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The Best Type Of Seva

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Just an example that just hit me.. I heard that Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji's count or level of simran was beyond the roof, they had so much simran that everytime they would meet with another person, even say fateh or talk to another person, they (baba ji) would give that person some of their simran.

In this regard, your own simran is seva because it can rub off on other people and infact I've been told that those vibes can travel across the world to people you don't even know. The more simran you are doing, the more you are lightening the load of mother earth and all the paap that has been thrown on this world. You are doing seva for the whole world by doing simran because your simran rubs off on other people and you are spreading goodness, naam, purity, in the depth and darkest time of kaljug

Just like how Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji's bhagti had so much power and such a high extent, after they left to sach khand, it felt like the whole world heaved a big sigh "now what..." kind of thing - there was even a tsunami two days after, which just seemed krazy to me. Anyways, that's the effect that just one person can have. Also, Bhai Randhir Singh Ji because of their amazing levels of bhagti and super high avastha, easily rubbed off on almost everybody they met. The Singhs they were in jail with reached such high avasthas too (like being able to memorize akaal ustat in 2-3 days, reading so much bani) and a lot of it was because of Bhai Sahib's kamaaee rubbing off on these people and because Bhai Sahib was a total bhagat

One person's simran can really be seva, it can rub off on other people without you knowing it. A Gurmukh Singh who'se in love with naam can smile at a random gora and the gora spreads that love or light or vibe. The vibe keeps spreading and it started from naam

I also feel like seva that actually helps someone come onto this path is real true seva. Making someone else do simran for a second is amazing seva, so maybe katha, kirtan, organizing events, that is good seva for others. Joria di seva is good for us individually, same with bhandeya di seva (dishes). Bringing others into sikhi and bringing out the good of other people and creating more purity on this earth seems like an amazing seva to me, but we can only do such seva if maharaj allows us to. Someone told me just living in rehat is the best seva. Not sure if any of this made sense. bhul chuk maaf karna ji

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This was an answer of a 5 year old kid when we asked the same question in one of the camps in MALAYSIA... "What is the BEST seva"

AND Guess what was the the ANSWER...

Listening to BABAJI -> meaning; to understand and to follow ethin what babaji said...

So i Guess thats the BEST sort of sewa.. LISTENING to guruji :)

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