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Personally my family never celebrate special lohri for baby boy or baby girl.For me LOHRI is great because we all go to gurudwara sahib and I feel really nice to have gr8 sangat.I really enjoy Gurudwara sahib when there are a lotta sangat....................................................

Thats why LOHRI ....NEW YEAR....THANKSGIVING....DIWALI.....and any other festival brings a big smile on my face.

Balwinder Singh ji:

Your lucky man, I think my relatives are whack :umm: @ . I never heard of anyone celebrating Lohri like you do. my ppls (i mean relatives) give ladoo for a baby boy, my ppls roast turkey sometimes for thanksgiving, my ppls have party for christmas and new year. this was first time after a long LONG time that i went to gurdwara on new year's eve.

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at the risk of soundin jealous of my cute lil bro, i think it's a really stupid cultural tradition to "revere" boys more than girls. my mom's side of the family was sooo excited when he was born. my dad's side couldn't care less, cuz they've got too many guys there neways. he got everything for his first year. they gave out laddoos, they did the entire shabang for vaisakhi and a whole bunch of other things.

but... the worst part is they expected me to tie a rakhri on him. i did it the first couple of years cuz i didn't know any better and partly cuz the dough was flowin, if u know what i mean. but then i realized that i dun rely on my bro for support since i'm a Singhnee, so i didn't do it this year. my mom was so mad! :umm: it was pure jokes. but the best part is that since i didn't do it, and i'm his "real" sister (as in immediate family as opposed to just bein a cousin sister), my younger and older cousins didn't do it either. hahaha!

as for this foeticide crap... :D tha's just wrong. ppl need to use their brains. this stuff isn't ne better'n sati, and the Guru's din exactly approve of that. so why should we treat this thing as any different? it's wrong. wrong wrong wrong.

but the real question is: how do we spread the word and get them to stop? us sittin here talkin bout how wrong it is isn't gonna ge

t nething done. neone know if there's nething that can be done? apart from dealin with it properly in ur own life?

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