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Sorry guys newbie here.


Now this might be answered in a very short sharp way but I ahve been looking for the answer to this question for agessss.

Q: Do Sikhs believe in Adam and Eve?

Simple really. If we are all children of God then how did we get here? It would make sense that our roots are with Adam and Eve. And if so, why did Waheguru Ji take so long to spread His word? Why not start straight away.

Bul chuk maff :blush21:

PS :HP: Ranz_Killa.

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Welcome to the forum.

No we do not believe in Adam and Eve, as Guru Sahib hasn't said that that is where we originate from.

Vaheguroo's word- Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj has always been here for eternity, though it was made available freely to the world in this age, that is not to say that before coming into a bodily form Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj did not bless anyone.

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Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Ang 1161

sqir sYie slwr hY jw ky ]

sathar saie salaar hai jaa kae ||

He has 7,000 commanders,

svw lwKu pYkwbr qw ky ]

savaa laakh paikaabar thaa kae ||

and hundreds of thousands of prophets;

syK ju khIAih koit ATwsI ]

saekh j keheeahi kott at(h)aasee ||

He is said to have 88,000,000 shaykhs,

Cpn koit jw ky Kyl KwsI ]1]

shhapan kott jaa kae khael khaasee ||1||

and 56,000,000 attendants. ||1||

mo grIb kI ko gujrwvY ]

mo gareeb kee ko gujaraavai ||

I am meek and poor - what chance do I have of being heard there?

mjlis dUir mhlu ko pwvY ]1] rhwau ]

majalas dhoor mehal ko paavai ||1|| rehaao ||

His Court is so far away; only a rare few attain the Mansion of His Presence. ||1||Pause||

qyqIs kroVI hY Kyl Kwnw ]

thaethees karorree hai khael khaanaa ||

He has 33,000,000 play-houses.

caurwsI lK iPrY idvwnW ]

chouraasee lakh firai dhivaanaa(n) ||

His beings wander insanely through 8.4 million incarnations.

bwbw Awdm kau ikCu ndir idKweI ]

baabaa aadham ko kishh nadhar dhikhaaee ||

He bestowed His Grace on Adam, the father of mankind,

auin BI iBsiq GnyrI pweI ]2]

oun bhee bhisath ghanaeree paaee ||2||

who then lived in paradise for a long time. ||2||

idl Klhlu jw kY jrd rU bwnI ]

dhil khalehal jaa kai jaradh roo baanee ||

Pale are the faces of those whose hearts are disturbed.

Coif kqyb krY sYqwnI ]

shhodd kathaeb karai saithaanee ||

They have forsaken their Bible, and practice Satanic evil.

dunIAw dosu rosu hY loeI ]

dhuneeaa dhos ros hai loee ||

One who blames the world, and is angry with people,

Apnw kIAw pwvY soeI ]3]

apanaa keeaa paavai soee ||3||

shall receive the fruits of his own actions. ||3||

qum dwqy hm sdw iBKwrI ]

thum dhaathae ham sadhaa bhikhaaree ||

You are the Great Giver, O Lord; I am forever a beggar at Your Door.

dyau jbwbu hoie bjgwrI ]

dhaeo jabaab hoe bajagaaree ||

If I were to deny You, then I would be a wretched sinner.

dwsu kbIru qyrI pnh smwnW ]

dhaas kabeer thaeree paneh samaanaa(n) ||

Slave Kabeer has entered Your Shelter.

iBsqu njIik rwKu rhmwnw ]4]7]15]

bhisath najeek raakh rehamaanaa ||4||7||15||

Keep me near You, O Merciful Lord God - that is heaven for me. ||4||7||15||

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And it was written by Bhagat Kabeer jee, who used the abrahmic ideals of his surroundings, just as our Guru Granth sahib refers to the various hindu Gods and Goddesses.

As Sikhs, we don't believe in "random magic events"... God did create the universe, but it was done in the ways that you would expect: the big bang, evolution. Read this shabad: http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=3750

This is because the rules that us humans have "discovered" are God's own rules, and this universe was created and currently operates under those very same rules. That's how we know that things like the big bang and evolutionary theory are correct: because God himself has shown us and given us the evidence that they occur.

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hi do ho

although i agree with the guy/girl who correctly states that the sikhitothemax guy/girl added the "father of mankind bit"

in gurbani it is written that "he bestowed his grace on adam"

why then do we still not believe in adam ?

just because bhagath kabeer wrote the shabad doesnt make it any less true than our Satguru ji's shabads as somebody says "he used his abrahmic views"

on any other post on this forum many members will be quick to point out that the shabads in the Sri Adh Granth Sahib are true, so why not again here

please dont be so quick to dismiss it

it will be interesting to hear you replies


Dilrubarb !

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Just a question....

If Adam and Eve were to be the first humans and god put these two here, wouldn't it mean we are literally brothers and sisters.....?

first there would be Adam and Eve

then their would be Adam and Eve's son and daughter

then Adam and Eve's son and daughter have kids and so on till present day....kind of disgusting...anyone??

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