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Khalistan_Zindabad Veer, please refrain from attacking people who believe Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale are Shaheed, because at present the FACTS of the matter are stacked against your favour with the Taksal declaring Sant Ji shaheed, fair enough if you continue to differ in opinion but like I said you are in no current position to argue your point.

I would love to attend this event, shame I don't live in the Midlands.

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everrone should go to this event if possible

ull see wat taksals real opinoon is


please dont say this is wat taksal says

have ure own opiinion

dont twsit taksal into it

sant jarnail singh je is jathedar, said baba je will be kaaraj karee mukhee if anything should happen, i hope they show the video at the ardaas

baba jes bachans are worldwide known on the opinion of sant jes shaheedi

had they said dhumma was kaaraj kaaree THEMSELVES and listen to watever dhumma says, that wud be a different story


they did not

im not arguinng about sant je shaheedi

this can be viewd from a 3rd person view

if prithi chand said hes guru, shud the whole panth follow him?

if i come out and start saying imt aksalee mukhee, and start saying baba je was a liar, and if i swore at baba je( which dhumma did before baba jes passing away), if i did all this stuff, does that make me jathedar?

mokhum singh is gov agent, commin fact

i persnally do not think bhai jasbir singh je gov, who has turned agasint dhumma btw

these people elected dhumma

not baba je

taksals opinion is watver baba je said

im really sad to see some people just to provie their own points make uop lies and will say anything

how do people like it when it is said bhai randheer singh je suffered a horrible death, which they didnt

it is a lie

same with it being said that taksal is saying sant je is shaheed

dhumma is not taksal

baba je was

their bachans stand

please keep ure own opinion if u wish

but please dont say taksal did this

if dhumma starts saying raag maala is not banee, is this the opinon of taksal?


and we all kno the truth

please dont use taksal in any debate, saing taksal did this etc.

if u havbe a n opinon ok

but dont use taksal name to back it up

bhula chuka maf

bhula chuka maf

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fathe

Dear Khalistan ZIndabad please don't let my question "wil there be any footage of baba jarnail singh after 84 " put you off from going to a gurmat camp, it would be great ot meet you , I would feel privialged to do your seva so please do come

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fathe

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