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Just sittin at my office desk, chillin at lunch time, sufing the net and munching on my crisps as you do

when a work colleague walks past and before i can say anything puts their hand in my packet and takes a crisp


I had only eaten a few :((( (((((((((((

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The worst is when ure having ure drink and then the person next to you goes 'can i have a sip?' :((
One of my friends did that once, in fact he took my Pepsi can from my hand and said "one sip" and immediately sipped it. When he was going to return it, I said "You can have it. I am done". LOL!!!
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I bet I am more negative than you. Tied dhari and all .....

The days i leave my dhari khuli, I tend to get more people saying fateh to me. The same people just walk by, pretending to not see me on days when I have it tied. :rolleyes:

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