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Guest _gupt_

Essay On Sikhism

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Guest _gupt_

ok i really need help. first of this essay is not supposed to be argumentative essay, opionanted, comparative essay at all, just simple writing about whatever topic and thats it. i have to choose 2 religions and choose a theme to talk about for ex, the sacred, womens rights, rituals anything. butt

i dont know what to talk about!!! im thinking sikhism and maybe islam and talking about womens rights, but i also really want to talk about buddhism since i really am amazed by that religion...but i alreday did a project on it, so it might be a bit redundant.

but it culd be on any 2 religions in the world, i dont care what they are, just so long as teh topic is interesting and i have enough quality info for a 30% paper

but anyways i was also hoping if anyone can give me information on it, do you know any books also, because i need at 3-4 book sources and sadly i dont have the time or the means to find them since i just came down with the flu

if any of you could please give me any information, it would be really really really helpfull

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    • It's been pretty comprehensive. Sticking just to the topic no question. 
    • Basics of Sikhi made a video about that. The shabad was mistranslated.
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