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When To Take Off Dastaar?

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there are many things today that sikhs use and do that isnt in gurbani .. patka is yet one of them ..

your getting me wrong bhenji .. i didnt say once wear only patka everywhere.. i only wear it ONLY on two occasions .. at nights when my head is hurting i goto sleep wit patka .. and i usually relax it during the night.. i sometimes wear a small keski as well sometimes.. can someone tell me how a small keski is suppose to help u more than a patka if smeone attacks u ????

and the other time i wear it is in sports.. everywhere else i wear a dastaaar ..

challo .. we defer at things .. but i dont think guru sahib would hate me for the way i do things ..

bhul chuk maph ..

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Jaspual pajee guru ji doesnt have hatred for anyone..you know that. Patka or any turban, if you need to in a certain situation its fine in my opinion, as long as its not replaing the pagh full time, which obviously it wont......distaar, dumaalla, paghri....RULE ALL THE WAY.

deep x

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i wear a patka all the time but i am definately going to replace it with a dastaar one day. i wear it because i would like to take amrit, and am trying to keep the rehit. i would rather try keeping rehit before taking amrit rather than taking amrit and not being able to keep rehit. i started keeping my hair and wearing a patka out of my own choice, and it makes me feel sad when people say that they think a patka is 'ugly'. my 'ugly' patka will hopefully be replaced with a dastaar one day, with Guru Jis kirpa. it was a big step for me to start growing my kesh an tying a patka, but it would have been harder to wear a dastaar because where i live, you will never see anyone even wearing a pugh. i know that i could have started wearing a dastaar straight away but i am a chicken. im just a moorakh whos trying to follow my Guru, and stay in chardikala. it hurt me when you said a patka is ugly, because to me, my patka means alot. it reminds me of the life i wasted when i didn't know about sikhi, and the life that i could have if Guru Ji blesses me.

sorry for any mistakes, or if i have offended anybody.


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