banis from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji; Jap ji sahib and Anand Sahib. If he was doing his nitnem properly wouldn't the Banis of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji calm this guy down? Gurbani read with attention actually gets rid of ange
  13. VJKK VJKF I am wishing to increase my nitnem with more Dasam Bani because I really feel as if I need the bir-ras right now. I already listen to Shastar Naam Mala and Bhagauti Astotar and Brahm Kavach. I am also finding it hard to find a gutka or gutkas with these bani's in them. I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend any gutka with these bani's in them or any other Dasam Bani that they feel is good to do in the day. Thanks in advance! VJKK VJKF!
  14. Are there any Gurdwaras in the UK that hold Akhand Paaths of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji (preferably in the Birmingham area).
  15. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh Question for the sangat here regarding Chaupai Sahib. When reciting the bani what is the correct way of pronouncing this portion of it. ਦੁਸ਼ਟ ਜਿਤੇ ਉਠਵਤ ਉਤਪਾਤਾ ॥ ਸਕਲ ਮਲੇਛ ਕਰੋ ਰਣ ਘਾਤਾ ॥੩੯੬॥ As you can see the first word Dusht has a bindi within it, however I have seen many Gutka Sahib which DON'T have this within it, Some do, some don't. The predicament has been weighing on my mind alot as I don't want to mispronounce gurbani, I'm already very imperfect and probably make millions of mistakes, if there is one I can stop I'd love to. Dusht is a word
  16. Due to a number of rising technical difficulties with Blogger, we have decided to return to our original Wordpress site.Tisarpanth on blogger, however, will still be available as an archive and will occasionally be updated. Winston Churchill once elaborated that to 'change constantly is to be perfect.' Our aim is to be perfect in our mission i.e. reflecting the Sikh past and relating it to the present. In this vein we have also now designed a site which will be much more accessible on SmartPhones and tablets etc. This is not the end of our journey, this is only the beginning. -Tisarpanth. h
  17. This book written by Dr. Harbhajan Singh answers ALL questions on Dasam pita's bani If you have guts, read it before putting any efforts to comment.
  18. Can anyone please tell me where in Dasam Bani it says the following: Raj bina neh Dharam chale hain Dharam bina sab dale male hain
  19. guru gobind singh ji wrote himself as " patshahi 10 " during writing the bani? I have this gutka sahib ji as per saying it is gutka of GGS ji but it has patshahi 10 written on it or it is not that gutka ... features of gutka sahib ji -- outlined pages with 2 purple/black lines.. beautifully handwritten bani especially dasam bani...with red coloured words. bani then outlined with thick yellow line... definitely quite old ... as said by researcher,it dates 1698 A.D.. now only thing that contradicts is the word " patshahi 10 " any opinions? ?? note -- I know patshahi 10 is written durin
  20. Do we let other individuals influence our perception and understanding of Gurbani? I was recently researching Chibber's Bansavalinamah and several elements spoke out to me. 1.) It is via the Bansavalinamah that many Sikh scholars and academicians craft their principle understanding of Dasam Bani, Chandi and Uggardanti but: a.) Chibber is openly hostile to non-Brahmins and decries Gurmat's annihilation of the Vedic caste system. b.) The manifestation of the devi myth is found only in his text and none other. It is important to remember that he was writing in 1769 A.D. whereas Sainapati and o
  21. I was wondering if anyway has ever have done Paath of Chandi Charitar and is fluent cos at 58:50 in this video Gyani Thakur Singh talks about a Charitar which i want to know which it is cos he says it fast thats why and i can't get the jist of it Does anyone know where it might be in this website maybe ? http://searchgurbani.com/dasam_granth/page/175 and another one i need is at 1:01:55 and 1:03:00 in that video where i can find these lines of gurbani Thanks
  22. A history of the neo-Chaupai Sahib. A plea-ful ballad wrought by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to depict the supreme dominance of his monotheistic entity, the 'Kabiyo Bach Bentai Chaupai' was an early victim of Colonial interests during the Anglo-Sikh Wars. Captivated by the mystical initiative imparted by the Khalsa ethos, the Colonial administration despite professing an ardent belief in extreme Abrahamic doctrines was not above indulging in subtle superstitious norms. Incorporating various intelligence emissaries in it's diplomatic delegations to Punjab, the latter hoped to learn the pivotal expres
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