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Akaal Purakh Di Fauj

The Power Of King Janak

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Thank you GuruManeyoGranth, Menu Ke Patha, Freed, Just Me, and lowest of the low singhni for posting what you thought the morals/lessons to be learnt from the previous sakhis were. It would be great if you or anyone else could do the same for this sakhi about King Janak.

Bhai Gurdas Ji has written about King Janak in his Vaars:

Bgq vfw rwjw jnk hY gurmuK mwXw ivc audwsI]

bhagath vaddaa raajaa janak hai guramukh maayaa vich oudhaasee

King Janak was a great saint who amidst maya remained indifferent to it.

dyv lok noN cilAw gx gMDrb sBw suKvwsI]

dhaev lok no(n) chaliaa gan ga(n)dhharab sabhaa sukhavaasee

Along with gans and gandharvs (calestial musicians) he went to the abode of the gods.

jmpur gieAw pukwr sux ivllwvn jI nrk invwsI]

jamapur gaeiaa pukaar sun vilalaavan jee narak nivaasee

From there, he, hearing the cries of inhabitants of hell, went to them.

Drmrwie no AwiKEnu sBnw dI kr bMd KlwsI]

dhharamaraae no aakhioun sabhanaa dhee kar ba(n)dh khalaasee

He asked the god of death, Dharamrai, to relieve all their suffering.

kry bynqI Drmrwie hau syvk Twkur AibnwsI]

karae baenathee dhharamaraae ho saevak t(h)aakur abinaasee

Hearing this, the god of death told him he was a mere servant of the eternal Lord (and without His orders he could not liberate them).

gihxy DirAnu iek nwauN pwpW nwl krY inrjwsI]

gehinae dhharian eik naaou(n) paapaa(n) naal karai nirajaasee

Janak offered a part of his devotion and remembrance of the name of the Lord.

pwsMg pwp n pujnI gurmuK nwauN Aqul n qulwsI]

paasa(n)g paap n pujanee guramukh naaou(n) athul n thulaasee

All the sins of hell were found not equal even to the counterweight of balance.

nrkhuM Cuty jIAw jMq ktI glhu islk jmPwsI]

narakahu(n) shhuttae jeeaa ja(n)th kattee galahu silak jamafaasee

In fact no balance can weigh the fruits of recitation and remembrance of the Lords name by the gurmukh.

mukiq jugiq nwvYN kI dwsI ]õ]

mukath jugath naavai(n) kee dhaasee a

All the creatures got liberated from hell and the noose of death was cut. Liberation and the technique of attaining it are the servants of the name of the Lord.

After a long life of mediation and naam abhiyaas, King Janak gave up his body. A divine chariot decorated with many bells descended and King Janak’s soul boarded it. On the way the chariot came near to the abode of Dharam Raj, the lord of death. There, sinners were suffering punishment in millions of hells. When the wind that had touched the soul of King Janak came to them they felt great joy and their misery disappeared. Then those persons, oppressed by sins, wanting to keep King Janak's association, began to lament. They spoke piteously to King Janaka, "O blessed one. Please do not leave. We who are greatly tormented are feeling happy due to contact with the breezes that have touched your body."

Hearing their words, the very righteous king became filled with pity and thought to himself, "If due to the touch of the breezes that have touched my body I am bringing some happiness to the residents here, then I will stay in this place. This is heaven for me."

Thinking like this, the king stayed there by the gateway to hell. After some time, Dharam Raj himself, who inflicts severe torment upon sinners, came to that gateway. There he saw King Janak, full of mercy and a doer of great meritorious deeds, standing by the doorway.

Dharam Raj smiled and said to King Janaka, "O king! You are sarva-dharma-siromani - the crest jewel of piety. Why have you come here? This is a place for wicked sinners who cause harm to others. Men like you who perform meritorious deeds do not come to this place. Only those persons who deceive others, who are engaged in criticizing others, and who are intent on stealing others' wealth come here. One who, out of greed for wealth, deceives his friend, comes here and receives intense punishment from me."

Dharam Raj then said, "Those persons who do not remember the Lord with their mind, words, or deeds I throw into hell and have boiled. Those who have remembered the Lord leave the sufferings of hell and quickly go to Heaven.

"O very intelligent king, my servants, unable to even look at persons like you, bring those who are great sinners. Therefore you should leave this place and go enjoy many pleasures. Enter the excellent chariot and go reap the fruits of the religious merits you have earned."

Hearing the words of Dharamraj, with great compassion King Janaka replied, "O Dharam Raj, out of pity on these beings I shall not go to Heaven. Although situated in this place, they are feeling some comfort due to the breezes blowing past my body. If you release all of these persons living in hell then I shall be happy and will proceed to Heaven."

Hearing the words of King Janaka, Dharam Raj pointed out to him each of those living in hell and said told the king why they were in hell and the punishment each one of them was going to receive.

After making all of these persons eat the fruit of their sins, I shall release them. O best among men who have accumulated vast amounts of religious merit, please leave this place.

Having pointed out the sinful persons, Dharam Raj became quiet. With his eyes full of tears, King Janaka, the great devotee of the Lord, said, "Tell me, how can these miserable beings quickly be set free from hell and attain happiness?"

Dharam Raj replied, "These persons have never worshiped the Lord. How then can they be free from hell? O great king, if you desire to release them, even though they are great sinners, then give them the following religious merit possessed by you: Once, upon getting up in the morning, you meditated with a pure heart upon the Lord— the remover of great sins. Give them the religious merit which you obtained that morning when with a pure heart you uttered, "Rama, Rama." Obtaining that merit, they will get freedom from hell."

Hearing these words of the intelligent Dharam Raj, the great king Janak gave those persons the religious merit obtained by him from his birth. King Janak said, "Let these persons be released from hell due to the religious merit earned by me from birth by the worship of God."

As soon as he said this, those persons dwelling in hell immediately were freed from their suffering condition and obtained divine bodies. They said to King Janak, "O king, by your favour, in one moment we have been freed from miserable hell and will now go to the highest position."

Seeing those now-effulgent persons freed from hell, King Janak, who desired the welfare of all living beings, was very pleased in his mind. All those persons praised the great King Janak, the very treasure house of compassion, and went to the spiritual world.

By: Mr Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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gihxy DirAnu iek nwauN pwpW nwl krY inrjwsI]

gehinae dhharian eik naaou(n) paapaa(n) naal karai nirajaasee

Janak offered a part of his devotion and remembrance of the name of the Lord.

pwsMg pwp n pujnI gurmuK nwauN Aqul n qulwsI]

paasa(n)g paap n pujanee guramukh naaou(n) athul n thulaasee

All the sins of hell were found not equal even to the counterweight of balance.

nrkhuM Cuty jIAw jMq ktI glhu islk jmPwsI]

narakahu(n) shhuttae jeeaa ja(n)th kattee galahu silak jamafaasee

In fact no balance can weigh the fruits of recitation and remembrance of the Lords name by the gurmukh.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

again ill share what i felt while reading this and bhul chuck maafi for any errors this useless murakh makes

The three lines quotes at the to of this post, i feel are the most important part of this sakhi...........the mere fact that King Janak's bhagti will outwieght the whole world evils..................so basically Good will ALWAYS overcome evils by miles and miles...................

Also what is apparent that the humbleness of King Janak...........evene in his afterlife he CONTINUED TO SEVA TO HELP OTHERS FIND WAHEGURU..............many of us struggle to do langar ki seva at the gurdwara....................this shows true humbleness and we should all aspire to do as much seva for others............there was no condemnation from King Janak when Dharam raj told him of the acounts of the souls in hell................

Another thing is that all the souls in Hell felt the power of King Janak's bhagti and that gave them comfort.............showing so sometimes in life we all come accorss people who make hurt us and make us agnry over the trivialist of things.............but if we and Gursikhs always remember waheguru and shower all who we meet with kinds words of waheguru and LOVE that can leave an impact.................even on the impurest of souls...................

lovely sakhi veer jee and thanks for sharing :TH:

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Gurfateh !

A glorious shabad !

In this shabad Bhai Gurdas Ji shows us two things, the supreme power of Simran and the way a Gursikh should live their life.

Raja Janak was a powerful and Great King, the father of Sita - but amidst all this wealth and power he remained unattached to worldly things and was devoted to 'Bhagati' and simran. On one occasion Sahdev came to learn from Janak - he saw all Raja Janak's wealth and said how can you be a true Bhagat? what can I learn from you , you are devoted to this world and all your wealth , look at your palaces, horses, servants. Janak said nothing but caused all the palaces and wealth to catch fire and be destroyed - he did not raise an eyebrow or was disturbed - but when the fire threatened to burn Sahdev's 'Kamandal' (A wooden pot), all he possesed, Sahdev jumped up to save it.

Raja Janak said see it is not me who is attached to maya but you - see how you jumped to save your 'kamandal'

As Bhai Gurdas has said Raja Janak, even while surrounded by 'Maya' was not affected by it - 'Maya Vich Udasi'

A Gursikh should live their life like that - work honestly for their living , look after their family and give to and support others. Wealth and possessions are not 'bad' per se it is the 'attachment' or importance given to them, that is. Maya is there to be controlled and used - a Gursikh is not controlled or used by Maya - and by Maya I mean all that takes you away from Guru Sahib. In Gurbani this concept is called Raj Jog - the balance between the spiritual and the temporal - more commonly called 'Miri Peeri'

The sakhi also shows us the Power of Simran - as Guru Gobind Singh has written in Benti Chaupai -

'Ek Baar jin Tummey Sanbharo - Kaal Faas Te Tanhe Ubaara- Jin Nar Naam Tihaaro Kaha - Darid Dusht Dokh Te Raha'

Those who remember You once,

Are freed from the snare of death

Those who say Your Name,

Are freed from poverty, enemy and misery.

The Simran of a Bhagat can remove all obstacles - in Bhai Gurdas' vaar the Bhagati of Raja Janak cannot be measured - the power of Simran is such that when all of Raja Janak's 'Bhagti' is placed on a scale, all the 'sins' of the poor souls in 'Jamapur' cannot even bring the scales upto a balance point.

So the 'moral' of the sakhi is the basic and only commandment of Gurbani - 'Jap'

'Bhai Prapat Manukh Dehuria

Gobind Milan ki Eh Teri Baria

Avar Kaaj Tere Kite N Kam

Mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Keval NAAM' (asa M5)

You have obtained this human body

Now is your chance to meet the Sustainer.

No other deed avails us,

But to join the faithful and recite the NAME'

All mistakes and shortcomings are mine.

Bhul Chuk Maaf

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Freed veerji,

I believe the Raja Janak mentioned by Bhai Gurdass is a different one from Sita's father (who was also called Janak).

If a recall correctly, each king in this lineage was called Janak, hence the confusion.

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