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Picture is true and this was his first arrest and he later was released. The person on the right is the govt person (cbi officer). Notice that the wooden cot. During british raj, prisoners with death penalty were not given any cot nor any material such as pen/notepad and their prison library reading rights were taken away. So this proves that Bhagat Singh didn't get death sentence in that picture (means old picture) and also proves that bhagat Singh never wrote that infamous atheist letter "why iam atheist" just few days before noose.

Bhagat Singh had ahiest belief, he never killed anyone but it was his mate who accidentally killed wrong guy, did brave job in turning himself in and raised the country's hope to gain freedom. Gandhi and Nehru's dhoti were down by seeing this young lads brave act and his popularity and they instead encouraged British to punish em.

He was scared by noose (everybody does). Heard lots about bhai randhir Singh jee who won many Sikh prisoners right while staying in prison. Rights including, right to wear turban and right to cook their own food while in jail. They met after exchange of couple of letters and help of one jailer who was nice and acted as their middle man. That guy put his job/life at stake in order to get these personalities to meet. Meeting details were mentioned in autobiography of bhai sahib. He requested to take Amrit before hanging; which on spot refused by British officials because of fear that panthic faujan will raise hell if British hang a gursikh.

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The original photo is in black and white. That has been manipulated / coloured. My ancestors are from Khatkar Kalan. I know a little about Shaheed-E- Azam sardar Bhagat Singh My family are also from Sandhu clan so I have much respect and try to learn a s much as possible about him.

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