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  1. I've been looking at this recently. It's a very interesting extract from the Chaupa Singh Singh rehatnama as translated and published by Hew McLeod. If it is an accurate account, it suggests that Guru ji didn't expect all Sikhs to fight in war, deeming some unsuitable. I've not compared the translation to the original Panjabi text as given in McLeod's book yet. I'm posting both for people's inspection. I love reading, but unfortunately I just can't do it for prolonged periods in electronic form (ebooks, kindle, ipads etc.), and can't afford to print out the whole ebook at the moment hence I haven't read the book fully yet. Translation: Full book available here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/251660050/The-Chaupa-Singh-Rahit-Nama-Translation-by-Hew-McLeod
  2. A moving letter about Jeremy Corbyn (the new Labour leader)from a man whose soldier son was killed in Iraq. I am a patriot – an immensely proud father of two sons. Both my boys served in the British army, and my eldest, Tom, made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country in Iraq. So I have a strong view on Jeremy Corbyn and patriotism. Corbyn has found himself at the blunt end of a lot of criticism in the media for his supposed lack of patriotism for not singing along with gusto to the national anthem during a memorial service to mark the Battle of Britain at St Paul’s Cathedral earlier this week. Battle of Britain veterans were quoted as saying the Labour leader’s “lack of respect” was astonishing. But I think those who criticise Corbyn should look more deeply at his record. Surely a true patriot is not just a person who follows the laid-out rituals, but one who defends the honour of his country at all levels with pride and vigour. A true patriot would not mislead or deceive his fellow countrymen or put them in harm’s way with no good reason. A patriot would wish to see his country held in high esteem on the world stage with other UN nations firmly in support. This is the man we know Jeremy Corbyn is, from all his words and deeds. Sadly, in sharp contrast we had a false patriot in a leaders such as Tony Blair who would gladly smile and sing his heart out to the national anthem for all to see, but who at the same time was misleading parliament on Iraq, misleading the people and worst of all misleading those brave troops who were to lay down their lives. So many died for the lie of a threat of weapons of mass destruction that never existed. He brought disgrace on Britain, taking us into an illegal war without UN backing. He brought suffering and death to many of our finest – including my son Tom – by sending them to an ill-planned war, ill-equipped. These are hardly the actions of a patriot. Corbyn has gone on record as saying that if Labour were to win a general election and form the government then he would apologise for the catastrophic war in Iraq. He stood firmly behind and supported military families who opposed the illegal war in Iraq in our quest to bring the troops – our sons and daughters, loved ones – home as soon as possible. More recently he has supported the call for Sir John Chilcot to bring a swift end to the farcical delays in the Iraq inquiry. Our country’s true honour would be upheld if those responsible for a war that has created so much havoc and unending destruction were brought to justice for what they did – Tony Blair included. Does the above display a distinct form of patriotism? Fighting for the honour – through honesty and decency – of our country? Let us not forget that if Corbyn had been prime minister back in 2003, Britain would not have entered into war with Iraq on a falsehood. He would have remained true to his people and his beliefs. Then 179 brave troops would not have died, and 3,500 would not have been severely wounded with life changing injuries. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children would not have perished. Would Corbyn willingly exacerbate anti-western feeling around the world and make Britain a less safe place to live? Would he send our troops to risk death on a lie? I think not. Give the guy a break – he just wants a more equal society where people can live in peace. Surely this is a patriotic aim. Maybe it’s an unachievable utopia he strives for, but good luck to him. Reg Keys http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/sep/17/jeremy-corbyn-patriot-war-tony-blair-iraq-labour
  3. Waheguru Ji ta Khalsa Waeguru Ji Ki Fateh. Do you think India will find an excuse to again attack Sikhs of Punjab? Also with ever Increasing tensions with Pakistan, do you think Pakistan could invade Punjab We all Sikhs should arm ourselves with LATEST military technology. So we can defend ourselves and learn Gatka
  4. Looks like War preparations? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54988870 UK military to get biggest spending boost in 30 years Published 2 hours ago IMAGE COPYRIGHTEPA image captionThe armed forces are protecting people in a broader range of areas than ever, the government said, such as by helping with coronavirus testing (pictured) The largest military investment in 30 years is set to be announced by the prime minister - an extra £4bn a year over the next four years. The money will fund space and cyber defence projects such as an artificial intelligence agency, and could create 40,000 new jobs, the government said. Boris Johnson said it would help the UK to "bolster our global influence". The Ministry of Defence's annual budget is around £40bn, so the £16.5bn over four years is about a 10% increase. The extra spending is on top of the Conservatives' 2019 manifesto commitment. Then, the government pledged to increase defence spending by 0.5% above the inflation rate, which is currently at 0.7%, for every year of the current Parliament. So based on forecasts of inflation, the government said it expects the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to get a total overall increase of about £24.1bn over four years, compared with last year's budget. 'This is our chance' Mr Johnson said on Wednesday evening that he was making the announcement "in the teeth" of the coronavirus pandemic because "the defence of the realm must come first". "The international situation is more perilous and more intensely competitive than at any time since the Cold War," he added. The PM said in order for Britain to "be true to our history and stand alongside our allies" it must make improvements "across the board". "This is our chance to end the era of retreat, transform our armed forces, bolster our global influence, unite and level up our country, pioneer new technology and defend our people and way of life," he said. This is a big win for Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, who's been fighting hard for a significant increase in defence spending and a long-term financial settlement to end what he calls a cycle of overambitious, under-funded defence reviews of the past. The Treasury had been arguing for a much smaller annual increase. But Mr Wallace found an ally in the PM, who says his first priority is defence of the realm. Boris Johnson also believes it'll boost Britain's place in the world and create jobs. The extra money will be used to modernise the armed forces with more spent on robots, autonomous systems and meeting new threats in the domains of space and cyber. Despite the palpable relief inside the MoD it still has to fill a £13bn black hole in its equipment budget. Difficult decisions about cutting old equipment to fund the new are still to be made. The MoD, which doesn't have a strong track record of balancing its books, now has to prove it can spend wisely. And good news for defence might also mean bad news for other government departments - there's already speculation the international aid budget could be cut. The prime minister will set out further details in a virtual speech to the House of Commons on Thursday. He will do so from 10 Downing Street, where he continues to self-isolate after coming into contact with an MP who later tested positive for Covid-19. As part of the speech, Mr Johnson will announce: A new agency dedicated to artificial intelligence The creation of a national cyber force to protect people from online harm A new "space command", which will be capable of launching a first rocket in 2022 The projects are expected to create up to 10,000 jobs annually across the UK, for the next four years, the government said. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the jobs and business opportunities being created by the investment would bring "prosperity to every corner of the UK", helping the country to "build back" from the coronavirus pandemic. Conservative MP and defence select committee chairman Tobias Ellwood said: "This is a lot of money but ultimately there are still huge financial pressures facing our armed forces." But he said the "key takeaway" for him was the "message this sends to the British people, to the MoD as well, that we want to be back as a strong power capability". "That message is being heard loud and clear in the White House where the new occupant has made it very, very clear indeed, that he wants to reset Western resolve," Mr Ellwood said. The announcement is part of the first conclusions of the government's Integrated Review which looks at security, defence, development and foreign policy. PM launches review to 'overhaul' foreign policy Government to stop takeovers that risk UK security UK defence secretary denies plan to mothball tanks Labour's shadow defence secretary John Healey said the extra money would give "a welcome and long-overdue upgrade to Britain's defences after a decade of decline". He also called for highly trained troops to be "at the heart" of the review, above high-tech weapons systems. "Ministers must not repeat the mistakes of the last two Conservative defence reviews," he said
  5. Guest

    Ind V Pak

    any tghts on current ind/pak tensions? how serious culd this get?
  6. At the moment there is a big war going on both openly and also covertly. Extremist and liberal Muslims in the UK are trying to turn the country into a Muslim nation and introduce sharia. Already certain areas are full of muslims and hardly any non muslims as no one wants to live with these people. But the question is are we sleep walking into this whole mess without putting up any sort of fight or resisitence? What are all the non Muslims in the UK actively doing to stop the Islamic conquests both in the UK and in europe? This includes 50 million whites, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists and others. Yes we voice our anger about the Islamic invasion and dangers. But in terms of proactive action what are we all phyiscall doing? I think it comes down to.Most dont know what to do. They can see it all happening but have no solution to the problem What is at stake Our freedom Our way of life What we eat Our peaceful and law abiding society How we must fight this All Non muslims in the UK must unite as one. We have numbers on our side. Non muslim poulation of the UK is roughly 96% Ideas There is a big revolution happening online via social media, youtube ect. Thousands of ex Muslims are voicing their anger at Islam. They are exposing all its false lies and fanatical nazi ideology to take over the world. We must support these people financially. All organisations that expose islam should be supported. I will be posting more ideas. But at the moment non muslims in the uk moan about the problem yet are not doing anything in retaliation. LETS STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE UNLESS WE ALL UNITE AND FIGHT IT. ISLAM WILL TAKE OVER.
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Recently, there was a big protest along the Israel border, and people on both sides got killed. While the Israel-Palestine conflict isnt new, I have started to see a lot of vocal Sikhs, such as Samsher Singh (Anandpur Exile), Harman Kaur, Sikh Talk, etc support Palestine. I find it interesting how some Sikhs support palestine, yet also advocate for Khalistan. I would just like to state that I personally am not choosing a side as I feel that I do not know enough about this situation, however I will say that both sides are not innocent and have blood on their hands. On one side, Israel is occupying lang, on the other side, Hamas is refusing to even negotiate and is calling for the death of Jews. From a Sikh perspective, it is like beef to a hindu or pork to a muslim to steal what rightfully belongs to someone else, however it's also immoral to want to exterminate an entire race. I just want to make it clear that Im just asking a genuine question, and dont support either sides. With that being said, What does the Sikh Community think of the Israel-Palestine Conflict?
  8. World war 3 started on 9/11 when two hijacked planes hit the twin towers. However this war is different to the previous world wars because it is on the internet. It is a war of ideas. We need more Sikh websites such as this one. Basics of Sikhi on youtube is great move forward for Sikhi.
  9. The annual Bilderberg meeting is going on at Chantilly, Virginia, under heavy police protection. It's a secretive meeting (the public not allowed) of about 150 elite leaders from Europe and America. The point is to promote cross-Atlantic friendship (if you're sympathetic to them) or to plan global governmental structures (if you're skeptical of them). The top takeaway from The Guardian's article is this: Some people think that elites are actually promoting disorder in order to profit. Also: More info here: https://www.google.com/search?q=bilderberg&prmd=ivns&source=univ&tbm=nws https://www.google.com/search?q=bilderberg
  10. Guest

    Sikh ideas vs mercenaries

    Does the sikh panth or any of the guruscondem the use of mercenaries in the khalsa army, or did they say that my sikh shoulf never be a mercenary. I know guru sahibs have had many conflicts with mercenary forces and that guru gobind singh attemptwd assassination happened by mercenaries. But is there anything wrong for a sikh to become a mercenary
  11. I think its pretty close by the looks of things. The way donald is being unpredictability on form by aggressively attacking Syria's military base and kim jung un being his erratic self it makes a dangerous mix of volatile personalities and potentials of huge conflict. The american military views a Nuclear capable N.Korea a threat to their globalist and strategic interests, they think starting a war now is better than starting a war much later on when N.Korea has developed long range nuclear missile capability to strike the US mainland if it was start war later on. Problem they have got is that N.Korea would launch a devastating nuke and short-medium range missile attacks on US bases in Japan, S.Korea and elsewhere or even give technical nuclear tech to other nations to attack the US and its allies. So from that basic analysis I can see things going downhill pretty fast starting this year.
  12. https://pando.com/2014/11/20/the-war-nerd-why-sherman-was-right-to-burn-atlanta/ Above is a link to an article about the american civil war. It has some correlations with khalistan movement. About how a rural, more religous part of a country is trying to secede/seperate from the secular, industrial country. The background is that an american general burned down a city of the south.( the war was north vs south) So anyway he talks about how guerilla war is horrible. I think indian govt committed attrocities on purpose just like sherman. To get ppl to give up n i think it worked. Also that unless we ourselves are willing to live thru war, lets not start it in panjab...
  13. what role should Sikhs play against Islamic jihad that says its ok to rape kaffir women an calls for sharia law
  14. British politicians are obsessed with bombing the Middle East, says Afghanistan veteran MP Clive Lewis says launching airstrikes in Syria is a 'knee- reaction' Politicians would think twice about sending troops to war if more had experienced its consequences first hand, an MP who served in Afghanistan has said. Clive Lewis, a recently elected Labour MP and former infantryman, criticised a Government push to bomb militant groups in Syria, arguing that a diplomatic solution would be more likely to succeed. “I’m tired of it. As someone who, to be quite frank, has had my fill on my short tour of Afghanistan of death and mayhem, I sometimes think if we had a few more MPs in there seeing the direct consequences of their lust for war, maybe they’d think twice about it,” he told parliament’s The House magazine. Mr Lewis argued that a guerrilla force like Isis would require the deployment of ground troops to effectively defeat and that airstrikes would be futile. He endorsed new leader Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to the situation in Syria and said the UK should be working with regional allies like Iran and Turkey to strangle the militant group and cut its supply lines. “Bombing hasn’t been thought through. If we’re talking about no fly zones and safe havens for refugees, how are we going to stop Isis from infiltrating no fly zones? That to my mind means boots on the ground,” he said. “Most military experts say you cannot comprehensively defeat Isis, an asymmetrical guerrilla force, from the air. It needs boots on the ground. So has this been thought through? “Let’s go for the diplomatic options first and exhaust them rather than this knee- reaction that we see in this House time after time, which is ‘we’ve got a problem in the Middle East, bomb it’,” he said. Iraq’s ambassador to Britain Faik Nerweyi made similar comments about the militant group last year, telling a meeting in Parliament that foreign military would have difficulty beating the because they were “integrated” into the local population and not “an army somewhere aloof”. The Government was defeated by Conservative rebels and Labour MPs in 2013 when it tried to gain parliamentary approval to launch airstrikes against Syria’s Assad regime in Syria. This month the Government said it would go back to MPs to ask them for permission to bomb Syria again – this time intervening to attack Isis, who are fighting the Assad regime. Asked specifically whether the Government wanted permission to launch attacks on Syria, Mr Fallon replied: “Yes, but to get parliamentary approval we’d have to be absolutely sure that we’d win the vote and establish a sufficient majority for it. “The circumstances have moved on. That was a motion about tackling Assad. The issue now is whether or not we’re prepared to deal with ISIL.” Mr Corbyn said last weekend that bombing Syria would not help refugees fleeting the region and could in fact create more. Mr Lewis was elected to the Norwich South constituency with an 8,000 majority, defeating an incumbent Liberal Democrat. The former army infantry reservist and television reporter sits on the Public Accounts Committee. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/british-politicians-are-obsessed-with-bombing-the-middle-east-says-afghanistan-veteran-mp-10512477.html
  15. I know this will come off as very strange, I am not sikh but absolutely love the religion out of all others. My first introduction to Sikhism was in grade 10, but my teacher did not really have my attention nor did she really teach much more than the 5 k's. I don't think I remembered anything and a few years later I would have a dream. I believe in past lives and feel that this dream was of a past life. But I can't put the pieces together and hope someone will know or maybe have an idea. So hoping people will have an open mind with me. In 2004 I dreamed I was in a war, i was still female and holding a sword on horseback. I felt very angry and emotional. I remember seeing dirty white horses with men on top holding yellow flags high into the air as we went into battle..But at the same time, I question if we were intending to battle, or if we intended to gain victory by getting to a certain territory. Regardless, I remember feeling hatred for the brits. i have never felt such a strong emotion of hate in my current life. I am in reality half european, my mom being born in England. I am also French and Aboriginal. But in my dream, I had a man who was without a horse attack me and i tried to hit him with my sword. i did not stab him, but I think used the side..So I don't think I was trying to kill him, but defend myself. It didn't work and I thought my life would be over when he attacked again, but another man stabbed him through the head. The man who attacked me was bearded. Which I couldn't later understand. I don't think Europeans were bearded people. At the time ofthis dream, I didn't know anything about sikhism. I had met a girl online who i knew was sikh recently and so when i told her my dream, she thought the yellow flag was the sikh flag and she told me women fought in sikh wars. That's when I started to learn more and eventually visited a gurdwara. But If it was a sikh war against the brits, i wouldn't have been attacked by a man with a beard? Brits never really had facial hair sporting. Is there any time period to explain this? One where I may have been fighting someone else, but still in a time period that brits influenced? I'm not much for understanding everything but would like to. Thank you for those who won't think I'm crazy
  16. Today I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if Hollywood make a movie on Sikhs battles that we fought during 1600 - 1800. Cover great Sikh Martyrdoms happened during that era. Movie should have a budget similar to TROY, ROME, 300 etc. It will be the best mean of parchar about our history. SGPC has so much money can't they hire a hollywood movie director and make such movie. Everyone praise Spartans but Sikh are no less than Spartans and we should showcase our history on a larger scale. Someone should take initiative to produce such a movie and everyone can contribute as much as to make a historic movie. What are your thoughts on this?
  17. I know some may say..’oh no not this again..doomsday talk’ but the Syria issue is really concerning. If USA attack it could really escalate….what do you think? Has anyone been practicing survival methods such as lighting fires, basic medical care and so on…is there anywhere we can learn this ?
  18. WJKK WJKF I wrote this story a while back in a post but no one seemed to reply so I thought id make a topic. A few years back I was at a Gurdwara and there was one of the Sangat telling stories about Punjab, and about the amount of blood shed in Punjab from the times of our Gurus until now. He then told a story, which was from a few years back from Punjab. Im a bit sketchy on all the details as it was a few years back so please forgive me. In a Pind in Punjab, there was a tree which locals said gave a errie feeling when you go past it. They ask a Baba why this is. He explained that they should dig the ground where they tree is. The villages did and they found a bag full of human bones. They asked the Baba about this and he replied that these bones belonged to Sikhs who were fighting Mughals during Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharajas’ time. The Mughals put the bones in a bag and left them. He told the Singhs to take the bones to a nearby village (I forgotten the reason why). The Singhs then preceded to the village, and went through a forest. Whilst walking, they heard a noise behind them and saw a Beautiful tall Singh dressed in white Bana. The Singh asked them if they have the bones of the soliders, to which they replied yes, and the Singh then said that he will take them. The group agreed and went into the opposite direction to the Singh. As soon as they turned around to see him again, he was gone. They went back to the Baba and explained the situation, the Baba said that When God wants to he will do it himself, and exaplined that it was Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj who they saw and who took the remains of the Sikh soldiers with him. Has anyone heard of this story, or has the full story. Does anyone have any other stories like this? Phul Chuk Maff if I have made any mistakes at all. WJKK WJKF
  19. I have been thinking instead of writing a boring romance novel set during the Second Anglo-Sikh War, I should write a science-fiction dystopian novel set in the future. The plot of the novel will take place well into the late 22st century in India at a time when the entire world is going through serious environmental degradation, economic chaos and political turmoil. All the countries in the world has merged into several huge countries and is run by tyrannical dictators and a powerful ruling class while the overwelming majority have to endure crushing poverty. The Sikhs despite the world population sitting at 12 billion in 2198 has seen their numbers decline from 25 million in 2013 to 1.2 million in 2198 due to government sponsored genocide, wars, and ethnic displacement. The Sikhs in this dystopian novel are scattered in all 10 countries of the world after the entire Sikh population was expelled from the Punjab in the late 21st century following a major unsuccessful rebellion against the corrupt ruthless dictatorship of the Merged Asian nation of the South Asian Republic in 2114. The main protagonist in this novel is a young Amritdhari Sikh in his early 20’s named Paramjit Singh who belongs to the Akhand Kirtani Jatha. He is captured by government forces in Mumbai after leading an uprising against food shortages. As punishment he is experimented on by a government scientist who specializes in genetic engineering transforming Paramjit Singh into a half-human half-lion hybrid who will undergo brain implants so he can be part of an army of half-human half-animal hybrid soldiers who will exhibit total loyalty to the dictatorship while deploying brutal unorthodox methods to keep the poverty stricken peasants under control. He manages to escape after his transformation but before he has computer implants surgically inserted into his brain to erase his free will. He goes on to unite the Sikh people and lead a worldwide rebellion against the 10 dictatorships of the world. Below is a picture of what I would think Paramjit Singh would look like but he would be in Khalsa uniform like the man beside Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in the next picture.
  20. To begin: Why do I post stuff like this: Most are scared not of 'death' but of a 'charge' for which they do 'time' knowing 'law I know with god's will I can always beat the charge; the only alternative is to kill me, which is w.e To start The facts: 1. System exists with our consent. 2. The system is based on a lie. 3. A lie always has some truth in it 4. A lie cannot ever win against the truth 5. A truth is a more efficient and stronger version of a lie (read on this is an edit in ref. to a point about system can't fight itself and a point later on at end of situation section). Preamble: The real rulers and elites are those with IMF, world bank, etc. the ones who control money. Countries using a fiat currency are by definition bankrupt, as their currency is not backed by anything. This is why they freely give away their wares, and have people signing up as wards of a corporation (non-living entity). A corporation does not have to be commercial in nature. Therefore, aiming at the government is not the long target but is the main one to do. With Raaj you can control your financial system. There is not a government conspiracy, any conspiracy is at a much-much higher level. (no conspiracy, bankers know how money works i.e just a signature but just keep it hidden from public, and restrict banks from exhanging promisorry notes for 'dollars' as an example) TL;DR Government doesn't rule, and while taking down alone is an effort; using even peaceful but offensive methods (prosecution, liens, etc.) numbers much higher than most terrorist cells are not required (3-4 per town/district targeting highest people). However, just like insurgencies mass support is required and the more the merrier. The knowledge must be spread, or you turn into high-value easy to take-down targets yourselves. Section 1: The Government: 1. If we analyze the government we see that the shield of ignorance cast over our eyes, is on their eyes as well. I would doubt if cm's knew about the real nature of law, or even the Indian constitution as India being a very connected, and young country has not had time to build a political class that is socially separated from the people the same way as Canada for example. The rural nature of the country could also account for this. (i.e governmental workers are much more known and connected to poplace than other places) (apne are with them). TL;DR they are not smarter than you. 2. The untouchability the higher-ups feel will put them in legal trouble, as they may they do not need to reply to legal notices. 3. They are incompetent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Principle 4. While they are corrupt and incompetent, they are not knowingly working against themselves. I.e will not purposely promote duffars if they can help it. 5. They are already selfish people, with corrupt interests and 'There is no honor among thieves'. Easy to make them fight against each other. See 6 6. The system, (government) is designed like any corporation, with limited liability in mind. However, you are ALWAYS personally liable for any crimes you commit. See 7 for why this is important. 7. It is the default course of action, to discard a worker who is too expensive in up-keep (i.e scandals, too much cases against, liens, etc.) 8. Previous cases etc. have not worked because the system is designed to handle small amounts of dis-content. 9. Channels to vent dis-content and dis-arm it exist in all places no exceptions (all countries). (I.e regulatory bodies, de facto statutory courts, etc.) 10. These are only to mis-lead, and mis-direct people in order to dissuade them from acknowledging and realizing their own range (i.e can target top to bottom, anyone, anytime, everywhere). (Shastar Vidhiya: Understand Range) 11. System is designed to function regardless of leader-ship changes, and power is spread throughout to mitigate disaster’s such Indira/Rajiv killings. Strategy: An armed populace (both knowledge, and physical) who is able to overwhelm the walls of the system is the best course of action. This group must be ever open, and expanding in order to prevent a complete clamp/stamp down of it. A traditional structure of intelligent leaders, and dumbed down recruits will not work as each must be able to to conquer alone. (sava lakh seh ek). Cannot discount value of moral victories, and structures must be in place in order to train new people who join as it is much harder to teach a person gyan than it is to load rockets, and bullets. The system has worked by being rigid and un-moving, a principle that has earned it respect and fear in the eyes of people; it is not designed to be able to counter a threat which is directly a more refined version of itself i.e using focused over-whelming force, to destroy leaders while sparing followers who are not immediate threat. They themselves after slowly having their turtle break away, will submit and come to you giving you rule. At thatpoint, it is up to the Sikh to make correct decision based on gurmat. An example of this is, Baba Baghel Singh and Delhi. Situation: The MO of government has changed from being overwhelmingly based on violence, as it runs contrary to the myths and assumptions this society is based on. Also, a west vs. easy dichotomy is there with India acting alone but wanting/needing to stay on west's side and vice-versa. They play off each other, India acting a bit nicer, west a bit meaner to give a world-wide view of 'democracy'. I hope my points have come across, I'm tired and I understand what my next correct actions have to be (hopefully). Past that, I hope you understand you have to start in your own neighborhood, in order to gain skills, experience, and people. Realize everything is connected, and that an ounce of freedom in Canada is worth a pound elsewhere. --- The system is the same everywhere, same structure same EVERYTHING. Everything, is connected so breaking it here, breaks it elsewhere. However, we don't have to free the world to free the Khalsa (or The Punjab) as we are people of unlimited liability free in their actions and therefore able to have focus, and vision. The system, is more like a hammer able only to strike out at random, and the actions people within that structure are able to take are limited by: 1. their own morals vs. situation 2. their posts 3. public support, etc. We don't need the support of the public, or any of that as Truth always wins vs. lies. -- When I said before that system is not designed to win against a better version of itself, I meant that a lie always has some truth in it, but can never stand up to the whole thing. VJKVJF Can't find original white paper anymore read it a few months ago: http://apdforum.com/en_GB/article/rmiap/articles/online/features/2012/04/05/india-terror-strategy edit - this may be http://journals.hil.unb.ca/index.php/jcs/article/view/4293/4888 what I read not sure now, but yea just google counter-insurgency doctrine to see how they will deal with this stuff. Paper details here: kept at bottom to improve readability of my own points: which uses a four point strategy for counter-insurgency: 1. Suspend demo gov. start president rule Reason: Respect/Fear from stable centre rule, as well as the obvious things (deploy force, etc.) because of internal processes see 11. 2. Flood area with security forces Reason: Forces severely under-budgeted, under-equipped, and under-trained. Do nothing more than resort to thuggery, and eventually something happens. Also, fun-times for commanders and show of force to rest of public for respect/fear in order to win support for continued budget increases. Third point, to limit AO of insurgents see point 3 3. Target Militant Leaders but spare followers Reason: Causes dis-array, and lowers morale as often the most knowledgeable ones are the leaders, and due to point 2 as well as infrastructure of country avg. people are not at full potential. (true with any army, including lok sabha) 4. Force elections, return to 'normalcy' Reason: Show of power, that I can do this and that. To exhaust people mentally, not full analysis. It's their own bs pretty much, can look at it in many ways: army, and police want new kind of females to do mass rapes of, they want 'democracy', keep out of eye of western public, w.e w.e They act without reason, they are still human, and due to being sheltered and focused on tyranny the saying that criminals have low iq applies. What is definition of insurgency: Let us define it as actions taken to change and/or topple the current infrastructure and government. Therefore, a peaceful action such as prosecuting police officers with a certain mind-state is in fact insurgency. edit- Spelling edit2- Dam, word messed up my formatting fixed now hopefully but not orig way I meant it to read. :C
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