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beginning of the world, heaven hell

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Hello everyone.

I need some help on a few topics im confused about. In sikhi do we believe that the world is eternal (has no beginning, so it has always been 'there') or that God created the world?

Secondly, if i ask Sikhs about Homosexuality in sikhism, they always say to me

"God created Adam and Eve, not man for a man or woman 4 a woman" etc but i thought the concept of Adam and Eve would be wrong in Sikhism becoz Eve was made from Adam (so she is not equal to him) and made to obey him, so this concept, surely is wrong in Sikhism.

Thirdly, what are views on Heaven, Hell and the Devil. personally, ive never believed in the Devil because i always felt that belief in the devil, was like equalling someone to Gods power. So, what are the beliefs on heaven, hell and the devil.

Please reply, im young and i want to learn. thanks kiran

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This may help a bit...

maaroo mehalaa 1 ||

Maaroo, First Mehl:

aapae aap oupaae niraalaa ||

He Himself created the creation, remaining unattached.

saachaa thhaan keeou dhaeiaalaa ||

The Merciful Lord has established His True Home.

poun paanee aganee kaa ba(n)dhhan kaaeiaa kott rachaaeidhaa ||1||

Binding together air, water and fire, He created the fortress of the body. ||1||

no ghar thhaapae thhaapanehaarai ||

The Creator established the nine gates.

dhasavai vaasaa alakh apaarai ||

In the Tenth Gate, is the dwelling of the infinite, unseen Lord.

saaeir sapath bharae jal niramal guramukh mail n laaeidhaa ||2||

The seven seas are overflowing with the Ambrosial Water; the Gurmukhs are not stained with filth. ||2||

rav sas dheepak joth sabaaee ||

The lamps of the sun and the moon fill all with light.

aapae kar vaekhai vaddiaaee ||

Creating them, He beholds His own glorious greatness.

joth saroop sadhaa sukhadhaathaa sachae sobhaa paaeidhaa ||3||

The Giver of peace is forever the embodiment of Light; from the True Lord, glory is obtained. ||3||

garr mehi haatt pattan vaapaaraa ||

Within the fortress are the stores and markets; the business is transacted there.

poorai thol tholai vanajaaraa ||

The Supreme Merchant weighs with the perfect weights.

aapae rathan visaahae laevai aapae keemath paaeidhaa ||4||

He Himself buys the jewel, and He Himself appraises its value. ||4||

keemath paaee paavanehaarai ||

The Appraiser appraises its value.

vaeparavaah poorae bha(n)ddaarai ||

The Independent Lord is overflowing with His treasures.

sarab kalaa lae aapae rehiaa guramukh kisai bujhaaeidhaa ||5||

He holds all powers, He is all-pervading; how few are those who, as Gurmukh, understand this. ||5||

nadhar karae pooraa gur bhaettai ||

When He bestows His Glance of Grace, one meets the Perfect Guru.

jam ja(n)dhaar n maarai faettai ||

The tyrannical Messenger of Death cannot strike him then.

jio jal a(n)thar kamal bigaasee aapae bigas dhhiaaeidhaa ||6||

He blossoms forth like the lotus flower in the water; he blossoms forth in joyful meditation. ||6||

aapae varakhai a(n)mrith dhhaaraa || rathan javaehar laal apaaraa ||

He Himself rains down the Ambrosial Stream of jewels, diamonds, and rubies of priceless value.

sathigur milai th pooraa paaeeai praem padhaarathh paaeidhaa ||7||

When they meet the True Guru, then they find the Perfect Lord; they obtain the treasure of Love. ||7||

praem padhaarathh lehai amolo ||

Whoever receives the priceless treasure of Love

kab hee n ghaattas pooraa tholo ||

- his weight never decreases; he has perfect weight.

sachae kaa vaapaaree hovai sacho soudhaa paaeidhaa ||8||

The trader of Truth becomes true, and obtains the merchandise. ||8||

sachaa soudhaa viralaa ko paaeae ||

How rare are those who obtain the true merchandise.

pooraa sathigur milai milaaeae ||

Meeting the Perfect True Guru, one meets with the Lord.

guramukh hoe s hukam pashhaanai maanai hukam samaaeidhaa ||9||

One who becomes Gurmukh realizes the Hukam of His command; surrendering to His Command, one merges in the Lord. ||9||

hukamae aaeiaa hukam samaaeiaa ||

By His Command we come, and by His command we merge into Him again.

hukamae dheesai jagath oupaaeiaa ||

By His Command, the world was formed.

hukamae surag mashh paeiaalaa hukamae kalaa rehaaeidhaa ||10||

By His Command, the heavens, this world and the nether regions were created; by His Command, His Power supports them. ||10||

hukamae dhharathee dhhoul sir bhaara(n) ||

The Hukam of His Command is the mythical bull which supports the burden of the earth on its head.

hukamae poun paanee gainaara(n) ||

By His Hukam, air, water and fire came into being.

hukamae siv sakathee ghar vaasaa hukamae khael khaelaaeidhaa ||11||

By His Hukam, one dwells in the house of matter and energy - Shiva and Shakti. By His Hukam, He plays His plays. ||11||

hukamae aaddaanae aagaasee ||

By the Hukam of His command, the sky is spread above.

hukamae jal thhal thribhavan vaasee ||

By His Hukam, His creatures dwell in the water, on the land and throughout the three worlds.

hukamae saas giraas sadhaa fun hukamae dhaekh dhikhaaeidhaa ||12||

By His Hukam, we draw our breath and receive our food; by His Hukam, He watches over us, and inspires us to see. ||12||

hukam oupaaeae dhas aouthaaraa ||

By His Hukam, He created His ten incarnations,

dhaev dhaanav aganath apaaraa ||

and the uncounted and infinite gods and devils.

maanai hukam s dharageh paijhai saach milaae samaaeidhaa ||13||

Whoever obeys the Hukam of His Command, is robed with honor in the Court of the Lord; united with the Truth, He merges in the Lord. ||13||

hukamae jug shhatheeh gudhaarae ||

By the Hukam of His Command, the thirty-six ages passed.

hukamae sidhh saadhhik veechaarae ||

By His Hukam, the Siddhas and seekers contemplate Him.

aap naathh nathha(n)aee sabh jaa kee bakhasae mukath karaaeidhaa ||14||

The Lord Himself has brought all under His control. Whoever He forgives, is liberated. ||14||

kaaeiaa kott garrai mehi raajaa || naeb khavaas bhalaa dharavaajaa ||

In the strong fortress of the body with its beautiful doors, is the king, with his special assistants and ministers.

mithhiaa lobh naahee ghar vaasaa lab paap pashhuthaaeidhaa ||15||

Those gripped by falsehood and greed do not dwell in the celestial home; engrossed in greed and sin, they come to regret and repent. ||15||

sath sa(n)thokh nagar mehi kaaree ||

Truth and contentment govern this body-village.

jath sath sa(n)jam saran muraaree ||

Chastity, truth and self-control are in the Sanctuary of the Lord.

naanak sehaj milai jagajeevan gur sabadhee path paaeidhaa ||16||4||16||

O Nanak, one intuitively meets the Lord, the Life of the World; the Word of the Guru's Shabad brings honor. ||16||4||16||

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Vaheguroo ji ka Khalsa

Vaheguroo ji ki Fateh!!

1) Bhenji i hope the following shabad explains the first question of yours ... (the world was created!! infact the big bang theory about the creation of world is similar to what gurbani says about the topic)

Arbd nrbd DuMDUkwrw ]

arabadh narabadh dhhu(n)dhhookaaraa ||

For endless eons, there was only utter darkness.

Drix n ggnw hukmu Apwrw ]

dhharan n gaganaa hukam apaaraa ||

There was no earth or sky; there was only the infinite Command of His Hukam.

nw idnu rYin n cMdu n sUrju suMn smwiD lgwiedw ]1]

naa dhin rain n cha(n)dh n sooraj su(n)n samaadhh lagaaeidhaa ||1||

There was no day or night, no moon or sun; God sat in primal, profound Samaadhi. ||1||

Link to Full Shabad

2) Your second question... I think we had a similar discussion few months back here(the thread was started by you :doh: )

I think we do not believe that human race started with adam and eve, in sikhi we more likely believe in the theory of evolution.

3) Heaven and hell... yes gurbani talks about heaven and hell. in the above shabad also guru sahib talks about heaven and hell:

nw qid surgu mCu pieAwlw ]

naa thadh surag mashh paeiaalaa ||

There were no heavenly realms, earth or nether regions of the underworld.

dojku iBsqu nhI KY kwlw ]

dhojuk bhisuth nehee khai kaalaa

There was no heaven or hell, no death or time.

nrku surgu nhI jMmxu mrxw nw ko Awie n jwiedw ]3]

nuruk surug nehee junmun murunaa naa ko aae n jaaeidhaa

There was no hell or heaven, no birth or death, no coming or going in reincarnation. ||3||

Vaheguroo ji ka Khalsa

Vaheguroo ji ki Fateh!!

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Both of the Shabads above were so beautiful.

Kiran Ji, Sat Sri Akal, three great questions. I dont have that much knowledge about Gurbani but I might be able to help you.

The first question, How was the world created. I am sure both of the Shabads answered that God created the world and lacs of rivers started to flow.

Homosexuality is wrong in Sikhism, but we also belive to live and let live. There is no doubt about it that it was suppose to be a male and a female, even look at nature. The thing is Homosexuality would not exist if they didn't practice LUST, one of the five evils in the Khalsa.

Heaven and Hell, many people dont know that Heaven is a place that only takes people who worship Jesus, and Hell is for the people that dont. The Gurus taught that all go to God, and religion or race doesn't matter, and I think it says in Gurbani that the evil doers will be rejected to enter "God's court" and sent back.

Good questions, hope I helped. God is True Great and Forever.....

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Hey thank you all for your replies, they have helped a lot. my understanding is much better.

UntitledSingh, when you say that homosexuality is wrong because of Lust, then whats the difference between that and between a hetrosexual couple who have sex but use contraception, so therefore are not doing it for reproduction? Is that wrong? Im not arguing with you im just interested :doh:

thanks again all for replying,

kiranx x x

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Sat Sri Akal Kiran ji

Yes, I do belive it is wrong for a couple to use birth contorl products. It took me a while the come up with that conclusion but now I am very strong and confident in it. People who use birth conrol are almost making a mochery of sex, they just want to lust.

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